Full-automatic concrete hydraulic pressure testing machine 2000kN3000kN22

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Product Description:

The testing machine is mainly used for brick, stone, cement, concrete and other building materials, compressive strength test.

Production Summary:

300kN/10kN Full-automatic resist bending compression testing machine is mainly used for brick, stone,

cement, concrete and other building materials, compressive strength test.

Hydraulic System:

The hydraulic oil tank driven by high-pressure pump into the motor oil, flows through the unidirectional valve,

high pressure filter, pressure valve, servo valve, into the cylinder.Computer control signals to the servo valve.

Control direction and opening of the servo valve ,to control the flow into the cylinder,achieve constant test

force control.

Control System:

System including digital servo valve, high-precision sensors, controllers and software, high control precision

and reliability.Meet GB, ISO, ASTM and other standards for cement, mortar, concrete and other materials

testing requirements.

System Has The Following Functions:

Closed-loop control with force;

Can achieved constant  loading rate or constant stress loading rate;

Adopt computer for electronic measurement, automatic test;

Computer automatically calculates the results and print reports.picture 1 picture 2

Test reports can be to self-design and exported to Excel  picture 3

Safety Protection Device:

When the test force more than 3% of the maximum test force, the overload protection, oil pump motor shut down.

Main Performance Technical Specification:


HZ-008 Full-automatic resist bending compression testing machine

Max load


Test force measuring range


Test force showed the relative error

≤indicating value±1%

Test force resolution


Hydraulic pump rated pressure

25 MPa

Loading rate


Error loading speed


Pump rated flow


Upper and lower bearing plate size


Maximum distance between the upper and lower plate


Piston diameter


Piston stroke


Motor power

3 phase  0.75 kW

Outside dimension




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Q:The water remote pressure gauge hands swing frequently do?
1) without instructionReason: 1 the dirt in the pipe is blocked up and the dirt in the reed pipe is removed2, the sector gear and pinion resistance is too large, adjust the clearance to moderate3, two gear wear too much, unable to mesh, replace the two gear(2) the pointer is turning slow or beatingReason: 1, the transmission parts of the clearance is too small, the transmission is not flexible, increase the gap, or add a little Watch Oil2, moving parts between the active parts of fouling, transmission is not working, cleaning, rust removal, in addition to dirt or replacement transmission3, free end and connecting rod connection is not flexible, adjust the connection mode until flexible4, the pointer and dial, table cover friction correction pointer, thicken the glass lining below(3) the rotation of the pointer is not smoothReason: 1 fan gear tilt, correct or replace gear2 needle shaft bending alignment pin shaft3 plates, bending, correcting, flatness of plywoodThe 4 pillar tilts and causes the upper and lower clamping plates to be not parallel to correct the pillar, and the gasket is added and added so that the splint is parallel(4) the pointer jitter is largeReason: 1 medium pressure fluctuation, close the valve opening2, the gear is not fit well to adjust the gear matching condition3, the needle sleeve and the shaft do not match well, adjust the matching gap between the pointer sleeve and the shaft(5) the pointer deviates from the zero position and the error exceeds the allowable valueReason: 1. The fastening screws of the drive mechanism are loose and tighten the fastening screws2 fast buck, pointer bent or loose, tightly trimmed updated pointer and slow down3 spring tube has permanent deformation, reinstall the pointer, replace the new spring tube if necessary(6) indication is too highReasons: 1, transmission imbalance, re adjust the transmission ratio2 positive zero indication, partial Ambassador pointer to zero to negative zero allowed range
Q:How to choose a pressure gauge?
The first is selected according to the type of environmental characteristics, such as whether the need of explosion-proof, and then select the range, the general scale selection principle is that the pointer under normal pressure, shown in the 2/3 position is appropriate, margin; according to the actual demand, choose the suitable range of precision; the interface is needless to say. Good luck!
Q:What is the state of the warranty period for the ordinary pressure gauge?
The pressure gauges are calibrated once every 6 months,Wuxi Hui Hua Instrument Technology Department
Q:What oil is the oil in the shock pressure table?
There are two kinds of oil in the pressure gaugeGlycerol: mainly seismic actionSilicone oil: it is also earthquake resistant, but silicone oil is more resistant to low temperature than glycerin. If it is 0 degrees outside, it will crystallize 20 times. Silicone oil also allows the instrument to work properly.
Q:Can you use the precision pressure gauge of level 0.25, measuring range (0~10) and MPa to verify the general pressure gauge of level 1, measuring range (0~6) MPa? Why?
According to the verification regulation requirements, the measurement ratio is 1/4, that is, the basic error of the standard device is not greater than the basic error of the checked table 1/4.0-10MPa, the basic error of the 0.25 standard table is 10*0.0025%=0.025MPa0-6MPa, the basic error of the 1.6 stage general pressure meter is 6*0.016*=0.096MPa0.025>0.096/4So, if you follow the rules strictly, this is out of the question. You must use the 0.4 or 0.25 stage precision watch of range 0-6MPa as standardIn other words, if you need a formal and effective certificate of approval, you can't; check yourself for reference, or you can
Q:What is a pressure gauge and how to make it?
A pressure gauge is a very common thing! Generally used especially in industry!Simplify it! For example, you live in the 80 floor, the water pressure will be able to get on, the pressure gauge is to detect this Dongdong, to test the pressure must be installed on the water pipe, right? ··························································But there are so many kinds of pressure gauges. I just say one of them
Q:How do I know the model of the pressure gauge?
Y watch case diameter: 406080100150Y40 China thread size 10*1 imports G1/8 ZG1/8 1/8NPTY60 China thread size is 14*1.5, import G1/4 ZG1/4 1/4NPTY100 China thread size 20*1.5 imports G1/2 ZG1/2 1/2NPTY150 and Y100 are the sameYX stands for electric contact pressure gaugesAnyway, the pressure gauge has its own plant numberJust for reference, I hope it will help youI corrected my friend YX on the floor. It stands for an electric contact. The pressure gauge doesn't mean axial
Q:Cutting acetylene bottles on how there are 2 pressure gauges, the general number of suitable adjustment
One is the pressure in the bottle and the other is the pressure that comes out. It depends on the thickness of the material you cut
Q:Why can't ordinary pressure gauge be resistant to high temperature?
The general pressure gauge because it is made of copper and the spring tube welding soldering, the temperature of the medium and the environment must be less than 70 degrees.If more than 70 of soldering come loose, instrument damage (medium leakage).Not only is the problem of uncertainty, the instrument will certainly be damaged, there are security risks!
Q:What is the pressure gauge called?
The internal structure of the pressure gauge is different. The most common is a differential pressure gauge

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