YGS-600 Digital Display Type Concrete Drainpipe pressure Testing Machine

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Product Description:

Main functions
This machine is applicable for compressive strength test of concrete drainpipes.  Standards:GB/T16752-97 “Test Method for Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Sewer Pipes” and GB/T11836-99 “Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Sewer Pipes”.
Main Technical Specifications
Maximum testing force:600kN;
Accuracy of testing force:±3%;
Subsection of testing force:125;
Testing space(W×H)(mm):2200×2200;
Piston stroke:0~600mm
Power supply:380V±10%50Hz;
Overall dimension of host machine(L×W×H)mm):3000×1140×4200;

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Q:What's the difference between radial pressure gauges and axial pressure gauges? Which one has the best edges?
With no edge, with the edge of the panel is installed, the panel installed with installation table Meng, two, this difference is in the bottom, one is in the back, the general panel mounted in the axial installation
Q:Pressure meter usage
Is there a mistake in your pressure unit? It should be Mpa. The pressure gauge is usually a direct thread connection, and then the pressure of the system is detected. I don't know which way you want it
Q:What is the quality of the common electric contact pressure gauge?
Shanghai Automation Instrument Factory four, I am selling, there will be no better than the four factory, Shanghai Baiyun brand, sixty years of brand guarantee. But more expensive, a 190, and 240, the oil spill is a bad shock
Q:What is the calibration cycle for the pressure gauge / thermometer / flowmeter? Is there a standard to check?
Used as an enterprise, usually for one year unless required.
Q:Working principle of remote pressure gauge
Remote pressure gauge principle is no water does not mean that there is no pressure, if the pipe is completely closed, the pointer should be in the pipeline static reaction, but if the pipeline is not very closed under the condition of no water, it should be in the zero pointer; 2, remote pressure gauge is only a contact signal is relay output, therefore only need to determine the pressure gauge can have a normally closed contact. Under normal circumstances, the inverter will not affect the working state.
Q:How to choose a pressure gauge?
The first is selected according to the type of environmental characteristics, such as whether the need of explosion-proof, and then select the range, the general scale selection principle is that the pointer under normal pressure, shown in the 2/3 position is appropriate, margin; according to the actual demand, choose the suitable range of precision; the interface is needless to say. Good luck!
Q:What are the diaphragm materials for the diaphragm pressure gauge?
Basically oil the following:316L stainless steel, HC/HB (Hastelloy), Ta (TA), Ti (TI), with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), Monel alloy
Q:How many degrees above is the high temperature pressure gauge?
Generally more than 200 degrees, we do meters, basically to 200 degrees for the world
Q:What do you think of the tire pressure gauge?
First look at the pressure gauge pointer is in the zero state, and then the dust cap filled holes removed, the barometer component and the air charging docking with connectors, and then press the direction vertical air charging, you can display the numerical pressure gauge reading.
Q:How does the air conditioning pressure gauge add readings?
First of all, air conditioning and fluorine are professionals do, not professional, do not self filling.Air conditioning refrigeration when filling, the most outer ring two digit number is the internal pressure of the air conditioner. (10 stands for 10 pressures, 20 stands for 20 pressures, and then by analogy)Different air conditioner models require different pressure, large frequency converter pressure and low fixed frequency machine pressure.Fluorine can not only look at the pressure, but also with refrigerant filling amount of comprehensive assessment.

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