WDS Series Digital Display Type Electronic Universal Testing Machine (Single Arm Type

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Ⅰ、Main functions
  WDS series are suitable for tensile, compression, bending ,cutting shearing and tearing test of rubber, peeling and tearing,plastic, electrical wire and cable, composite, profiled bar, waterproof roll, etc. They are essential testing instruments for quality testing section, university and college, research institution and industrial and mining enterprise.
Ⅱ、Product features  
 This machine equips alternating servo motor for driving crossbeam and imported photoelectric encoder for displacement measure. The controller adopts flush type monolithic computer structure and is equipped multitask operating system and built-in powerful test control software, which includes the test system with measuring, controlling, calculating and saving functions.  This machine has the following performances: Automatically calculating stress, elongation rate, tensile strength and modulus of elasticity
;automatically preserving all of 16 groups testing data;automatically recording the value of extremal vertex, breakpoint, appointed value of force and elongation;testing result can be scanned by pages and printed;the third class purview management;real-time electronic clock, and automatically recording the testing date and time.

Ⅲ、Technical Specification:









Measuring range of testing force (kN)







Accuracy of testing force

±1% of indicated value

Resolusion of crosshead displacement Measurement

0.01 mm

Speed range of crossbeam

0.1 mm/min~500 mm/min,step less speed regulation and arbitrary setting

Effective testing space (mm)


Power supply



Working environment

10~30℃, relative humidity≦80%

Main configuration

Alternating servo motor and speed adjustment system, precision photoelectric encoder.

Imported servo motor and speed adjustment system, precision photoelectric encoder.

Overall dimension of host machine (mm)




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Q:Why is the stop valve in front of the pressure gauge?
Use the corresponding work pressure gate valve or ball valve
Q:Function of electric contact pressure gauge
Function of electric contact pressure gauge:The utility model is used for measuring the positive and negative pressure of the gas and liquid medium which does not corrode copper and copper alloy, and sends out signals when the pressure reaches a predetermined value, and the control circuit is switched on to achieve the purpose of automatic control of the alarm.Electrical contact signal pin in electric contact pressure gauge device, a permanent magnet can be adjusted, can increase the contact force, speed up the contact action, so that the contact reliability, eliminating the arc, can effectively avoid the instrument working environment due to frequent vibration or medium pressure pulsation caused by contact off. Therefore, the electric contact pressure gauge has the advantages of reliable operation, long service life and large power of the contact switch.
Q:Static pressure pipe pile construction, pile machine pressure meter reading how to convert to KN
The readings of each pile machine are different. This depends on the corresponding reference table provided when the pile driver leaves the factory. Like our pile machine is 800 tons, 1 MPa =16.4KN.
Q:How does the air conditioning pressure gauge add readings?
The scale on the meter is pressure. Through the pressure display, you can know the exhaust pressure of the compressor (high pressure) and the inlet pressure (low pressure), and judge whether the system is running properly, such as system congestion, refrigerant leakage and other faultsThere should be MPa (Zhao Pa) and bar (bar) on the table, which is the common pressure unit in china,0.1MPa = 1bar = 1 kg / cm2, kg / cm2 - this unit is not a statutory measure of the country and is not marked on the table, but we use it more orallyTake the common R22 refrigerant as an example, according to the different environment temperature, when the refrigeration system is working normally, the low voltage is generally at 3^6bar, and the high voltage is usually at 10^25bar.
Q:Precision pressure gauge manufacturers can achieve precision 0.05 pressure gauges?
Precision pressure gauge manufacturers can achieve accuracy of 0.05 pressure gauges.Accuracy class1. The accuracy level of the pressure gauge reflects the accuracy of the comparison between the check table and the precision meter. The indication value is close to the true value. It is equal to the percentage of the maximum absolute error and the upper limit of the measurement limit, which is determined by the magnitude of the error in the calibration.2, China's general industrial pressure meter is divided into 4 accuracy levels, in line with JJG52-1999 "Bourdon tube general pressure gauge, pressure vacuum table and vacuum meter" verification regulations, the pressure table prepared by the allowable error. These 4 levels of accuracy are: 1, 1.6, 2.5, and 4. Allowable error (calculated according to the percentage of the upper limit of measurement) is 1%, 1.6%, 2.5%, 4%, respectively.3, China 2005 new digital pressure gauge verification regulations promulgated and implemented, in line with JJG875-2005 "digital pressure gauge verification regulations.". The accuracy of the pressure is respectively 0.01%, 1.6%, 0.02%, 0.05%, 0.1%, 0.2%, 0.5%, 1%, and so on.4, the method of selecting the accuracy level of the pressure gauge should be based on the requirements of the production process, economic, practical and testing methods, and the accuracy grade should be chosen according to the allowable error of the minimum value of the measured pressure.
Q:What oil is the oil in the shock pressure table?
There are two kinds of oil in the pressure gaugeGlycerol: mainly seismic actionSilicone oil: it is also earthquake resistant, but silicone oil is more resistant to low temperature than glycerin. If it is 0 degrees outside, it will crystallize 20 times. Silicone oil also allows the instrument to work properly.
Q:What do you think of the air conditioner liquid pressure gauge? How much pressure does it add?
Pressure gauge installed in the liquid inlet and gas tank in the middle, the specific pressure forgotten, and did not go for a long time, it seems to be 2.8, I can not remember
Q:What are the black pointers and red pointers in the gas pressure meter? How do you read them?
Black pointer is pressure readings (direct reading), red needle is to adjust the lower limit pressure for action.Double needle pressure gauge is mainly used for vehicle are used to measure the hydraulic system or gas cylinder pressure, can also be used without corrosion to copper tin alloy, Aluminum Alloy brazing, pressure measuring various medium non crystallization and solidification of the. The twin needle pressure gauges can simultaneously measure the pressure of two identical or different ones (the difference generally should not be greater than the limit of 1/3 in the scale range).Principle: the instrument consists of two sets of independent measuring systems and indicating devices.The instrument works based on the elastic deformation of the spring element (the spring tube in the measuring system). The pressure of the measured medium, so that at the end of two after the spring tube of each corresponding displacement, with the help of the rod drive gear transmission and amplification by the fixed gear shaft of the black and red pointer of the two measured values respectively in the disc of show.
Q:What do you mean by a pressure meter attached to a LP valve?
This table is the pressure gauge, is to show the gas cylinder gas into the valve when the pressure, the general can probably display of remaining amount of gas within the cylinder; at the same time also can be connected to the gas cylinders used to detect out there is no leakage.With the table type valve is usually the manufacturers in order to meet the needs of the consumers of the product, but with the table type valve to leak one more chance, if the quality is not good, especially the pressure relief valve spring quality is poor, the use is not only safe, is more like a time bomb, when threaten our lives so, try to use the valve function less, this is the most secure.
Q:What does the pressure gauge "radial back" and "axial front" mean? What's the side of the ordinary pressure gauge?
The radial pressure interface is parallel to the dial of the pressure gauge, i.e., the pressure port is below the dial,The axial pressure interface is parallel to the center axis of the dial of the pressure gauge, i.e., the pressure port is behind the dial,A pressure gauge is usually a flat cylinder,"With the front" means the mounting edge is in the front. After installation, the pressure surface is close to the instrument panel and embedded."Behind" refers to the mounting edge at the back. After installation, the pressure surface protrudes from the thickness of a gauge on the instrument panel.

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