Earth Pressure Transducer

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Q:How many pressure sensors can be connected to a pressure sensor?
In general, there are at most 48, 48 sensors in the acquisition instrument cycle display, acquisition instrument can connect to the computer, with software, all channels can be real-time display and historical data curve analysis. Wiring, 3 wire voltage output pressure sensor, signal and power supply, the two wire current pressure sensor, the ground string through the acquisition instrument on it
Q:With frequency converter (own PID) and pressure sensor constant pressure water supply, how to connect?
It depends on whether the pressure gauge output is a voltage or a current signal. General delivery is to receive your diagram on the I, negative GND can be changed.Questions may also be asked by the manufacturer.
Q:Hydraulic servo cylinders need to be fitted with pressure sensors and angle sensors. Where should they be installed? And what valves do you need?
The servo cylinder is divided into linear servo cylinder and oscillating servo cylinder. The linear servo cylinder is equipped with a pull pressure sensor or a linear displacement sensorThe oscillating cylinder is provided with a torque sensor or an angular displacement sensor, and the pressure sensor is arranged above the oil path, wherein the main mounting points of the pressure sensor are provided with an oil source outlet and a AB two cavity of the oil cylinderServo control mainly servo valve, specific servo valve data can be found on the Internet under the MOOG, the world's best servo valve
Q:How does the PLC collect the pressure measured by the pressure sensor and how to display the pressure curve through the touch screen?
No matter what brand of PLC switch is unable to complete the pressure collection, use an analog acquisition module, and then do analog conversion within the PLC. To display the pressure curve on the touch screen, communicate the PLC with the touch screen, and then touch the screen with a curve control.
Q:Data acquisition of pressure sensors and displacement sensors
Acquisition card or acquisition module, sampling speed acquisition card should be higher, but used to accompany the IPC and the like, the sampling speed acquisition module low, ordinary computer can supporting the use of the software can use configuration software, professional industrial automation software, or that you use labvIEW too, but the two time to do their own development, manufacturers to provide API to you, you make a analysis on the line with labvIEW interface
Q:How do the pressure sensors obtain pressure values?
You'd better add a module in the middle...Data acquisition, communication, host computer
Q:Is the 100T pressure sensor able to hold under pressure for a long time? Thank you!
Yes, the actual 75T is within this range, no problem.Don't say 1 hours, you can continue for N hours. There is no definite time. 1 hours must be ok
Q:The pressure sensor doesn't know how the 4 lines are connected. How do you determine what the 4 line is? 5
The general color classification of sensors is green signal + white signal red excitation + Black excitation -Of course, there is also different from this definition.But it can be measured by measuring the resistance between two wires. Usually the input impedance is about 385 ohms, and the output impedance is about 350 ohms.There are signs on the general sensor.Not really, one by one test, the short test will not burn the sensor
Q:Common rail pressure sensor abnormal (low voltage anomaly) how to do?
Working principle of common rail pressure sensor:When the common rail pressure leads to the silicon diaphragm shape changes (similar to 150MPa 1mm), the resistance layer resistance is connected to the diaphragm will also change, change the resistance value will be caused by the 5V bridge (Wheatstone bridge) output voltage changes, through the amplifying circuit, the voltage signal output changes between 0 - 5V, ECU according to the voltage even if the current rail pressure.
Q:What can pressure sensors do? Please give some specific examples. Thank you
Pressure sensors are generally used for pressure monitoring or testing. For example, pressure tests on petroleum pipelines. Engine pressure test. Pressure test of brake pipe, pressure test of electro-hydraulic servo loading equipment. Air compressor pressure test and so on. Generally for safety monitoring, pressure control or fault diagnosis, product research and development purposes.

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