Full-automatic pressure testing machine

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Product Description:

The testing machine is mainly used for brick, stone, cement, concrete and other building materials, compressive strength test.

Production Summary:

300kN/10kN Full-automatic resist bending compression testing machine is mainly used for brick, stone,

cement, concrete and other building materials, compressive strength test.

Hydraulic System:

The hydraulic oil tank driven by high-pressure pump into the motor oil, flows through the unidirectional valve,

high pressure filter, pressure valve, servo valve, into the cylinder.Computer control signals to the servo valve.

Control direction and opening of the servo valve ,to control the flow into the cylinder,achieve constant test

force control.

Control System:

System including digital servo valve, high-precision sensors, controllers and software, high control precision

and reliability.Meet GB, ISO, ASTM and other standards for cement, mortar, concrete and other materials

testing requirements.

System Has The Following Functions:

Closed-loop control with force;

Can achieved constant  loading rate or constant stress loading rate;

Adopt computer for electronic measurement, automatic test;

Computer automatically calculates the results and print reports.picture 1 picture 2

Test reports can be to self-design and exported to Excel  picture 3

Safety Protection Device:

When the test force more than 3% of the maximum test force, the overload protection, oil pump motor shut down.

Main Performance Technical Specification:


HZ-008 Full-automatic resist bending compression testing machine

Max load


Test force measuring range


Test force showed the relative error

≤indicating value±1%

Test force resolution


Hydraulic pump rated pressure

25 MPa

Loading rate


Error loading speed


Pump rated flow


Upper and lower bearing plate size


Maximum distance between the upper and lower plate


Piston diameter


Piston stroke


Motor power

3 phase  0.75 kW

Outside dimension




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Q:Static pressure pipe pile construction, pile machine pressure meter reading how to convert to KN
Static pressure pipe pile construction, the pile machine pressure meter reflects the horizontal bar pressure value (MPa), and the relationship between its pressure and pressure (KN) is related to the parameters of each cylinder.Hydraulic press pile machine press force and pressure meter reading conversion type is as follows:F=2PS+GType: F--------- press in force;P--------- pressure meter reading;S--------- press down the piston area of the cylinder;G--------- chucks, cylinders, plungers, and three weights of the pile driver
Q:How to connect the household air conditioner pressure gauge?
1) check the temperature and condensation of the liquid supply pipe and the return air pipe. Start the air conditioning operation 20min in the cooling case, if the outdoor unit valve and return pipe of condensation, touch the return pipe temperature was lower than the liquid supply tube temperature of the refrigerant in the system that is sufficient, the normal operation of air conditioning. One of the following circumstances, is that: the lack of refrigeration liquid supply tube condensation return pipe without dew; the liquid supply pipe and a liquid supply tube frosting; no dew public cold, back to the trachea is cool; the liquid supply pipe and gas tubes are not cool. (2) measure the pressure at the return valve. The pressure gauge is connected to the liquid air pressure angle valve, low pressure measured during operation, under normal circumstances, when the environment temperature is 30 degrees Celsius, low pressure cooling operation for 0.45~0.55Mpa heat pump type air conditioner should be 1.8Mpa in the heating operation, if less than the pressure, the shortage of refrigerant. The lower the pressure, the greater the leakage. If no pressure, then the refrigerant has leaked.(3) nitrogen pressure (filling 1.5Mpa nitrogen), four joint observation of two connecting pipes, gas valve stem, part of the liquid inlet and whether the oil spill that traces of oil.(4) use the tester to find out the general part of the leak, and then spread it on soapy water. If there is a bubble, it is the leak point.(5) the leak detection of the indoor unit and the connecting pipe of the heat pump type air conditioner shall be carried out under the condition of heating operation, because the inspected part is in a high pressure state at this time, and it is easier to find the leak point.
Q:The structure and working principle of the membrane box of the membrane pressure gauge?
