XJCJ Falling Mass Impact Testing Machine

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Product Description:

1. Functions

It is used for the plastic pipe, board and goods to do the impact test , to praise the materials resistant outside force impact performance. The machine controlling parts adopt the numerical control technique. It can number preset and display the impact height, automatic return to zero, rising hammer, dropping hammer, impact and can effectively prevent the twice impacting. It adopts the distyle structure, the structure is compact, energy lost is small, and testing speed is quick.

2. standards-compliant

GB/T 14152   ISO3127 BS EN1411

BS EN744

3. Technological indicators

Impact height: 0-2000mm,±2mm

Overall dimensions: L750mm×W550mm×H3500 mm

Energy losses: 0.25%

Masses of strikers: 0.25-15kg, permissible tolerance shall be ±0.5%

Nose and masses of striker: depending on customers standards

Rising speed: 12m/min

Anti-rebound catching rate: 100%                    

XDK Low Temperature Refrigerator

A. Product Introduction

  It is used for the plastic pipe, sheet and profiled shock resistance performance test low temperature management, which consists of refrigerator and control instrument. Control apparatus is composed of digital temperature sensor, the temperature control circuit, instantaneous power-off protection circuit and LED digital tube display panel meter. It achieve the real-time display, temperature control, measurement, alarm and other functions. Has the advantages of high control accuracy, convenient operation etc

B. Accord with the standards:


C. The main technological Parameters

  a. Temperature control range: - 20-0℃;

b. Control temperature accuracy: setting value +1℃

c. Use the LED numeral display

    d. Power : 220V+10%, 15A.

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Q:What does the pressure gauge "radial back" and "axial front" mean? What's the side of the ordinary pressure gauge?
The radial pressure interface is parallel to the dial of the pressure gauge, i.e., the pressure port is below the dial,The axial pressure interface is parallel to the center axis of the dial of the pressure gauge, i.e., the pressure port is behind the dial,A pressure gauge is usually a flat cylinder,"With the front" means the mounting edge is in the front. After installation, the pressure surface is close to the instrument panel and embedded."Behind" refers to the mounting edge at the back. After installation, the pressure surface protrudes from the thickness of a gauge on the instrument panel.
Q:How to use the car fuel pressure gauge?
A three - way connection must be made. The two heads are connected to the tubing, and the third head is attached to the pressure gauge so that the pressure in the tubing can be measured
Q:Where is the pressure gauge checked?
The local quality and Technical Supervision Bureau's Institute of measurement and measurement.
Q:Is the gauge thread metric or English?
What thread do you want to thread on your request?. Often used in metric systems
Q:Seismic pressure gauge compared with ordinary pressure is what, what is the scope of application
Seismic pressure gauges for environment vibration, the pulse of media tolerance, and the impact of a sudden unloading, the instrument is stable and clear. Widely used in machinery, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, power and other departments to measure the pressure of copper and copper alloys without corrosive medium.Shock proof pressure meter is composed of pressure leading system (including joint, spring tube, limiting screw), gear transmission mechanism, indicator device (pointer and dial) and the shell (including watchcase, table cover, table glass etc.). Vibration proof pressure gauge shell is airtight type structure, can effectively protect the internal parts from the environmental impact and pollution invasion. Vibration proof pressure gauge filled with damping liquid in the shell (usually silicone oil or glycerin) instrument, ripple resistance to working environment and reduce the vibration of medium pressure. The ordinary pressure gauge has poor seismic performance.
Q:There is no pressure gauge in the process of adding fluorine to the air conditioner
Air conditioning adding fluorine step and method -- air conditioning adding fluorine concrete method operation:1. Turn on the air conditioner;When the fluorine is added in summer, the air conditioner can be directly operated in the refrigeration mode. Because of the heating system can not add fluorine operation, so in winter, when adding fluorine, you should use the method of making the valve line, forcing air conditioning into the refrigeration.2. Connect the fluoride equipment;After the normal starting of the air conditioner, the fluorine adding equipment is connected from the process port of the low pressure valve of the outdoor machine. In this procedure, air and dirt in the fluoride pipe must be removed.3 、 pressure plus fluorine;Low pressure observation in summer, the ambient temperature of about 32 degrees Celsius, the pressure control at around 0.45MP;In winter, high pressure is observed during heating, and the pressure is stabilized at about 1.7MP.4, removal of fluoride equipment;In the condition of removing fluorine refrigeration equipment, nano machine tighten external seal; if remove equipment under the heating state, will cause a lot of freon leak.5. Complete with fluoride.For suspected leakage of air conditioning, the use of detergent bubble examination.
Q:What does the pressure gauge "Y100 0~60MPa" mean?
1, the pressure meter Y100 means: "Y" is the pressure gauge code, with "pressure" word, Chinese phonetic alphabet "Y", said the pressure gauge."100" means that the nominal diameter of the watch case is 100 millimeters.2. The pressure gauge 0~60MPa means that the measuring range of the pressure gauge is 0~60MPa. When we select the upper limit of the scale of the instrument, we should select it in the standard series stipulated by the state. China's pressure gauge measurement range standard series are: -0.1-0.06,0.15; 0-1,1.6,2.5,4,6,10X10 "MPa" (where n is a natural integer. Can be positive or negative).3, pressure is the physical pressure, that is, the size of the unit area to bear the pressure. Gauges based on atmospheric pressure are used to measure instruments that are less than or greater than atmospheric pressure, and gauges used to measure the pressure of a fluid (gas, liquid) are called pressure gauges.
Q:How do you test the pressure gauge for the pressure vessel?
To the quality and Technical Supervision Bureau for verification.To pay, or their company sent to textual research.
Q:What is the actual value of the pressure gauge mounted on the pressure vessel?
The pressure indicated by the pressure gauge is the table pressure, and the absolute pressure should be the indication of the pressure of the watch, plus an atmospheric pressure.
Q:The indicator of the extinguisher pressure gauge points to green, indicating whether the extinguisher pressure is normal or not?
Green indicates normal pressure; yellow indicates lack of pressure; please note that red indicates a severe lack of pressure

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