WE-A Series Dial Type Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

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Product Description:

、Main functions  
This series machines are mainly designed for tension, compression, bending and cutting test of metal materials and meet with the requirements of GB/T228-2002”Metallic materials-Tensile testing at room temperature”. This machine is also used for compression and bending test of nonmetal materials, such as cement, concrete and so on. Equipping with special auxiliaries, it can be used for mechanical property testing of fastener, wire rope and components. They are ideal testing instrument for project quality testing section, university and college, research institution and industrial and mining enterprise.
、Product features  
1. This machine adopts oil cylinder overhead (underneath) type structure, hydraulic load, hydraulic or manually clamping specimen.
2. The main machine is separated with ergo meter, connected by high-pressure oil pipe and wire,avoiding the influence of ergo meter degree when the specimen is breaking, which makes the value accurate.  
3. Testing force indicator dial adopts closed type, which makes scale clear.
4. Loading speed indicator makes operation more convenient. It has three kinds speed: 0.4 rotor/min, 0.8rotor/min and 2rotor/min.
5. Automatic tracer is installed upright of ergo meter shell and can magnify the straining original shape by 2 or 4 times according to the requirements of test.  
、Product catalogue  
WE-A    Oil cylinder overhead type
WE      Oil cylinder underneath type    Displacement of beams  
WE-B    Oil cylinder underneath type    Displacement of chain
、Technical specifications:






Maximum force(kN





Measuring range and minimum scale (scl.)

0-20kN  0.04kN/scl.

0-50kN  0.1kN/scl.

0-100kN 0.2kN/scl.

0-60kN 0.2kN/scl.

0-150kN 0.5kN/scl.

0-300kN 1.5kN/scl.

0-120kN 0.5kN/scl.

0-300kN 1kN/scl.

0-600kN 2kN/scl.

0-200kN 0.5kN/scl.

0-500kN 1kN/scl.

0-1000kN 2kN/scl.

Accuracy of testing force

±1% of indicated value

Deformation zoom factor of tracing device

2:1 OR 4:1

Clamping diameter for round specimen (mm)





Clamping Thickness of flat specimen(㎜)





Maximum clamping width of flat specimen





Testing space(㎜)











Platen size(㎜)





Distance of bending by pass roll(㎜)





Piston stroke(㎜)


Power supply


Working environment

10~30℃, relative humidity≤80%

Overall dimension (L×W×H)(㎜)

Host machine





Ergo meter







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Q:What will happen to the calibration process if the calibrator of the pressure gauge is not clean?
Because the air is compressible, the hydraulic device check if there are a lot of air, the number of hydraulic oil every pressure signal needs to inject the high pressure chamber is bigger, the exhaust is actually check as far as possible before the hydraulic oil filled pressure chamber, to reduce the need to check the injection quantity. In the case of more air, the screw type pressure generating device may not travel enough, need to play more than a few times, other pressure generating devices also need to operate more than a few times.If there is a small amount of air in the hydraulic device, the pressure of the air will be more stable because of the cushion of the air.
Q:What's the difference between radial pressure gauges and axial pressure gauges? Which one has the best edges?
In the case of installation, the center line and the surface of the joint are vertical, while the center of the joint and the surface of the joint are horizontal! There are three kinds of edges, the front, the middle, and the back! Both axial and radial edges can be used as customer requirements and installation occasions!
Q:The difference between pressure transmitter and remote pressure gauge
The remote pressure gauge is suitable for measuring the pressure of liquid, steam and gas which can not corrode the steel and copper alloy.The instrument is provided with a slide line resistance transmitter, the measured value to the value of electricity to two meters away from the measuring point, to realize centralized monitoring and remote control, the instrument can also indicate the pressure, in order to facilitate the on-site process inspection.The meter consists of a spring tube, a pressure gauge, a slide wire, a resistance transmitter, etc..The function principle of the mechanical part of the remote pressure gauge is the same as that of the common spring tube pressure gauge.Because the resistance transmitter is arranged on the gear drive, so when the fan gear shaft gear transmission mechanism of deflection, rotating arm resistance transmitter (brush) corresponding to the deflection due to sliding on the resistor, brush, change make the changes in the measured value of pressure change as the resistance value, and to the two instrument, indicating a corresponding reading value. At the same time, the primary instrument also indicates the corresponding pressure value.Two kinds of pressure transmitter pressure of the measured medium into high and low pressure chamber two, role in the delta element (i.e. sensitive element) on both sides of the diaphragm, by filling liquid on both sides is transmitted to the measuring diaphragm and the element in isolation. Measure the electrodes on the diaphragm and the insulation plate on both sides to form a 4-20mA standard signal output by the capacitor and send it to the program control system.
Q:Why should I add a plug valve before the pressure gauge?
Reason:Plug valve can make rapid and accurate judgment on the valve position, to gauge the accuracy of online judgment; pressure gauge of online check online, pressure gauge valve shut automatically removed when the pressure signal buffer and cooling pressure gauge.Plug valve working principle:A valve with a through hole stopper as the opening and closing member. The plug body rotates with the valve stem to realize the opening and closing action. Small no filler plug, also known as "cock cock". The plug of the plug valve is mostly a cone (also has a cylinder), and the cone hole surface of the valve body is matched to form a sealing pair. Plug valve is the earliest use of a valve, simple structure, fast switching, fluid resistance is small. General plug valve seal by direct contact with the finishing of the metal plug body and the body, so the poor sealing, opening and closing force, easy to wear, usually only for low (no higher than 1 MPa) and small diameter (less than 100 mm).
Q:Seismic pressure gauge compared with ordinary pressure is what, what is the scope of application
Ordinary pressure gauges are suitable for measuring the pressure and vacuum of liquids, gases, or vapors that are free of explosion, crystallization, solidification, and corrosion of copper and copper alloys.Vibration proof pressure gauge is widely used in machinery, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, electricity and other sectors, measurement of non corrosive medium on copper and copper alloy pressure.Seismic pressure gauge pressure gauge has the advantages compared with ordinary:The utility model is suitable for the environment violent vibration places, and can withstand the pulsation of the medium, the impact and the sudden unloading, and the instrument indication is stable and clear.
Q:Band sawing machines sometimes fail to rise, sometimes very slowly, and sometimes pressure gauges have no pressure
For many reasons, there may be oil change or insert the owl problem, to find the best manufacturers see sawing machine.
Q:Seismic pressure gauge how gas?
Generally do not recommend their refueling. First of all, to check that the oil leak there, only the oil spill point can be solved again, do not solve, plus the leak. Say you add what kind of oil, general manufacturers have silicone oil (silicone oil has a variety of specifications), some glycerin, if two kinds of oil mix is more trouble, affect observation pressure. It is recommended to be returned to the manufacturer for repair.
Q:What's the cylinder pressure gauge for?
Measure cylinder pressure, use engine cylinder pressure value to judge engine problem
Q:What is the coefficient of error for the 2.5 grade pressure meter?
According to the "JJG52-1999 general pressure gauge, vacuum pressure gauge, vacuum meter" verification regulation, the maximum allowable error of the pressure gauge is the upper limit of the measurement times the pressure gauge class percentage (i. e. the upper limit * 2.5%)
Q:How many degrees above is the high temperature pressure gauge?
Generally more than 200 degrees, we do meters, basically to 200 degrees for the world

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