Electro-hydraulic compressive test instrument

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Product Description:

Steel pipe compressive test machine is mainly used for brick, stone, cement, concrete and other building materials, compressive strength test, can also be used to test the mechanical properties of other materials.

Machine Summary:

This compressive test instrument is mainly used for brick, stone, cement, concrete and other building

materials,compressive strength test, can also be used to test the mechanical properties of other materials.

Hydraulic System:

The oil tank is sucked through the filter screen and be inhaled pump oil ,through the petroleum pipeline of

oil pump transport to oil valve,When the hand wheel to send off the oil, due to the role of oil will push the

piston, the oil from the return pipe to tank,when the hand wheel to open get the oil, then the working fluid into

the fuel tank through the tubing, pressure tubing through and through oil return valve to tank.

Control System:

Electro-hydraulic compressive test instrument adopts hydraulic loading, electronic measuring, with a load of

figures, the loading rate shows that the maximum load to maintain, as well as overload protection and power

data retention and other functions.

Safety Protection Device:

When the test force more than 3% of the maximum test force, the overload protection, oil pump motor shut down.


Whole set fixtures include: a set compression platen fixture

Technical Parameter:


Compressive test instrument

Max load


resist bend


resist bend)


resist bend and compress

Test force measuring range

4%-100%FS KN

Test force showed the relative error

≤indicating value±1%

Test Force Resolution


Hydraulic pump rated pressure


Bearing compress plate size


Maximum distance between

the upper and lower plate


Resist bending roll diameter


Maximum distance between the upper

and lower resist bending rollers


Between two bending rollers upon

the center distance


Between two bending rollers under

the center distance


Piston diameter


Piston stroke


Motor power

3 phase 0.75 kW

Outside dimension


Net weight


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Q:What is the difference between 380V and 220V electric contact pressure gauge?
380 of the voltage can kill people, and 280 of the voltage can make the whole body numb
Q:Can you use the precision pressure gauge of level 0.25, measuring range (0~10) and MPa to verify the general pressure gauge of level 1, measuring range (0~6) MPa? Why?
There is no problem with the standard meter. The measuring instrument should use a 0.05 stage piston pressure gauge
Q:There is no pressure gauge in the process of adding fluorine to the air conditioner
Methods: fluoride 1. will be the first operation of air conditioning in the cooling mode, the fluoride mouth with Freon tank on one end of the tube with fluorine and fluoride, the other end tube (with fluoride thimble tube), installed in the low-voltage end of outdoor unit of air conditioner (suction tube) fluoride mouth. 2., open Freon tank plus fluorine valve on the mouth, can directly add fluorine to the air conditioning, fluorine amount of how much, should refer to the air conditioning nameplate marked "fluoride charge" for fluorine. Quantitative filling with scale. After the fluorine is finished, turn off the valve on the Freon tank and the fluorine nozzle, and let the air conditioner continue to operate. To observe the effect of air conditioning refrigeration, such as air conditioning to achieve normal cooling effect, low end remove outdoor machine (suction) plus fluoride mouth of fluoridation pipe, tighten the cap, and the mouth of the air conditioning fluoride can be used normally
Q:What does the pressure gauge "Y100 0~60MPa" mean?
Y100 refers to the dial diameter of 100mm, 0~60MPa refers to the pressure gauge, measuring range is 60MPa.
Q:What is the coefficient of error for the 2.5 grade pressure meter?
Table 2.5% of the range is an inaccurate thermometer
Q:The structure and working principle of the membrane box of the membrane pressure gauge?
Structure of membrane pressure gaugeThis instrument consists of measuring system (including joint, bellows etc.), transmission mechanism (gear drive mechanism comprises a pull rod mechanism), indicating part (including pointer and dial) and the shell (including watchcase, ring and table glass). The working principle of the instrument is based on the bellows pressure of the measured medium, the free end of corresponding elastic deformation of the transmission gear transmission and amplification, the pointer is fixed on the gear shaft by the measured values indicated in the table. There is also a zero adjustment device that allows easy adjustment of the zero position.The working principle of membrane pressure gaugeBy measuring the pressure of medium from the joint into the membrane box inner membrane box free end pressure and displacement, drive the movement gear to rotate through the connecting rod mechanism, another pointer to indicate the pressure value indicated on the dial.The bellows pressure meter mainly consists of a joint, a watch case, a film box, a connecting rod, a movement, a pointer and a dial plate.Main parameters of bellows pressure gauge;1, 60, Phi Phi dial diameter: 75, 100, 150, Phi phi;2, accuracy level: 1. Level 6; 2. 5 stage;3, range: 0 to 1.6; 0 to 2.5; 0~6; 0~16; 0~25; 0~40; -4 to 0; -6 to 0; -10 to 0; -16 to 0; -25 to 0; -40 to 0-2 to 2; -3 to 3; to 12; -5 to 0~4; -12 to 5; -8 to 8; to;-20 to 20Kpa;4. The film box, elastic element and joint body are made of copper alloy and stainless steel 316.5. The structure of diaphragm pressure gauge: radial direct installation type, axial direct installation type, axial belt front mounting type, axial clamp type and so on;
Q:Is the 16 kilogram electric pressure gauge and the electric contact pressure meter the same?
The electric control meter is controlled by the electronic sensor switch, and the electric contact switch is controlled by the mechanical contact, and the mechanical point controls that when the current flows through, the arc is generated, and the contact of the starting point is not good, and the utility model is not used. Therefore, it is recommended to use the electronic pressure gauge.
Q:Cutting acetylene bottles on how there are 2 pressure gauges, the general number of suitable adjustment
One is the pressure in the bottle and the other is the pressure that comes out. It depends on the thickness of the material you cut
Q:What does "PV" and "SV" on the control meter of remote pressure gauges mean?
SV is the set point, and PV is the measurement value
Q:Is the pressure gauge also a pressure sensor?
Pressure meter: an instrument that measures and indicates higher than the ambient pressure by means of an elastic element as a sensitive element. The application of pressure gauges is very common, and it covers almost all industrial processes and scientific research fields. In the heat pipe network, oil and gas transmission, water supply system, vehicle repair and maintenance shop, and other fields can be seen everywhere. Especially in the control and measurement process, because the elastic sensitive element of mechanical pressure gauge has the characteristics of high mechanical strength and convenient production, the mechanical pressure gauge is widely usedThe sensor is a detection device, can feel the measured information, and can feel the information, according to the law must transform into electrical signals or other information in the form of output required to meet the information transmission, processing, storage, display, record and control requirements. It is the first step of automatic detection and automatic control.By definition, a pressure gauge is a type of sensor that is sensitive to changes in a physical quantity.

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