WEW Series Screen Display Type Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

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Product Description:

Main function:  

l  This series machines are mainly designed for tension, compression, bending and shearing test of metal materials and meet with the requirements of GB/T228-2002”Metallic materials-Tensile testing at ambient temperature”.

l  This machine is also used for compression and bending test of nonmetal materials, such as cement, concrete and so on.

l  Equipped with special auxiliaries, it can be used for mechanical property testing of fastener, wire rope and components.

l  They are perfect testing instrument for project quality testing section, universities and colleges, research institution and industrial and mining enterprise.

Product features:

l  Host machine consults foreign technique, it has compact structure and a rational layout, significantly reduces the overall height comparing the oil cylinder overhead.

l  The machine owns hydraulic pressure sensor, which is with strong  impact and long-life. Adjust the test space by turbine structure of mobile beam does not need  rotation of screw when adjusting test space compacting the transmitting of chain. It makes complete separation between transmitting and postioning system, ensures the up and down jaws coaxial and the mainframe durable. Unique structure  of screw gap eliminating can guarantee the continuity of the load test.

l   Test data uses Access database management, which is powerful and convenient.

l   Resered data interface can connect with the network directly and share resources.

l   Independent hydraulic clamping structure can guarantee the reliability of the system; it will not hurt person for falling and ensure the safety of test personnel.


Product catalogue:

WEW-A    Oil cylinder overhead type
WEW       Oil cylinder underneath type    Displacement of beams  
WEW-B    Oil cylinder underneath type    Displacement of chain

Technical specification:









Accuracy of testing force


Measuring range of force (kn)





Subsection of force

1,2, 5, 10

Accuracy of distortion measurement


Thickness of flat specimen (mm)





Width of flat specimen (mm)







Testing space(mm)

















Clamping diameter of round specimen (mm)





Platen size(mm)








Distance of bending by pass roll(mm)








Maximum piston stroke(mm)


Power supply


Working environment

1030, relative humidity≤80%

Overall dimension L×W×H)(㎜)

Host machine




B type host machine















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