Earth Pressure Transducer

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Q:What's the difference between an air flow meter and an intake pressure sensor?
The EFI engine has two kinds, one is L type (air flow meter) D (air pressure sensor) air flowmeter is direct detection of air intake, the intake pressure sensor is the indirect calculation of air intake, air flow meter installed in front of solar term intake pressure sensor, mounted on the rear door behind the change of solar term, vacuum to calculate the intake air quantity through the opening size of the solar term, solar term door opening rear vacuum small. The throttle valve has a small opening and a large degree of vacuum behind it. The intake pressure sensor has a resistance, capacitance, and resistance.
Q:I want to find a pressure sensor that can be placed in the mold cavity, in addition to Kistler 6183AE, whether there are other similar products? What's the price?
Kulite pressure sensors can be used. The brand's part of micro probe pressure sensors, such as the XCQ-062 and XCQ-080 series, are small in size and only 1.6mm in diameter. It's not as big as a match.
Q:Where is the oil pressure sensor?
Usually in the oil filter block seat next to.
Q:Is the pressure sensor directly connected to the 24V at both ends damaging?
I don't understand what you're saying The pressure sensor outside of the general should have three terminals, a negative and a control signal line, if the pressure sensor voltage range is 24V to you, then you pick up 24V is not what the problem is, when you need to watch your positive output of the pressure sensor is still negative output.I hope my answer will help you
Q:How does the PLC collect the pressure measured by the pressure sensor and how to display the pressure curve through the touch screen?
The sensor is measured (pressure, temperature, velocity, position, etc.) can be used to convert the signal (voltage, current, resistance, electromagnetic etc.) a device, PLC analog inputs only accept standard signal (0-5V DC voltage is 4-20mA DC analog, analog). So and PLC with the use of sensor must be converted into a standard signal to the PLC, this is the transmitter, it is can be converted into a standard signal sensor. So that the signal is collected by the transmitter to PLC, said, PLC is the standard signal to analog signal, and PLC is an electronic chip, is a member in the computer family, and it is the same computer, digital signal processing, is 0, 1 code. So it needs to be input from its A-D module (analog input) into the amount of digital data that it can accept. It is the output of the digital quantity, and displayed on the display screen is the need for analog, so we must through its D-A module (analog output) output to the screen to display, and the input is actually a reverse process, only with different components, functions, the real PLC is a hub. Control center. These are PLC analog input and output processing, digital quantity (switch), for it is very good appetite, and no conversion, direct processing on the line. PLC involves many things (electronic, electrical, motor, servo control, detection, etc.), it is intelligent things, use involves setting or programming (main control computer, control software, communication, PLC, inverter, touch screen) where there are many, you may say these be clear about it, hoping to help you.
Q:Careful not to pierce the pressure hole, the pressure sensor can continue to use?
No, you can't punch the pressure hole of the pressure transmitter with sharp things like screwdrivers! It will pierce the corrugated diaphragm, sensor lead to leakage of silicone oil directly damage the sensor. Suggest you buy a new one. Wuhan pine Electric is glad to help
Q:Application fields of pressure sensors
Pressure sensor is one of the most common sensors in industrial practice, and the pressure sensors we usually use are mainly made of piezoelectric effect. Such sensors are also called piezoelectric sensors. We know that the crystals are anisotropic and the crystals are isotropic. Some crystals of medium, when along a certain direction by mechanical force deformation, produces polarization effect; when the mechanical force is removed, will return to the neutral state, when it is under pressure, some crystals may produce electricity effect, this is the so-called polarization effect. Scientists have developed a pressure sensor based on this effect. Piezoelectric materials mainly used in piezoelectric sensors include quartz, potassium tartrate, sodium salt and phosphoric acid two hydrogen amine. The quartz (silica) is a kind of natural crystal, piezoelectric effect in the crystal is found in, in a certain temperature range, the piezoelectric properties has always been there, but after the temperature exceeds this range, the piezoelectric properties disappear completely (the high temperature is the so-called "Curie point").
Q:The Audi A6 intake pressure sensors are installed there
Installed in front of the throttle intake pipe
Q:What is the pressure that a general pressure sensor can bear?
120% of the pressure range
Q:Where are the atmospheric pressure sensors installed on the car?
I don't know if the air pressure sensor of the gasoline engine is called the intake manifold pressure sensor. I only know that the diesel engine air intake pressure sensor and pressure sensor is different, they are two different sensors. Take Dr. four's computer as an example, the atmospheric pressure sensor is integrated into the computer, which is used to perceive the elevation of the outside world. Especially in high altitude areas, oxygen thin, the car will obviously feel weak, but the fuel consumption does not increase, it will not report the fault code

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