WE Series Dial Type Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

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Product Description:

Main functions  
This series machines are mainly designed for tension, compression, bending and cutting test of metal materials and meet with the requirements of GB/T228-2002”Metallic materials-Tensile testing at room temperature”. This machine is also used for compression and bending test of nonmetal materials, such as cement, concrete and so on. Equipping with special auxiliaries, it can be used for mechanical property testing of fastener, wire rope and components. They are ideal testing instrument for project quality testing section, university and college, research institution and industrial and mining enterprise.
  Product features  
1. This machine adopts oil cylinder overhead (underneath) type structure, hydraulic load, hydraulic or manually clamping specimen.
2. The main machine is separated with ergo meter, connected by high-pressure oil pipe and wire,avoiding the influence of ergo meter degree when the specimen is breaking, which makes the value accurate.  
3. Testing force indicator dial adopts closed type, which makes scale clear.
4. Loading speed indicator makes operation more convenient. It has three kinds speed: 0.4 rotor/min, 0.8rotor/min and 2rotor/min.
5. Automatic tracer is installed upright of ergo meter shell and can magnify the straining original shape by 2 or 4 times according to the requirements of test.  
、Product catalogue  
WE-A    Oil cylinder overhead type
WE      Oil cylinder underneath type    Displacement of beams  
WE-B    Oil cylinder underneath type    Displacement of chain
、Technical specifications:









Measuring range andminimum scale (scl.)

0-20kN 0.04kN/ scl.

0-50kN  0.1kN/ scl.

0-100kN 0.2kN/ scl.

0-60kN   0.2kN/ scl.

0-150kN 0.5kN/ scl.

0-300kN 1.5kN/ scl.

0-120kN 0.5kN/ scl.

0-300kN 1kN/ scl.

0-600kN 2kN scl.

0-200kN 1kN/ scl.

0-500kN 2kN/ scl.

0-1000kN 5kN/ scl.

Accuracy of testing force


Deformation zoom factor of tracing device


Thickness of flat specimen(mm)





Maximum clamping width of flat specimen






Testing space


















Clamping diameter for round specimen (mm)






Platen size(mm)








Distance of bending by pass roll(mm)








Maximum piston stroke(mm)


250(B type:150)

Power supply


Working environment

10~30℃, relative humidity≤80%

Overall dimension (L×W×H)(㎜)

Host machine




B type host machine





Ergo meter










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Q:The water pump's pressure gauge has 3 hands. What are they respectively?
[1] the pump pressure gauge has 3 hands, the pressure gauge should be electric contact pressure gauge. A needle is indicative of the pressure gauge pressure and electric contact point is a public, upper limit of electrical contacts, for the limit of the alarm or control, one is the lower limit of contact for alarm or control.[2]: water pump is the motive of the mechanical energy to become liquid to the machine and liquid energy, is a device used to move liquids, gases or special fluid medium, the pumps in use can be classified into the pump, circulating pump, fire pump, pressure test pump, sewage pump; according to the industry classification can be divided into oil pump, pump, chemical pump, metallurgy, mining and other fishing pump pump; according to the principle of classification can be divided into reciprocating pump, plunger pump, piston pump, diaphragm pump, rotor pump; according to the classification of medium can be divided into water pump, sewage pump, water pump, water pump, oil pump etc.. Water pumps are widely used in shipbuilding, oil production, heavy load machines and so on. Under the permission of the geographical environment, the water pump shall be as close as possible to the water source to reduce the length of the suction pipe.
Q:What is oil immersion pressure gauge?
An oil pressure gauge is a pressure gauge that is filled with a damping fluid (usually silicone or glycerin) in the case. Also called proof pressure gauge is suitable for environmental vibration places and medium pressure pulsation larger occasions.
Q:Fire hydrant pump, spray pump, starting pump, pressure gauge and spray pump, pressure switch is how to wiring?
The pressure gauge doesn't seem to be connected.It is a pressure switch switch, the 24V is introduced into the pressure switch, and then come out from the other end, connected to the 24V relay 13 feet, the negative 24V connected to the 24V relay 14 feet (13, 14, and then put on) a pair of normal relay contact is connected with the pump start line can be strong.
Q:How to check the fire valve pressure gauge as normal?
The pointer is normal in the green area!"Building regulations": hydrant mouth pressure should not be greater than 0.8MPa; the water pressure is not greater than 0.5MPa; the "high regulation": the building height of not more than 100 meters, the most unfavorable pressure should not be less than 0.07MPa; more than 100 meters should not be less than 0.15MPa; the water gun full water column general building should not be less than 7 meters, a and B class of workshop, more than 4 layers of workshop and warehouse, and high-rise building multi-storey buildings and buildings more than 6 storeys height of not more than 100 meters should not be less than 10 meters, high-rise buildings should not be less than 13 metres.Spray system is: the worst point of the system, the work pressure should not be less than 0.05MPaSome people love to see the fire pump room pressure, the pressure must be large, the requirements are not less than those of numerical pressure above the highest point on the line, a building with a fire hydrant with a pressure gauge, you see that the pressure gauge on the line. Spray, you go to the top end of the test water pressure gauge on the line.
Q:What are the requirements of the gas pressure test for the pressure gauge?
The maximum pressure shall not exceed the upper limit of the pressure gauge, preferably at the 2/3 position, and the measurement accuracy is relatively high. If the production needs to be calibrated by the technical measurement Institute, the validity shall be used within the period of validity. The watch list is better. The dial is larger. It looks clearer.
Q:What does the condensing pressure gauge in the refrigeration system measure?
Condensate pressure gauge condensing pressure measured by the condenser, the condensation pressure can check the condensate saturation temperature, condensation temperature - saturation temperature before throttling (cloth line system temperature) = supercooling degree, calculate the degree of supercooling is appropriate.At the same time, through the condensation temperature, the pressure is normal, taking into account the different temperature, the pressure should be also different, the condensation pressure is too high, can be said to be too much or not enough refrigerant condenser (considering the design), or a condenser outside of the room is dirty, the motor speed is low (considering maintenance), the condensing pressure is mainly to see whether the pressure is too low, you can calculate the degree of supercooling, there is no reasonable use of condenser;
Q:Is the gasket sealed at the pressure gauge connection?
Encryption pads are required, as well as encrypted sealing rings or raw tape.The rubber gasket is a self expanding sealing gasket, belonging to the sealing component of the pipeline. The gasket is composed of an outer ring, the middle ring and the inner ring expansion of three parts; the outer ring and the inner ring is generally elastic sealing ring, the middle ring at the center of a ring on both sides of the bubble structure, hollow ring, outer ring seal ring outer ring and the inner side of the opening; the inner ring is divided into two parts installed in the middle, inside and outside the ring structure of the global expansion.Rubber gasket is also very extensive use, we usually drink drink cover, there are a layer of rubber pad, that is used to seal the use of this to isolate the flow of air from the outside. The working principle of the machine is static and dynamic. In short, are used to carry out isolation from the outside world or a place, the work principle of the gasket is also very simple, it can be said that there is no too many principles, that is, isolation.
Q:What is the PSJ of the pressure gauge?
PSJ is the nominal pressure of a watch
Q:Why is the manifold pressure gauge called the manifold pressure gauge, not the air conditioning pressure gauge group?
Manifold pressure gauge, "with the meaning of manifold"Why not air conditioning pressure gauge group, is the habit, the public, there is no reason.
Q:Is the pressure meter the same as the pressure meter?
Generally, the pressure gauges are relative to the atmospheric pressure, so the pressure difference meter is also used. There is very little comparison between meter and absolute vacuum, do you think so?

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