WDW-T series Computer Control Type Electronic Universal Testing Machine

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Ⅰ、Main functions

  This machine is applicable for tensile,compression, bending, shearing, peeling and tearing test of metal materials and non-metal materials.They may add test methods or rules  of other materials to customers
’need . They are essential testing instrument for quality testing section, university and colleges, research institution and industrial and mining enterprise.

Ⅱ、Product features

  This machine adopts the most advanced and reliable console model constructer, imported whole digital alternating servo motor and servo adjustment system, imported load sens and photoelectric encoder. Whole digital measurement and control system can realize high precision, wide range measure and three closed loops control. The system of measure and control adopts high precision transducer, imported high quality electron device and whole digit design. And the card also complies with PCI2.1 and automatically distributes resources. Integrated double channels precision amplifier can automatically zero. Build-in large scale CPLD can program logistic chips, high speed operate and real time process. The whole digital control adjustment and demarcation can supply Single AD software interface. The software adopts blocking design, has many kinds of controlling means such as displacement, force, deformation, (stress and strain) metal tension and so on. Multistep control procedure can be compiled using program editor of the software by ourselves. We can analysis and process the testing data according to corresponding standards, and automatically finger out routine data, such as tensile strength, yield strength, modulus of elasticity, non-proportional extend strengthRP0.2, etc. Batch program of the software can sum up and compare the result and curve of one batch of specimen. The testing data adopts database management, supply word Exel and self-defining progra and meet with the special requirements. Flexible editing mode of report forms can print satisfied table.

Ⅲ、Technical Specification:






Measuring range of testing force (kN)


Accuracy of testing force


Resolution of force

1/200000 of maximum force,no subsection full travel or seven subsections according to the requirements of customer

Accuracy of displacement measure


Resolution of displacement measure


Maximum value of displacement(mm)


Adjusting range of displacement speed


Accuracy of deformation measure


Range of deformation measure


Control accuracy of displacement speed

velocity<0.01mm/min,±1.0%of the point;

velocity≥0.01%mm/min,±0.2% of the point.

Effective  tension testing space (mm)




Compression testing space (mm)




Width of testing space (mm)




Nip size(mm)

Thickness of flat specimen




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Q:Where is the pressure gauge checked?
Verification mechanism of pressure gaugeGenerally determined by the use of the pressure gauge1, the use of the production site, the use of units (with certification personnel) self certification2, as a standard table, the pressure gauge by the city / Province Department of measurement and verification (Technical Supervision Bureau) certification3. Used for safety, trade, quality and environment inspection by relevant department.
Q:What is the calibration cycle for the pressure gauge / thermometer / flowmeter? Is there a standard to check?
Used as an enterprise, usually for one year unless required.
Q:The electric contact pressure gauge on the hydraulic press is old and bad
Due to the frequent impact of rapid change of pressure, the common electric contact pressure gauge is easily damaged. A damping electric contact pressure gauge or an electric contact pressure switch shall be selected.
Q:What are the problems with the pressure meter?What are the good solutions to these problems in the pressure gauge?
Summarize the common faults and causes the pressure gauge, in the operation of only the exchange, because of different brands and types of pressure gauges were different. Personal recommendation if there is a problem of replacement or return to the supplier, procurement of new products, and send check calibration analysis as follows:A pressure gauge without indication. Reason: 1, pressure pipe on the cut off valve does not open; 2, pipe plug; 3, spring tube joint too much dirt siltation and plug; 4, spring tube cracking; 5, the center gear and fan tooth wear too much, and is not engaged.Two, pointer shaking large. Reasons: 1, the pressure of the medium to be tested; 2, pressure gauge installation position of vibration
Q:What do you think of the tire pressure gauge?
First look at the pressure gauge pointer is in the zero state, and then the dust cap filled holes removed, the barometer component and the air charging docking with connectors, and then press the direction vertical air charging, you can display the numerical pressure gauge reading.
Q:Excuse me, where can I check the pressure gauge in Chongqing?
Local metrology Bureau, if you know, manufacturers can also be tested
Q:Why isn't the pressure meter back to zero?
When the pressure gauge is removed and the readings are still not zero, the pressure gauge needs to be maintained or repaired.Please find someone to open the examination for specific reasons.
Q:Detailed explanation of working principle of Bourdon tube pressure gauge
Bourdon tube pressure gauge through the sensitive element in the table (Bourdon tube, bellows, bellows) of the elastic deformation, then the conversion mechanism of table movement will transfer to the pointer pressure distortion caused by pointer rotation to show pressure
Q:What is the difference between 380V and 220V electric contact pressure gauge?
General electric contact pressure gauge contact is 5A380V, a normally open and normally closed contacts of two groups, the control circuit of the power distribution box is generally 220V, the control circuit is 380V, electric contact pressure gauge 380V means that the control circuit voltage limit can be connected to 380V, can also be connected to 220V, 220V can also be connected to the voltage. DC power can also, but not more than 5A
Q:Why is the manifold pressure gauge called the manifold pressure gauge, not the air conditioning pressure gauge group?
The manifold pressure gauge is called the manifold pressure gauge because the pressure gauge is mounted on the manifold. Detection of air conditioning system pressure gauge is more, such as the evaporator refrigerant pressure, working pressure of the condenser, cooling water inlet and outlet pressure, cooling water inlet and outlet pressure, circulating pump inlet and outlet pressure, air-conditioning pipe pressure differential pressure, oil pressure, oil separation pressure, if called the gauge group is not specific determine what part of the work pressure, can not determine the various parts of the system working pressure is normal.

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