WAW Series Computer Control Electro-hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine

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Main functions  
This series machines are widely used for tension, compression, bending and shearing test of metal materials and also used for compression and bending test of nonmetal materials, such as cement, concrete and so on. Equipped with simple auxiliaries, it can be used for mechanical property testing of fastener, wire rope and components. They are perfect testing instrument project quality testing section, universities and colleges, research institution and industrial and mining enterprise.        
Product features  
1>Control card adopts advanced neural adaptive PID control algorithm, and truly realizes three closed-loop digital control. 2. Data acquisition system consists of or channels high precision A/D conversion channel. The maximum resolution of 1/200000. There is no subsection of all process,meanwhile,it can have 4 subsections according to customers’requirement.
3> Select BB, AD and Xilinx original brand integrated devices and digital design.
4> Built-in large scale CPLD programmable device with high-speed computation capability and real-time processing digital signal.
5> Integrated dual roads precision instrument programmable amplifier, digital zero and automatic smooth shifting.
6.>Select high quality imported servo valve block, all control signals photoelectric isolation, 24V DC and safe and reliable. 7. Max Test software runs on Windows98/2000/XP operating system; equipped with a special Windows system for Test Chinese intelligence package, the testing machine can process test result and then output test report and the characteristic curve design.
8.>Real-time record and dynamic display test curve.
9.>Provide programmable automatic testing procedures and users can edit their own test steps according to the requirements of test.
10.>Adopts human-computer interaction to analyze and count performance indicators of materials. It has both automatic and manual modes.
11>Adopts standard database to manage test data and support batch test.
12>Customer can add test methods and rules for his needs

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Q:How does the air conditioning pressure gauge add readings?
The scale on the meter is pressure. Through the pressure display, you can know the exhaust pressure of the compressor (high pressure) and the inlet pressure (low pressure), and judge whether the system is running properly, such as system congestion, refrigerant leakage and other faultsThere should be MPa (Zhao Pa) and bar (bar) on the table, which is the common pressure unit in china,0.1MPa = 1bar = 1 kg / cm2, kg / cm2 - this unit is not a statutory measure of the country and is not marked on the table, but we use it more orallyTake the common R22 refrigerant as an example, according to the different environment temperature, when the refrigeration system is working normally, the low voltage is generally at 3^6bar, and the high voltage is usually at 10^25bar.
Q:Is the ordinary pressure gauge oil resistant and vacuum resistant?
For ordinary pressure gauge, its material for oil tolerance is no problem, and its influence on oil resistance is the main component of the gasket.For pressure gauges with a pressure greater than 0.1MPA, there is also the ability to resist vacuum.But generally speaking, the role of instrument is for practical use, and the instrument must comply with the selection criteria, if it is used to measure the parameters, only do it immersion test or vacuum test, this idea seems to have no practical value.
Q:The role of the pressure gauge on the train
There are two pressure gauges on the train locomotive, called "balanced air cylinder, double needle pressure gauge", for monitoring the pressure of the equalizing cylinderThe emergency brake beside the carriage also has a pressure gauge in the car. Mainly to look at the pressure of the car air cylinder, referred to as wind pressure.Additional knowledge: how to use the emergency brake valve?When using the emergency brake valve of the vehicle, it is not necessary to break the seal first, and immediately pull the valve handle to the fully open position until it is fully opened so as not to stop or close. In case of a spring handle, you must not let go before the train stops completely. In the long slope, we must look at the pressure gauge, such as gauge is determined by pressure drop 100Kpa, shall not use the emergency brake valve (except when the angle cock is closed).
Q:Will the pressure gauge of the fire extinguisher leak?
The pressure gauge of the extinguisher won't leak.Domestic fire extinguishers generally pressure gauges are divided into three grades, both three colors.1, when the pressure gauge pointer refers to the red part, indicating that the pressure in the bottle is not enough, the fire extinguisher can not be used properly.2, refers to the yellow part, indicating that the pressure is too large, prone to danger.3, when you refer to the green part, it shows that the fire extinguisher is normal.
Q:Do electric contact gauges come with 24V contact with gold?
I don't think it's necessary to use gold for contacts.1. The action of a contact on a pressure meter is equivalent to a switch used to conduct or disconnect the circuit. It does not require a power supply. The maximum operating voltage is 380V, and it can also be used for 220V or 24V (including AC and DC).2. Electric contact pressure gauge in the work process, will not contact in contact contact, due to voltage, spark will contact between the spark can burn contacts, lead oxide, so the electric contact pressure gauge work after a period of time will produce the phenomenon of bad contact, and can work normally after cleaning contact.3. In order to make the electrical contact work long time, it is important to note that the work power of the coil of the small relay in the back shall be controlled below 30W, otherwise it will burn up easily (contact power rating 30W).4. What material to choose contact is to consider comprehensively, choose pure gold or pure silver, only contact resistance is small, other aspects will not do.Our company produces a variety of electric contact pressure meter, suitable for a variety of industrial and mining use, interested can go up to see.
Q:What's the basis for the inspection of the safety accessories (safety valve and pressure gauge) of the simple pressure vessel?
(1) the maximum working pressure is greater than or equal to 0.1MPa; (note 1-2)(2) the product of work pressure and volume is greater than or equal to 2.5MPa = L; (note 1-3)(3) liquid containing gas, liquefied gas and the highest working temperature is higher than or equal to its standard boiling point.The accessories of the pressure vessel that meet the above requirements need to be checked.
Q:What is the function of the pressure gauge bend?
Buffer instantaneous high pressure, protect pressure gauge.
Q:The outlet flow of centrifugal pump to adjust the valve closed small, vacuum gauge and pressure gauge change?
The flow rate decreases, the loss is small, the vacuum of vacuum table decreases, the head increases, and the pressure of outlet pressure gauge increases
Q:Set up a factory. May I ask what equipment you need to build a pressure gauge factory?
As long as you buy accessories, you need very few equipment
Q:410 how about the pressure of the pressure gauge?
R-410A temperature see the red mark of the inner ring, the corresponding pressure is the two value of the outer ring, the outer ring is psi pounds, and the second circle is bar.- 1bar=1kgf/cm1psi=6.9kPa (1MPa=145psi)- 1MPa=10kgf/cm1MPa=1000kPaThe pressure corresponds to the temperature chamber. The temperature is known when the pressure is known and can be checked.

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