YGS-600 Digital Display Type Concrete Drainpipe pressure Testing Machine

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Main functions
This machine is applicable for compressive strength test of concrete drainpipes.  Standards:GB/T16752-97 “Test Method for Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Sewer Pipes” and GB/T11836-99 “Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Sewer Pipes”.
Main Technical Specifications
Maximum testing force:600kN;
Accuracy of testing force:±3%;
Subsection of testing force:125;
Testing space(W×H)(mm):2200×2200;
Piston stroke:0~600mm
Power supply:380V±10%50Hz;
Overall dimension of host machine(L×W×H)mm):3000×1140×4200;

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Q:Is the pressure meter special?
The pressure gauge is used on the equipment, not the special equipment. But there is a special pressure gauge.Special pressure gauges are suitable for pressure measuring instruments in production processes of various industrial departmentsA special occasion. All parts of acid resistant pressure gauge are made of stainless steel. Has strong corrosion resistance, strong corrosion resistance is used to test the pressure of medium used in external harsh corrosive environments; widely used in petroleum, chemical, pesticides, and other enterprises, all parts of corrosion resistant high pressure gauges are all made of stainless steel material, pressure system uses a special welding process. It has excellent corrosion resistance.
Q:What does "Y" mean? What does "Z" mean?
In the instrument type representation: Y said Z said pressure, vacuum or damping, J precision or rectangular, A ammonia table, X signal or electric contact, XC said magnet electric point, said P E said the diaphragm membrane box, F corrosion, N said seismic, T said the spring tube, B said stainless steel and so on.
Q:How to connect the household air conditioner pressure gauge?
To buy a pressure gauge, there are 2 add liquid pipe connected to the air conditioner outside the machine on the line
Q:What is the working principle of the pressure gauge?
The working principle of the pressure gauge:The pressure gauge through the sensitive element in the table (Bourdon tube, bellows, bellows) of the elastic deformation, then the conversion mechanism of table movement will transfer to the pointer pressure distortion caused by pointer rotation to show pressure.
Q:What kind of pressure gauges do you need for repairing refrigerators?
Maintenance of refrigerator needs with a minimum of 3 pressure gauge, 2 pieces of 2.4 kg, a 1.5 meter, pressure for a 6 tube 20-30 cm for the table header and good expansion valve, bell, head table valve is connected with the need to use teflon tape, tied to the wire head on and valve connection table header all together, even after looking for a 8 to 6 of the copper pipe welding, a set of tools to complete, maintenance of refrigerators need tools to cut, expander, welding, solder, sealing device, electronic scales, pressure gauge, fluoride bottles, evacuation tools, it is best to prepare some brass 6 and 8.
Q:I want to use a frequency converter and a remote pressure gauge to control a submersible pump, using the on-off control, constant pressure water supply, how to connect and set up
I think you may be wrong! More (money, easy) scheme is using 1 transmission pressure gauge + inverter, constant pressure control. But not switch control. Control is continuous.The only output switch contact transmission pressure gauge is the electric contact pressure gauge. Inside a rheostat, with the change of pressure, sliding rheostat output resistance change. But it should be noted that this watch is certainly three line connection (don't understand NO/NC/COM).Like ABB, ACS510 series and so on, you can access to the X1 2,3,4 terminal, so as to achieve constant pressure control, specifically, you have to look at your inverter manual
Q:Excuse me, where can I check the pressure gauge in Chongqing?
If you buy good quality, the manufacturer can help you free of charge.
Q:What do you think of the pressure gauges with snow?
There are two scale tables and multi scale forms in the air conditioning snow scale. We usually read the outer ring scale, and the other scales have the following indication, which represents the evaporation pressure of refrigerants under different refrigerants. The outer ring (black scale) for pressure values, in the 2 circle (red scale) are a number of snow (R22, R12) corresponding to the temperature value.
Q:Why does the internal surface of the pressure gauge contain oil?
In the pressure inside the shell injection liquid, usually oil. Liquid can play a strong buffering effect is obvious, so it can reduce the fluctuation / external vibration influence, caused by the pressure measurement reading. Through to the table filled with oil, but also on the machine parts for lubrication, while extending the instrument the service life of the pressure gauge. General pressure gauge is more expensive than ordinary. I will be in the company to purchase this kind of accessories. So understanding. Please refer to.
Q:How does the fire pump pressure meter work?
Fire pump pressure meter work:1, the fire pump outlet pipe pressure gauge (in the pipeline and pipeline pump lift check valve between the pump running only) to show the pressure value, to test the pump outlet pressure and pump running out of water.2. The pressure gauge on the fire main pipe acts as a check on the pressure of the fire system.3, the highest point of the fire pipe (that is, the most adverse point), the role of the pressure gauge to check the most unfavorable point, hydraulic pressure value.

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