YAW Series Computer Control Electro-hydraulic Compression Testing Machine

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Main functions
This series are used for compressive strength test of building materials, such as the specimen and component of cement, concrete and so on. Equipped with special auxiliaries, it can be used for bending resistant test of building materials and compression resistant test of red bricks. We can evaluate result parameters stated in related standards. They are perfect testing instrument for building project detection department, quality testing section, universities and colleges, research institution and industrial and mining enterprise.
Product features
Host machine is with double column type, which make the conformation compact and arrangement reasonable.
Adopt precise electro-hydraulic servo proportional valve. The speed is fast and the controlling accuracy is high.
Mechanic limit pistons protection assures the safety of testing.
Setup overload  protection which acn stop automatically,when
the load exceeds the maximum by 2-5%.
Controlling system
This machine is with digital and multi-channel loop of measuring and controlling system. It adopts force closed loop control technique and has the function of constant stress loading and load keeping. Loading speed can be arbitrarily set and the testing curves can be real time displayed.
Characteristics of software

The software integrate bending resistant test and compression resistant test procedure , such as bricks, cement, concrete and mortar.
The software divide testing procedure as follows: tile compression resistant executive program(GB13544—2000), cement compression resistant testing program (GB17671—1999), concrete specimen testing program(GB/T5001—2002)and mortar testing program(GB170—90).      
There is no subsection in all process. (Or classify according to the requirements of customers.)
Complete test in batch automatically and adjust breaking of specimen.
Windows Style can be controlled by human or computer.It is easy to manage and control,collect and calculate.
Record and save testing datas automatically.

Main Technical Specifications






Measuring range of






Accuracy of testing force


Subsection of force


Accuracy of constant



Loading speed(kn/s


Accuracy of

loading speed


Upper platen size  (mm)





Lower platen size  (mm)





Distance between two

platens (mm)





Maximum piston

stroke (mm)





Power supply


Working environment

10~30℃, relative humidity≤80%

Shape of machine

Double column

Large space, Double column

Overall dimension(mm

Host machine













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Q:What are the problems with the pressure meter?What are the good solutions to these problems in the pressure gauge?
As everyone knows the main parts are made by pressure gauge, Bourdon tube, joint movement, the working principle of instruments is deformed by a spring pipe core (gear fan gear and drives the pointer in the dial Center) version of the show on the measured medium pressure, pressure gauge welding mainly lead zinc silver welding, argon welding. Arc welding, special welding and so on, the instrument clarinet is 100 thousand times the normal working pressure gauge the problems in the process of using zhongchanghui,1. instrument pointer because the measured medium instantaneous pulse increases, the pointer to the file below,2. instrument pointer, after the pipeline or equipment is unloaded, it will not be zero,3. additionally, the instrument fan teeth will wear out after working for a period of time,The movement of the instrument is the heart part of the pressure gauge. More than 80% of the instrument damage is caused by the damage of the movement, and the instrument can not be used. Now, I solve the problem of instrument jump by adding the spacing nail between the existing movement,4. plus isolation chip to solve the problem of instrument not return to zero5., from the fan type tooth widening, to solve the instrument contact surface, wear resistance, in order to achieve service life extension function
Q:The water remote pressure gauge hands swing frequently do?
1, pointer rotation slow or jitterReason:1, the transmission parts of the clearance is too small, the transmission is not flexible, increase the gap, or add a little Watch Oil2, moving parts between the active parts of fouling, transmission is not working, cleaning, rust removal, in addition to dirt or replacement transmission3, the free end and connecting rod connection is not flexible, adjust the connection mode until flexible4, the pointer with the dial, table cover friction, correct the pointer, thicken the glass lining below2, the needle rotation is not smoothReason:1 、 the sector gear tilts to correct or replace the gear2, the needle axis bending, straightening needle axis3, plywood bending, correcting the flatness of plywood4, the pillar tilts, causes the upper and lower plywood not to parallel, correct the strut, the addition and subtraction washer, causes the splint parallel3, pointer jitter bigReason:1, measured medium pressure fluctuations, close the valve opening2, the gear is not good, adjust the gear with the state3, the needle sleeve and shaft coordination is not good, adjust repair pointer sleeve and shaft clearance gap
Q:Construction drawings marked life water supply, fire water supply test pressure value of 0.6 and 1.4, respectively, what kind of pressure meter should I choose?
Selection of measuring range1 when measuring the steady pressure, the normal operating pressure shall be 1/3 2/3 of the upper limit of the measuring range of the instrument,2 when measuring the fluctuating pressure (such as the pressure at the outlet of pumps, compressors and fans), the normal operating pressure shall be1/3~1/2 of upper limit of instrument measuring rangeGeneral measurement of pressure gauges, diaphragm pressure gauges and diaphragm pressure gauges should be selected 1.5 or 2.5. level. Pressure gauges for precision measurement shall be of class 0.4, class 0.25 or class 0.16.
Q:Can you use the precision pressure gauge of level 0.25, measuring range (0~10) and MPa to verify the general pressure gauge of level 1, measuring range (0~6) MPa? Why?
There is no problem with the standard meter. The measuring instrument should use a 0.05 stage piston pressure gauge
Q:What does "MPa" on the pressure gauge mean?
Commonly used in engineering is MPa (MPa): 1MPa=1000000Pa.
Q:Pressure meter return error definition
Pressure meter return error: under the same conditions, the measured value is constant, the measuring instrument travel direction is different, the absolute value of the difference of its indication value. Note: return error is also called lag error."The return error" and "dead zone": JJF1001 "general terms and definitions for measurement", the term "no return error", but in 7.13 another definition of the term "dead zone" to describe "causing maximum variable interval dynamic measuring instrument in response to changing incentives". Therefore, return error is an index to measure the response characteristics of equipment".Does the return error accumulate? Take the positive and negative rotation of the motor as an example, the return error of the transmission mechanism should not be accumulated once and for all. In other words, back and forth movement many times, return error or fixed interval, does not increase.Application in the motor: the motor itself is no return error, how much encoder reads, how many pulses the stepper motor turns, and the servo system is usually higher than the stepper motor accuracy. The return error is generated by the drive mechanism, such as the screw rod connected on the output shaft of the motor. Therefore, the servo system can accurately control the motor, can't handle the return error. Therefore, the zero bit switch can eliminate zero return error in the course of motion, in addition to the zero power seeking of the incremental encoder. Even if the absolute encoder does not require power on and zero, the photoelectric switch can also be used to eliminate the return error. When there is no return error in the direction of return, it is necessary to set a zero position switch at both ends, so that the motor is backward to zero in this direction, and then the zero is used to measure the movement displacement.
Q:Why is the manifold pressure gauge called the manifold pressure gauge, not the air conditioning pressure gauge group?
Manifold pressure gauge, "with the meaning of manifold"Why not air conditioning pressure gauge group, is the habit, the public, there is no reason.
Q:Pressure gauges M20*1.5, M14*1.5 need to be equipped with DN how many valves, and pressure gauges, elbow and connector specifications, models
There is a special pressure gauge switch. With M20 * 1.5, M14 * 1.5, it can be easily matched.
Q:What is a negative pressure gauge?
Vacuum table, negative pressure use
Q:What does the belt stop of the pressure gauge mean?
The pin is generally used as a pressure gauge without negative pressure, and the stop pin is the zero of the pressure gauge. At this time, the pointer can not deflect below zero, and it can reduce the probability of damage to the pressure gauge.

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