YJS-600 Digital Display Type Well Cover Hydraulic Compression Testing Machine

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、Main functions
This machine adopts hydraulic load, manual control, electronic measurement and digital display and has the function of force peak value preserving and manual eliminating force peak value. It is applicable for compressive strength test of well covers, which are made of steel fiber reinforced concrete and cast iron.
、Products catalogue
YJS-600A  Standards:CJ/T121-2000
YJS-600B  Standards:JC889-2001
、Main Technical Specifications





Maximum testing force


Accuracy of testing force


Testing space(㎜)



Pressure plate size(㎜)


Ф356(Manhole);500×200、250×200(Water cover grate

Piston stroke(㎜)


Power supply


Overall dimension(L×W×H)(㎜)






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Q:Where is the pressure gauge checked?
The pressure gauge is checked by the quality and Technical Supervision Bureau's measurement test.
Q:What's the difference between a sanitary pressure gauge and a diaphragm pressure gauge?
Diaphragm pressure gauge is suitable for measuring strong corrosion, high temperature, high viscosity, easily crystallized, and medium pressure solid suspensions and must avoid measuring medium directly into the universal pressure gauge and prevent sediment accumulation and easy cleaning.Sanitary pressure gauge is also a diaphragm, is a common pressure gauge and diaphragm separator composed of a system of diaphragm pressure gauge. The utility model has the advantages of quick and convenient assembly and disassembly, easy pollution, easy cleaning, safe and reliable safety, etc.. It can meet the requirement of pharmaceutical production quality standard (GMP). In the pharmaceutical, food, drinking water, water treatment and other industries, the instrument has a hygienic requirements of the process has been widely used.
Q:Pressure meter usage
Use, maintenance and repair of pressure gauge:The instrument shall be installed at a temperature of -20 to 40 DEG C in the surrounding environment, with a relative humidity not greater than 80% and an altitude below 2000m.Gauges are generally used at temperatures up to 3/4 of the upper limit.When setting the setting value of the instrument, the lower limit should be adjusted first, and then the upper limit of the setting should be adjusted.Switch off the power supply when opening the terminal box or setting the setting value. When the wires are properly connected, they should be carefully checked and tested, and they will be put into use without any error.The instrument should be kept dry and clean during use. Periodic verification and inspection shall be carried out according to the calibration period.Note: 2.5 is MPa and 6Mpa is not model, it is measurement range, use method is same!
Q:The injection molding machine doesn't have pressure, what's wrong with it and the pressure gauge doesn't reflect it?
Power supply, motor starting and turning to the right, well connected with the oil pump motor, pump in turn, hydraulic oil, proportional valve plug loose, electric proportional valve, proportional valve card is not card, proportional valve and oil outlet plug without blocking, so a sequence
Q:Drese D800 inverter and a remote pressure gauge how how to set the constant pressure connection
Main parameter setting: 00-13=1 (PID open); 06-01=1 (PID setting channel equals 0; setting pressure inside 06-03); 06-02=1 (PID feedback channel)
Q:Working principle of electric contact pressure gauge
The work principle is very simpleIt uses sliding resistors to control the switchThe current signal is outgoing
Q:The pressure gauge joint diameter is 21, 14 teeth per inch. What does it mean?
The outer diameter is 21, and the 14 teeth have taper and no taper.Without taper is the 1/2 interface.Points with taper are G1/2, NPT1/2, ZG1/2.- - Wuxi Hui Hua Instrument Technology Department - -I hope to give you a satisfactory answer! Wish you happy every day!If you have any other questions, you may ask!
Q:Fire hydrant pump, spray pump, starting pump, pressure gauge and spray pump, pressure switch is how to wiring?
A total of 4 lines of pressure: a pair of lines directly to the alarm module feedback, a pair of lines directly to the pump control cabinet pump startThe electric contact pressure meter has 3 terminals: one upper limit, one lower limit, one public and three wires directly to the corresponding terminals of the voltage regulator box, and the corresponding wiring diagram is on the box door
Q:What's the meaning of diaphragm pressure gauge YTP-100?
Refers to the internal diameter of the pressure gauge 100mm
Q:What do you think of the pressure gauge for portable pressure storage ABC dry powder extinguisher?
The pointer is qualified in the green area. The red area indicates that the pressure is low and it needs stamping

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