WDW-T series Computer Control Type Electronic Universal Testing Machine

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Ⅰ、Main functions

  This machine is applicable for tensile,compression, bending, shearing, peeling and tearing test of metal materials and non-metal materials.They may add test methods or rules  of other materials to customers
’need . They are essential testing instrument for quality testing section, university and colleges, research institution and industrial and mining enterprise.

Ⅱ、Product features

  This machine adopts the most advanced and reliable console model constructer, imported whole digital alternating servo motor and servo adjustment system, imported load sens and photoelectric encoder. Whole digital measurement and control system can realize high precision, wide range measure and three closed loops control. The system of measure and control adopts high precision transducer, imported high quality electron device and whole digit design. And the card also complies with PCI2.1 and automatically distributes resources. Integrated double channels precision amplifier can automatically zero. Build-in large scale CPLD can program logistic chips, high speed operate and real time process. The whole digital control adjustment and demarcation can supply Single AD software interface. The software adopts blocking design, has many kinds of controlling means such as displacement, force, deformation, (stress and strain) metal tension and so on. Multistep control procedure can be compiled using program editor of the software by ourselves. We can analysis and process the testing data according to corresponding standards, and automatically finger out routine data, such as tensile strength, yield strength, modulus of elasticity, non-proportional extend strengthRP0.2, etc. Batch program of the software can sum up and compare the result and curve of one batch of specimen. The testing data adopts database management, supply word Exel and self-defining progra and meet with the special requirements. Flexible editing mode of report forms can print satisfied table.

Ⅲ、Technical Specification:






Measuring range of testing force (kN)


Accuracy of testing force


Resolution of force

1/200000 of maximum force,no subsection full travel or seven subsections according to the requirements of customer

Accuracy of displacement measure


Resolution of displacement measure


Maximum value of displacement(mm)


Adjusting range of displacement speed


Accuracy of deformation measure


Range of deformation measure


Control accuracy of displacement speed

velocity<0.01mm/min,±1.0%of the point;

velocity≥0.01%mm/min,±0.2% of the point.

Effective  tension testing space (mm)




Compression testing space (mm)




Width of testing space (mm)




Nip size(mm)

Thickness of flat specimen




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Q:The indicator of the extinguisher pressure gauge points to green, indicating whether the extinguisher pressure is normal or not?
The pressure gauge pointer to the green is normal, below this pressure into the shortage of red belonged to the inflation pressure.
Q:What kind of oil is it in the oil filled pressure gauge?
Pressure meter which is filled with glycerin or silicone oil, and other can not, the general manufacturers are full of glycerol, because glycerol is cheaper, but the temperature of glycerol is relatively large, good point is filled with silicone oil.
Q:What pressure gauges are used in a pressure vessel?
Under normal circumstances, the use of 0-0.1Mpa range of pressure gauges. If the pressure is small, you can use the Kpa table
Q:What kind of valve does the pressure gauge valve belong to?
Pressure gauge valve is a special valve, from the valve structure, belonging to the needle valve.
Q:What's the temperature of the refrigerant on the pressure gauge of the air conditioning refrigerator?
It is the temperature of the refrigerant in the corresponding pressure, that is to say that you read on the table that the refrigerant pressure (flow or static) temperature, such as your performance in the work under pressure, if the refrigerant R502 is 38 degrees, such as R12 is -28 degrees, such as working pressure in 4kg R502 is -5, R12 is 15 degrees, such as R22 is 0 degrees.See a circle of pressure are the same, but different units, you remember what units will see, for example, do you remember is MP or KG, see the corresponding circle, the temperature measuring equipment is to see you is what refrigerant.The saturation temperature is the boiling temperature of the refrigerant under this pressure.
Q:Seismic pressure gauge how gas?
If the oil spill, and that is the quality of the table, there are problems, it is best to return to the factory maintenance, do not recommend their refueling.
Q:How do you read the dial diameter of the pressure gauge?
Pressure gauge diameter difference, especially now that the market size is very chaotic, but overall, with 40, 50, 60 GB, 100, 150 dial such as nominal, and export to 1 ", 1.5", 2 ", 2.5", 3 ", 4" dial such as nominal.
Q:What does "Y" mean? What does "Z" mean?
In the instrument type representation: Y said Z said pressure, vacuum or damping, J precision or rectangular, A ammonia table, X signal or electric contact, XC said magnet electric point, said P E said the diaphragm membrane box, F corrosion, N said seismic, T said the spring tube, B said stainless steel and so on.
Q:What's the cylinder pressure gauge for?
Measure cylinder pressure, use engine cylinder pressure value to judge engine problem
Q:What's the difference between the pressure gauge and the bellows pressure gauge?
Big differenceThe bellows gauge is only one of the pressure gaugesA pressure gauge is a general term

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