WDS Series Digital Display Type Electronic Universal Testing Machine

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、Main functions
  WDS series are suitable for tensile, compression, bending,cutting shearing and tearing test of rubber peeling and tearing plastic, electrical wire and cable, composite, profiled bar, waterproof roll, etc. They are essential testing instruments for quality testing section, university and college, research institution and industrial and mining enterprise.
、Product features  
 This machine equips alternating servo motor for driving crossbeam and imported photoelectric encoder for displacement measure. The controller adopts flush type monolithic computer structure and is equipped multitask operating system and built-in powerful test control software, which includes the test system with measuring, controlling, calculating and saving functions.  This machine has the following performances: Automatically calculating stress, elongation rate, tensile strength and modulus of elasticity
;automatically preserving all of 16 groups testing data;automatically recording the value of extremal vertex, breakpoint, appointed value of force and elongation;testing result can be scanned by pages and printed;the third class purview management;real-time electronic clock, and automatically recording the testing date and time.
、Technical Specification:




Measuring range of force (kn)


Accuracy of testing force

±1% of indicated value

Resolution of crosshead displacement Measurement

0.01 mm

Speed range of crossbeam

0.1 mm/min~500 mm/min,step less speed regulation and arbitrary setting

Effective testing space (mm)


Power supply


Working environment


Main configuration

Imported servo motor and speed adjustment system, precision photoelectric encoder.

Overall dimension of host machine (mm)


Weight (kg)


