Electro-hydraulic compressive test instrument

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Product Description:

Steel pipe compressive test machine is mainly used for brick, stone, cement, concrete and other building materials, compressive strength test, can also be used to test the mechanical properties of other materials.

Machine Summary:

This compressive test instrument is mainly used for brick, stone, cement, concrete and other building

materials,compressive strength test, can also be used to test the mechanical properties of other materials.

Hydraulic System:

The oil tank is sucked through the filter screen and be inhaled pump oil ,through the petroleum pipeline of

oil pump transport to oil valve,When the hand wheel to send off the oil, due to the role of oil will push the

piston, the oil from the return pipe to tank,when the hand wheel to open get the oil, then the working fluid into

the fuel tank through the tubing, pressure tubing through and through oil return valve to tank.

Control System:

Electro-hydraulic compressive test instrument adopts hydraulic loading, electronic measuring, with a load of

figures, the loading rate shows that the maximum load to maintain, as well as overload protection and power

data retention and other functions.

Safety Protection Device:

When the test force more than 3% of the maximum test force, the overload protection, oil pump motor shut down.


Whole set fixtures include: a set compression platen fixture

Technical Parameter:


Compressive test instrument

Max load


resist bend


resist bend)


resist bend and compress

Test force measuring range

4%-100%FS KN

Test force showed the relative error

≤indicating value±1%

Test Force Resolution


Hydraulic pump rated pressure


Bearing compress plate size


Maximum distance between

the upper and lower plate


Resist bending roll diameter


Maximum distance between the upper

and lower resist bending rollers


Between two bending rollers upon

the center distance


Between two bending rollers under

the center distance


Piston diameter


Piston stroke


Motor power

3 phase 0.75 kW

Outside dimension


Net weight


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Q:Is the absolute pressure or relative pressure measured by an oil pressure meter or a barometer?
Generally used for pressure gauge measurement equipment, pipeline and container on the device, whether the oil pressure gauge or pressure gauge, pressure is measured by the relative pressure is called working pressure, because the table inside and outside are under the atmospheric pressure, but is designed to measure the atmospheric pressure and gas pressure meter, it is absolute pressure test
Q:Why is the manifold pressure gauge called the manifold pressure gauge, not the air conditioning pressure gauge group?
The manifold pressure gauge is called the manifold pressure meter, which means it can measure the pressure of a plurality of pipes, and the manifold is the meaning of the manifold;Turn left and turn right |Manifold pressure gauge structure as shown, mainly by the high pressure meter, low pressure table, high pressure manual valve, low pressure manual valve, valve body and 3 hose joints. High and low pressure meters are used to detect the pressure at the high and low side of the refrigeration system. Low pressure side pressure gauge is used to display the pressure, are also used to show the degree of vacuum, vacuum pressure reading range is 0~0.101MPa, graduated from the beginning of 0, shock process is not less than 0.42MPa; the pressure range of pressure meter to measure the high side from the beginning of 0, the range of not less than 0.211MPa.
Q:When the pressure vessel is in hydraulic test, is the pressure gauge container good or the following?
The answer is: absolutely different!!Because all media have density p, and the pressure vessel exists in the upper and lower positions, there is a height difference h between the upper and lower positions, and G=p*g*h is obtained according to the density formulaTherefore, the two readings indicate that the values are inconsistent, but the pressure is greater and the height difference is small. This part of the pressure value can be neglected.
Q:What are the common measuring ranges of pressure gauges?
0.25mp, 0.6mp, 1.0mp, 1.6mp, 2.0MP, 2.5MP and so on. In order to ensure that the elastic element can work reliably in the safety range of the elastic deformation, the pressure gauge range is selected not only according to the measured pressure, but also should consider the measured pressure change rate, the range need to leave enough room for. When measuring the steady pressure, the maximum working pressure shall not exceed 2/3 of the measuring range; the pulsating pressure shall be measured; the maximum working pressure shall not exceed 1/2 of the measuring range; when measuring the high pressure, the maximum working pressure shall not exceed the 3/5 of the measuring range. In order to ensure the accuracy of measurement, the minimum operating pressure should not be less than 1/3 of the measuring range. According to this principle, according to the measured maximum pressure to calculate a value, from the pressure gauge product catalog select a little larger than the measurement range.The pressure gauge is divided into vacuum meter, pressure vacuum meter, micro pressure meter, low pressure meter, middle pressure meter and high voltage meter according to its measuring range. Used to measure the atmospheric pressure is less than the pressure value of the vacuum gauge; pressure vacuum gauge used to measure the atmospheric pressure is larger than the pressure value; micro pressure gauge for measuring the pressure value is less than 60000 Pa; low voltage meter for measuring 0~6MPa value of pressure; pressure meter for measuring 10~60MPa value of pressure; pressure gauge for measuring the pressure value of more than 100MPa.
Q:What is the maximum allowable error of a precision pressure gauge of 0.4? How to calculate?
The accuracy level of a pressure gauge is divided by the percentage of its allowable error to the dial scale value, and the greater the accuracy grade, the greater the allowable error limit for the dial scale. The greater the measuring range of the pressure gauge, the same accuracy level of the pressure gauge, the absolute value of the pressure measurement it allows, the greater the error.Often use the pressure gauge diameter of 60 precision grade 2.5, dial diameter phi 100/150 accuracy of 1.6, level 1, diaphragm pressure meter accuracy is 2.5 grade, precision pressure meter accuracy: 0.4, 0.25.Allowable error of pressure gauge = range X (+ precision level)Example: the error rating of a pressure gauge is 0.4, and the range is 1MpaAllowable error of pressure meter = range X (+ precision level) =1Mpa * + 0.4%= + 0.004Mpa
Q:Cutting acetylene bottles on how there are 2 pressure gauges, the general number of suitable adjustment
A high pressure is used to measure the acetylene pressure inside the tank (0~4MPa)A low pressure is used to measure the output pressure of acetylene (0~0.25MPa)How much is the general adjustment?
Q:What's the basis for the inspection of the safety accessories (safety valve and pressure gauge) of the simple pressure vessel?
(1) the maximum working pressure is greater than or equal to 0.1MPa; (note 1-2)(2) the product of work pressure and volume is greater than or equal to 2.5MPa = L; (note 1-3)(3) liquid containing gas, liquefied gas and the highest working temperature is higher than or equal to its standard boiling point.The accessories of the pressure vessel that meet the above requirements need to be checked.
Q:What kind of pressure gauges do you need for repairing refrigerators?
Maintenance of refrigerator needs with a minimum of 3 pressure gauge, 2 pieces of 2.4 kg, a 1.5 meter, pressure for a 6 tube 20-30 cm for the table header and good expansion valve, bell, head table valve is connected with the need to use teflon tape, tied to the wire head on and valve connection table header all together, even after looking for a 8 to 6 of the copper pipe welding, a set of tools to complete, maintenance of refrigerators need tools to cut, expander, welding, solder, sealing device, electronic scales, pressure gauge, fluoride bottles, evacuation tools, it is best to prepare some brass 6 and 8.
Q:What's the difference between the pressure gauge and the bellows pressure gauge?
Big differenceThe bellows gauge is only one of the pressure gaugesA pressure gauge is a general term
Q:Precision pressure gauge manufacturers can achieve precision 0.05 pressure gauges?
According to the JJG49-1999 spring tube precision pressure gauge and vacuum meter verification regulation, the accuracy degree of the pointer precision pressure gauge is:0.6, 0.4, 0.25, 0.1, 0.06The accuracy of the digital table is followed by 2.5, 1.6, 0.5, 0.4, 0.2, 0.1, 0.05

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