YJS-600 Digital Display Type Well Cover Hydraulic Compression Testing Machine

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、Main functions
This machine adopts hydraulic load, manual control, electronic measurement and digital display and has the function of force peak value preserving and manual eliminating force peak value. It is applicable for compressive strength test of well covers, which are made of steel fiber reinforced concrete and cast iron.
、Products catalogue
YJS-600A  Standards:CJ/T121-2000
YJS-600B  Standards:JC889-2001
、Main Technical Specifications





Maximum testing force


Accuracy of testing force


Testing space(㎜)



Pressure plate size(㎜)


Ф356(Manhole);500×200、250×200(Water cover grate

Piston stroke(㎜)


Power supply


Overall dimension(L×W×H)(㎜)






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Q:The role of a pressure gauge
The action is used to measure and indicate the magnitude of the pressure within the pressure product. Pressure products, if there is no pressure gauge, or pressure gauge fails, the pressure product pressure can not be expressed, thereby directly endangering safety. The pressure product is equipped with a sensitive and accurate pressure gauge, and the operator can correctly operate the pressure product with the pressure gauge to ensure safe and economical operation.The pressure gauge can accurately indicate the pressure of the steam in the pressure product. The operator can adjust the heating degree of the product according to the indicated value of the pressure gauge to ensure the safety of the gas supply and the safety of the pressure product.
Q:What is a back mounted pressure gauge and why is it called back loading?!
It should be the axial pressure gauge
Q:I want to use a frequency converter and a remote pressure gauge to control a submersible pump, using the on-off control, constant pressure water supply, how to connect and set up
I think you may be wrong! More (money, easy) scheme is using 1 transmission pressure gauge + inverter, constant pressure control. But not switch control. Control is continuous.The only output switch contact transmission pressure gauge is the electric contact pressure gauge. Inside a rheostat, with the change of pressure, sliding rheostat output resistance change. But it should be noted that this watch is certainly three line connection (don't understand NO/NC/COM).Like ABB, ACS510 series and so on, you can access to the X1 2,3,4 terminal, so as to achieve constant pressure control, specifically, you have to look at your inverter manual
Q:Seismic pressure gauge how gas?
Generally do not recommend their refueling. First of all, to check that the oil leak there, only the oil spill point can be solved again, do not solve, plus the leak. Say you add what kind of oil, general manufacturers have silicone oil (silicone oil has a variety of specifications), some glycerin, if two kinds of oil mix is more trouble, affect observation pressure. It is recommended to be returned to the manufacturer for repair.
Q:Y-100 what is the thread of the pressure gauge?
Y-100 is the ordinary 100 meter diameter of the pressure gauge, 100 table diameter thread interface, standard is M20*1.5.
Q:The role of the pressure gauge on the train
Dude, you're a railroad, aren't you?!Good business knowledge ~!
Q:Construction drawings marked life water supply, fire water supply test pressure value of 0.6 and 1.4, respectively, what kind of pressure meter should I choose?
Selection of measuring range1 when measuring the steady pressure, the normal operating pressure shall be 1/3 2/3 of the upper limit of the measuring range of the instrument,2 when measuring the fluctuating pressure (such as the pressure at the outlet of pumps, compressors and fans), the normal operating pressure shall be1/3~1/2 of upper limit of instrument measuring rangeGeneral measurement of pressure gauges, diaphragm pressure gauges and diaphragm pressure gauges should be selected 1.5 or 2.5. level. Pressure gauges for precision measurement shall be of class 0.4, class 0.25 or class 0.16.
Q:Set up a factory. May I ask what equipment you need to build a pressure gauge factory?
Now the production of pressure gauge is very simple, a lot of accessories are available, mainly to check the pressure gauge equipment, these devices do you need to see how much precision pressure gauge, decided to choose what equipment, equipment is not expensive. Plus, I can give you some advice
Q:What is a negative pressure gauge?
A negative pressure meter is an elastic sensitive element with absolute pressure below atmospheric pressure. It is very common to measure and direct an instrument higher than the ambient pressure. It is used in almost all industrial processes and research fields. Negative pressure is equal to the difference between atmospheric pressure and absolute pressure.Related definitions: table pressure: pressure expressed as zero (reference pressure) at atmospheric pressure. When absolute pressure is greater than atmospheric pressure, it is equal to the difference between absolute pressure and atmospheric pressure. Atmospheric pressure: pressure generated by the gravity of the earth's surface, also known as atmospheric pressure. Absolute pressure: the pressure expressed as a zero (reference pressure) of a complete vacuum.
Q:Do pressure gauges need to be used in atmospheric hot water boilers?
There is no need to install pressure gauges in the atmospheric hot water boiler, but the piping system is best installed, because the system circulation should be monitored. Also, the furnace body and the system line shall be equipped with thermometer.

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