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Q:What kind of oil is it in the oil filled pressure gauge?
Don't talk nonsense! What you said is the general vibration proof pressure gauge, silicone oil filling. Other oils do not work
Q:What's the basis for the inspection of the safety accessories (safety valve and pressure gauge) of the simple pressure vessel?
The operation pressure adjustment of the safety valve directly affects the safety and economy of the boiler operation. If the safety valve pressure adjustment is too large, a lot of pressure exceeds the working pressure safety valve still moves, so prone to overpressure hazards; on the contrary, if the safety valve pressure adjustment pressure is too low, slightly greater than the working pressure, the safety valve on the action or steaming, and frequent moves, the safety valve the valve seat wear and steaming have impact on the economy. Therefore, do a good job safety valve adjustment, constant pressure work is very important.In order to ensure the boiler's safety and economic operation, the safety valve of each part of the boiler must be adjusted to the required operating pressure. That is, once the boiler for some reason, due to overpressure to a certain extent, the safety valve will automatically open, this pressure is called the action pressure of the safety valve.Safety valve action pressure should be in accordance with the "steam boiler safety technology supervision regulations," the implementation of the regulations.The constant pressure of the safety valve shall be based on the pressure gauge on the drum (drum). When adjusting, the opening pressure shall be adjusted first, and then the safety valve with lower opening pressure shall be adjusted in turn.
Q:What do you think of this air conditioner pressure gauge?
Look at the same place! Just the pressure is different! R410A pressure is higher than R22! Look at the outermost black circle! R22 from 4.5 to 5Kgcm2. R410A added 7.5 to 8KG/cm2 is almost the same!! No matter what refrigerant is different, only the pressure will not change.
Q:What does the water pressure meter MPa stand for?
MPa is a unit of pressure. 1MPa (Zhao Pa) = 10 kg / cm2.
Q:What does "Y" mean? What does "Z" mean?
Y- stands for the pressure gauge, and Z- stands for the vacuum meter.
Q:The pressure gauge is broken. Can it be repaired?
It can be repaired.As an important indicator instrument, pressure gauges are widely used in energy, chemical, thermal, oil and gas fields. Pressure meter is an important guarantee to ensure the normal operation of enterprises. It plays an important role in the enterprises, scientific research institutions and national defense applications in china. At present the enterprise application more pressure gauge is mainly of Bourdon tube pressure gauge, Bourdon tube pressure gauge is mainly composed of a spring tube, a transmission mechanism, and the dial gauge case is composed of four parts, spring tube pressure gauge in the use of the process, due to various reasons of vibration, dust, smeary more long time wear and corrosion etc. the pressure gauge will cause the original measurement performance, precision and error beyond the requirements of the relevant provisions. In order to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the pressure meter in the process of production, it is necessary to check and debug it regularly to ensure the stability of the working state of the pressure gauge. The 2 problem caused by pressure calibrator calibrator pressure does not rise up the problem mainly in the following two aspects: media problem, if the line checker in jam or joint hole washer and pressure inlet hole is not aligned, will cause the medium in the oil in circulation is blocked, resulting calibrator pressure rise difficult. In this case, you can clean the oil or adjust the washer position solution; calibrator cup oil is too small, causing pressure to a certain extent because the oil shortage makes the lead screw to drive, for this problem, should be timely to the cup of force and pressure transmission oil.
Q:The difference and relation between the electric contact pressure gauge and the remote pressure gauge
The use of the two is different. One is used to control the other, and the other is to send the signal to the farther end of the monitor.The electric contact pressure gauge consists of measuring system, indicating system, magnetic auxiliary contact device, shell, adjusting device and junction box (plug seat), etc.. The working principle of electric contact pressure gauge is spring pipe in the measuring system under the action of the pressure of the measured medium based on the force generated by the end of spring pipe corresponding elastic deformation displacement transmission rod through a gear transmission mechanism with the help and amplification by the fixed gear instructions (along with contact) by the measured value indicated in the table. At the same time, when the contact and set on the pointer (upper or lower) contact (break or close) instantaneous, resulting in the circuit control system can be switched on or off in order to achieve the purpose of automatic control and alarm.The remote pressure gauge is suitable for measuring the pressure of liquid, steam and gas which can not corrode the steel and copper alloy. Because the resistance transmission pressure gauge is arranged inside the sliding line resistance transmitter, so the measured values of two meters on electricity to far away from the measurement, in order to realize centralized monitoring and remote control. In addition, the pressure gauge is capable of indicating pressure in place so as to facilitate on-site inspection.
Q:Is the precision gauge out of scope?
General production is playing margin, not slightly beyond the damage. Basically, the higher the precision, the less the margin.
Q:What is the PSJ of the pressure gauge?
PSI full name in English is Pounds per square inch.P is pound pound, S is square square, and I is inches inch.All the units in metric units can be calculated: 1bar = 14.5psi1psi=6.895kPa=0.06895barEurope and the United States and other countries are accustomed to using psi as a unitIn China, we usually use the "kilogram" to describe the pressure of the gas (not the "Jin"). The unit is "kg/cm2", and a kilogram of pressure is one kilogram of force acting on one square meter.While in a foreign country commonly used unit is "Psi", the unit is "lb/in2", is "psi", this unit like Fahrenheit (F).In addition, there are pressure units such as Pa (Pascal, Newton, one square meter), KPa, MPa, Bar, millimeter water column, millimeter mercury column, etc..1 bar (bar) =0.1 MPa (MPa) =100 kPa (KPa) =1.0197 kg / cm21 standard atmospheric pressure (ATM) =0.101325 MPa (MPa) =1.0333 bar (bar)Because the unit is very small difference, if it is not to be accurate calculation, you can remember:1 bar (bar) =1 standard atmospheric pressure (ATM) =1 kg / cm2 =100 kPa (KPa) =0.1 MPa (MPa)
Q:No pressure gauge. How do you see the air conditioner plus fluorine?
The high voltage switch and the low voltage protective switch of the compressor can be used to check how high and low the pressure is. The high pressure 350PA and the low pressure 4-6PA indicate that the fluorine in the air conditioner has been completed."Air conditioning plus fluoride" operation1. Connect the refrigerant cylinder, the repair meter and the fluoride mouth with the fluorine filled hose, and remove the air in the hose.2, start the compressor, the cylinder and the refrigeration system of refrigerant gas filling pressure difference (if the pre vacuum refrigeration system, should be in a stopped state before filling the refrigerant gas, the pressure gauge pointer no longer rises, and then start charging fluoride).3. Observe the change of the indicator of the pressure gauge during the process of fluoride filling. The pressure gauge pointer is maintained in the 0.45-0.5Mpa range by intermittently filling the fluorine.4, after commissioning 30 minutes, the air conditioner should appear the normal operation of the above.5, after the stop, use catharsis to check each leak doubt.

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