XJCJ Falling Mass Impact Testing Machine

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1. Functions

It is used for the plastic pipe, board and goods to do the impact test , to praise the materials resistant outside force impact performance. The machine controlling parts adopt the numerical control technique. It can number preset and display the impact height, automatic return to zero, rising hammer, dropping hammer, impact and can effectively prevent the twice impacting. It adopts the distyle structure, the structure is compact, energy lost is small, and testing speed is quick.

2. standards-compliant

GB/T 14152   ISO3127 BS EN1411

BS EN744

3. Technological indicators

Impact height: 0-2000mm,±2mm

Overall dimensions: L750mm×W550mm×H3500 mm

Energy losses: 0.25%

Masses of strikers: 0.25-15kg, permissible tolerance shall be ±0.5%

Nose and masses of striker: depending on customers standards

Rising speed: 12m/min

Anti-rebound catching rate: 100%                    

XDK Low Temperature Refrigerator

A. Product Introduction

  It is used for the plastic pipe, sheet and profiled shock resistance performance test low temperature management, which consists of refrigerator and control instrument. Control apparatus is composed of digital temperature sensor, the temperature control circuit, instantaneous power-off protection circuit and LED digital tube display panel meter. It achieve the real-time display, temperature control, measurement, alarm and other functions. Has the advantages of high control accuracy, convenient operation etc

B. Accord with the standards:


C. The main technological Parameters

  a. Temperature control range: - 20-0℃;

b. Control temperature accuracy: setting value +1℃

c. Use the LED numeral display

    d. Power : 220V+10%, 15A.

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Q:The water pump's pressure gauge has 3 hands. What are they respectively?
A pressure gauge, a vacuum meter, and, er, forgot.
Q:How do you contact the pressure meter to the pump control box?
The yellow line is connected to the power of L, the red line is the high stop contacts connected in series AC contactor start coil circuit (intermediate relay normally closed contact), the black line is low start contacts, and the intermediate relay normally open contacts.
Q:Why does the electric contact pressure meter sometimes stop when the contact reaches the upper limit of the pointer?
The upper contact is not in contact with the pointer contact. Set the upper and lower electric contact pressure gauge, pressure rise, pressure gauge pointer moving upward, moving the pointer and limit contact with the pointer beyond the limit point will be disconnected, and the upper limit is reached the limit set. Because the hydraulic station valve generally has different degrees of leakage, the pressure will gradually decrease, the pointer dropped to the lower limit, it will give the letter power and then step up.
Q:Under normal circumstances, use absolute pressure gauges to measure
The atmospheric pressure of the environment is approximately equal to 0.1MPa (1 kg per square centimeter, also known as 1 kg pressure).The gauge is to a pressure of 0 to calculate the pressure.Absolute pressure is the absolute pressure measurement. The pressure is measured at 0 under the vacuum. The absolute pressure in the atmospheric environment is 0.1MPa (1 kg per square centimeter). Absolute pressure gauge pressure = +0.1MPa. The use of the situation, according to the needs of the selection, the general situation is the use of absolute pressure table
Q:What's the cylinder pressure gauge for?
Measurement of rigid pressure, not more than 7, just lift the rigid cap
Q:Why isn't the pressure meter back to zero?
If the new watch has air in it, it should be let out, and the specific reference manual. The old watch says the watch is out of order.
Q:What is the difference between 380V and 220V electric contact pressure gauge?
The difference between the 380V and 220V electric contact pressure gauges is that the rated voltage of the action coil is different. The rated voltage of the action coil of the 380V electric contact pressure meter is 380V, which can only be connected with the 380V voltage and is not connected to the 220V. 220V electric contact pressure meter action coil rated voltage is 220V, can only meet the 220V voltage, access to 380V will burn the coil.The rated voltage of the coil is 380V, the cross-sectional area of the conductor should be smaller, the coil number of coils should be more, and the operation current should be smaller. The rated voltage of the coil is 220V, the cross-sectional area of the conductor should be larger, the number of coils should be less, and the action current should be greater.
Q:What do you think of this air conditioner Freon pressure gauge?
Black is the pressure gauge, per kilogram / square centimeter, approximately equal to 100 kPa, so it consists of two scales. The pink one is too small to see clearly.
Q:No pressure gauge. How do you see the air conditioner plus fluorine?
The night air drying bottle of automotive air conditioning, you can be judged according to the night vision empty, you hit the engine when the normal operation of the machine, to observe if there are bubbles empty night vision is not enough, if there is no bubbles, then turn off the machine to observe it will take 5-10 seconds of air bubbles, so in this case the Freon is enough, don't waste things. The simplest is to have you feeling cold enough on the OK - _-!I have learned, understand, doubt the answer, you can fix the car that ask.
Q:Why is the manifold pressure gauge called the manifold pressure gauge, not the air conditioning pressure gauge group?
The manifold pressure gauge is called the manifold pressure gauge because the pressure gauge is mounted on the manifold. Detection of air conditioning system pressure gauge is more, such as the evaporator refrigerant pressure, working pressure of the condenser, cooling water inlet and outlet pressure, cooling water inlet and outlet pressure, circulating pump inlet and outlet pressure, air-conditioning pipe pressure differential pressure, oil pressure, oil separation pressure, if called the gauge group is not specific determine what part of the work pressure, can not determine the various parts of the system working pressure is normal.

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