YGS-600 Digital Display Type Concrete Drainpipe pressure Testing Machine

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Product Description:

Main functions
This machine is applicable for compressive strength test of concrete drainpipes.  Standards:GB/T16752-97 “Test Method for Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Sewer Pipes” and GB/T11836-99 “Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Sewer Pipes”.
Main Technical Specifications
Maximum testing force:600kN;
Accuracy of testing force:±3%;
Subsection of testing force:125;
Testing space(W×H)(mm):2200×2200;
Piston stroke:0~600mm
Power supply:380V±10%50Hz;
Overall dimension of host machine(L×W×H)mm):3000×1140×4200;

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Q:The indicator of the extinguisher pressure gauge points to green, indicating whether the extinguisher pressure is normal or not?
Remember, red bottle, green, normal green bottle, red normal oxygen bottle
Q:Where is the pressure gauge checked?
Verification mechanism of pressure gaugeGenerally determined by the use of the pressure gauge1, the use of the production site, the use of units (with certification personnel) self certification2, as a standard table, the pressure gauge by the city / Province Department of measurement and verification (Technical Supervision Bureau) certification3. Used for safety, trade, quality and environment inspection by relevant department.
Q:Vibration proof pressure gauge precision grade 1.6 and 1.5 difference
The accuracy level of a pressure meter refers to the percentage of the allowable error of the pressure gauge to the full scaleFor example, a pressure gauge full scale is 100Mpa, the accuracy level is 1.6, then its allowable error is 100Mpa * 1.6%= + 1.6Mpa., if the accuracy level is 1.5, then its allowable error is 100Mpa * 1.5%= + 1.5Mpa.According to the current national standard GB/T1226-2001, "general pressure table", the accuracy level is 1.6, the use of 1.5 pressure gauges allowed error by 1.6 levels, the accuracy level can not be changed
Q:What is the thread diameter of the pressure gauge 10cm?
10CM is the surface diameter? For example, the standard interface should be M20*1.5, and the British G2/1'is equivalent to 4
Q:There is no pressure gauge in the process of adding fluorine to the air conditioner
Air conditioning adding fluorine step and method -- air conditioning adding fluorine concrete method operation:1. Turn on the air conditioner;When the fluorine is added in summer, the air conditioner can be directly operated in the refrigeration mode. Because of the heating system can not add fluorine operation, so in winter, when adding fluorine, you should use the method of making the valve line, forcing air conditioning into the refrigeration.2. Connect the fluoride equipment;After the normal starting of the air conditioner, the fluorine adding equipment is connected from the process port of the low pressure valve of the outdoor machine. In this procedure, air and dirt in the fluoride pipe must be removed.3 、 pressure plus fluorine;Low pressure observation in summer, the ambient temperature of about 32 degrees Celsius, the pressure control at around 0.45MP;In winter, high pressure is observed during heating, and the pressure is stabilized at about 1.7MP.4, removal of fluoride equipment;In the condition of removing fluorine refrigeration equipment, nano machine tighten external seal; if remove equipment under the heating state, will cause a lot of freon leak.5. Complete with fluoride.For suspected leakage of air conditioning, the use of detergent bubble examination.
Q:What does the water pressure meter MPa stand for?
A unit of pressure, kpa. M refers to millions, and Pa is the unit of pressure, Pascal's abbreviation.
Q:Band sawing machines sometimes fail to rise, sometimes very slowly, and sometimes pressure gauges have no pressure
For many reasons, there may be oil change or insert the owl problem, to find the best manufacturers see sawing machine.
Q:In which industry does the pressure gauge use more?
Oil and gas extractionoil refiningPetrochemical and chemical industrypowerwater treatmentPapermakingsteelPharmacyfood
Q:What is the actual size of the pressure gauge nozzle G1/2?
G1/2 pipe actual size is: pipe diameter 15mm, outside diameter 21.3mm.G is 55 degrees (non thread sealing pipe thread), belonging to whitworth thread. 1/2 marker refers to the inside diameter of the tube, the unit is inches. Insiders usually used to call thread size, an inch is equal to 8, 1/2 is 4 inches.Specific parameters:The size of code: 1/2The number of teeth per inch: 14 (i.e. pitch 1.814mm)Major diameter: 20.955mmMedian diameter: 19.793mmPath: 18.631mmNational standards are available on GB/T7307-2001.
Q:What does the red line on the dial of the pressure gauge stand for? Is the design pressure or the maximum pressure?
This is the most red table before use, the right table should be added to the school department, refers to the maximum allowable working pressure of the equipment installation, said the pressure to reach or exceed the risk.

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