WAW Series Computer Control Electro-hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine

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Main functions  
This series machines are widely used for tension, compression, bending and shearing test of metal materials and also used for compression and bending test of nonmetal materials, such as cement, concrete and so on. Equipped with simple auxiliaries, it can be used for mechanical property testing of fastener, wire rope and components. They are perfect testing instrument project quality testing section, universities and colleges, research institution and industrial and mining enterprise.        
Product features  
1>Control card adopts advanced neural adaptive PID control algorithm, and truly realizes three closed-loop digital control. 2. Data acquisition system consists of or channels high precision A/D conversion channel. The maximum resolution of 1/200000. There is no subsection of all process,meanwhile,it can have 4 subsections according to customers’requirement.
3> Select BB, AD and Xilinx original brand integrated devices and digital design.
4> Built-in large scale CPLD programmable device with high-speed computation capability and real-time processing digital signal.
5> Integrated dual roads precision instrument programmable amplifier, digital zero and automatic smooth shifting.
6.>Select high quality imported servo valve block, all control signals photoelectric isolation, 24V DC and safe and reliable. 7. Max Test software runs on Windows98/2000/XP operating system; equipped with a special Windows system for Test Chinese intelligence package, the testing machine can process test result and then output test report and the characteristic curve design.
8.>Real-time record and dynamic display test curve.
9.>Provide programmable automatic testing procedures and users can edit their own test steps according to the requirements of test.
10.>Adopts human-computer interaction to analyze and count performance indicators of materials. It has both automatic and manual modes.
11>Adopts standard database to manage test data and support batch test.
12>Customer can add test methods and rules for his needs

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Q:Set up a factory. May I ask what equipment you need to build a pressure gauge factory?
Is the professional calibration equipment, you Baidu will know, I am Nanjing Wanda instrument factory. Hope to help you.
Q:What is a pressure gauge and how to make it?
An instrument with an elastic element as a sensing element to measure and indicate higher than the ambient pressure.
Q:How can the frequency converter and the electric contact pressure meter be connected?
You can use a multimeter before starting to start out a line close point for inverter (low voltage to low voltage pointer must be required to adjust), but do not use inverter panel wiring, control operation, until the pointer pressure gauge pressure to coincide, volume out of a closed point, so that you can find public line. Then access to the converter can be put into normal operation.
Q:What is the calibration cycle for the pressure gauge / thermometer / flowmeter? Is there a standard to check?
According to the standard, it is the national measurement technical standard JJF 1139-2005, "the principles and methods for determining the verification cycle of measuring instruments".In fact, as a measuring instrument, it is impossible for users to determine the inspection cycle according to their specifications.At the same time, the manufacturer has already made the product according to the specifications and determined the inspection cycle, and the cycle can meet a certain requirement.For industrial metering equipment, this cycle is generally not less than one year.So:It is usually tested once a year.If the product specification requires that the cycle be less than one year, proceed as required.If the quality of the product is reliable, it can be done once or twice a year for two times, but the exception of the pressure gauge and the strong inspection equipment is three.Equipment cycles for fire, gas, gas, alarm, etc. shall be specially determined.
Q:What does the belt stop of the pressure gauge mean?
Pressure strap pin? Are you sure there is no mistake in the word?
Q:Cutting acetylene bottles on how there are 2 pressure gauges, the general number of suitable adjustment
Two pressure gauges of an acetylene bottle, one is the pressure in the bottle, one is the working pressure, and the pressure in the bottle is the magnitude of the pressure of the remaining acetylene in the acetylene bottle, and is not adjustable. The work pressure is the pressure that is adjusted by the pressure reducing valve. Usually work pressure is low, adjust to 2 or 3 atmospheric pressure can be
Q:Under normal circumstances, use absolute pressure gauges to measure
On the cement floor, use this watch
Q:What's the cylinder pressure gauge for?
Measurement of rigid pressure, not more than 7, just lift the rigid cap
Q:Ytn10 and yn10 have these two types of pressure gauges? What do these two models stand for?
YN and YTN represent proof pressure gauge is just not the same manufacturer mark.Y stands for pressure gaugesT stands for spring tube structureN shockAlso, there is no YN10 and YTN10, only YN100 and YTN100
Q:A 220V contactor, an intermediate relay, an electrode point pressure gauge, and a physical line diagram
If you don't give a cent, tell me at least how you want to control it Pressure gauge control relay, relay control contactor

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