Structure of membrane pressure gaugeThis instrument consists of measuring system (including joint, bellows etc.), transmission mechanism (gear drive mechanism comprises a pull rod mechanism), indicating part (including pointer and dial) and the shell (including watchcase, ring and table glass). The working principle of the instrument is based on the bellows pressure of the measured medium, the free end of corresponding elastic deformation of the transmission gear transmission and amplification, the pointer is fixed on the gear shaft by the measured values indicated in the table. There is also a zero adjustment device that allows easy adjustment of the zero position.The working principle of membrane pressure gaugeBy measuring the pressure of medium from the joint into the membrane box inner membrane box free end pressure and displacement, drive the movement gear to rotate through the connecting rod mechanism, another pointer to indicate the pressure value indicated on the dial.The bellows pressure meter mainly consists of a joint, a watch case, a film box, a connecting rod, a movement, a pointer and a dial plate.Main parameters of bellows pressure gauge;1, 60, Phi Phi dial diameter: 75, 100, 150, Phi phi;2, accuracy level: 1. Level 6; 2. 5 stage;3, range: 0 to 1.6; 0 to 2.5; 0~6; 0~16; 0~25; 0~40; -4 to 0; -6 to 0; -10 to 0; -16 to 0; -25 to 0; -40 to 0-2 to 2; -3 to 3; to 12; -5 to 0~4; -12 to 5; -8 to 8; to;-20 to 20Kpa;4. The film box, elastic element and joint body are made of copper alloy and stainless steel 316.5. The structure of diaphragm pressure gauge: radial direct installation type, axial direct installation type, axial belt front mounting type, axial clamp type and so on;
Q:The gas pressure reducer has two measuring ranges, one big and one small pressure gauges. What's the function of each? What's the meaning of a red line on some pressure gauges?
The big one refers to the bottle pressure, that is to say, the inlet pressureSmall refers to the pressure of the outlet after decompression
Q:How to choose a pressure gauge?
The first is selected according to the type of environmental characteristics, such as whether the need of explosion-proof, and then select the range, the general scale selection principle is that the pointer under normal pressure, shown in the 2/3 position is appropriate, margin; according to the actual demand, choose the suitable range of precision; the interface is needless to say. Good luck!
Q:Will the air compressor inspection (pressure gauge, safety valve, gas tank) is where to go to detect, how much is the approximate cost?
The pressure gauge should go to the metering station, the safety valve, the storage tank to the boiler inspection office or the special inspection office, the cost is not high
Q:Pointer form of pressure gauge, with digital pressure meter, advantages and disadvantages?
1 pointers are generally cheap, digital display is generally expensive.2 pointer is simple, more convenient operation, digital display is a little troublesome.3 pointer is not accurate digital display, sensitivity will certainly be different.4 pointer, I do not know whether you can bring DC4-20MA or RS485, it should be no, digital display can bring these functions, networking.
Q:What are the black pointers and red pointers in the gas pressure meter? How do you read them?
Black pointer is pressure readings (direct reading), red needle is to adjust the lower limit pressure for action.Double needle pressure gauge is mainly used for vehicle are used to measure the hydraulic system or gas cylinder pressure, can also be used without corrosion to copper tin alloy, Aluminum Alloy brazing, pressure measuring various medium non crystallization and solidification of the. The twin needle pressure gauges can simultaneously measure the pressure of two identical or different ones (the difference generally should not be greater than the limit of 1/3 in the scale range).Principle: the instrument consists of two sets of independent measuring systems and indicating devices.The instrument works based on the elastic deformation of the spring element (the spring tube in the measuring system). The pressure of the measured medium, so that at the end of two after the spring tube of each corresponding displacement, with the help of the rod drive gear transmission and amplification by the fixed gear shaft of the black and red pointer of the two measured values respectively in the disc of show.
Q:No pressure gauge. How do you see the air conditioner plus fluorine?
The night air drying bottle of automotive air conditioning, you can be judged according to the night vision empty, you hit the engine when the normal operation of the machine, to observe if there are bubbles empty night vision is not enough, if there is no bubbles, then turn off the machine to observe it will take 5-10 seconds of air bubbles, so in this case the Freon is enough, don't waste things. The simplest is to have you feeling cold enough on the OK - _-!I have learned, understand, doubt the answer, you can fix the car that ask.
Q:What is a negative pressure gauge?
The negative pressure gauge should be another name for the vacuum meterVacuum meter: Instrument Based on atmospheric pressure for measuring less than atmospheric pressure.

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