B YAW Series Computer Control Electro-hydraulic Compression Testing Machine

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Main functions
This series are used for compressive strength test of building materials, such as the specimen and component of cement, concrete and so on. Equipped with special auxiliaries, it can be used for bending resistant test of building materials and compression resistant test of red bricks. We can evaluate result parameters stated in related standards. They are perfect testing instrument for building project detection department, quality testing section, universities and colleges, research institution and industrial and mining enterprise.
Product features
Host machine is with double column type, which make the conformation compact and arrangement reasonable.
Adopt precise electro-hydraulic servo proportional valve. The speed is fast and the controlling accuracy is high.
Mechanic limit pistons protection assures the safety of testing.
Setup overload  protection which acn stop automatically,when
the load exceeds the maximum by 2-5%.
Controlling system
This machine is with digital and multi-channel loop of measuring and controlling system. It adopts force closed loop control technique and has the function of constant stress loading and load keeping. Loading speed can be arbitrarily set and the testing curves can be real time displayed.
Characteristics of software

The software integrate bending resistant test and compression resistant test procedure , such as bricks, cement, concrete and mortar.
The software divide testing procedure as follows: tile compression resistant executive program(GB13544—2000), cement compression resistant testing program (GB17671—1999), concrete specimen testing program(GB/T5001—2002)and mortar testing program(GB170—90).      
There is no subsection in all process. (Or classify according to the requirements of customers.)
Complete test in batch automatically and adjust breaking of specimen.
Windows Style can be controlled by human or computer.It is easy to manage and control,collect and calculate.
Record and save testing datas automatically.

Main Technical Specifications






Measuring range of






Accuracy of testing force


Subsection of force


Accuracy of constant



Loading speedkn/s


Accuracy of

loading speed


Upper platen size  (mm)





Lower platen size  (mm)





Distance between two

platens (mm)





Maximum piston

stroke (mm)





Power supply


Working environment


Shape of machine

Double column

Large space, Double column

Overall dimensionmm

Host machine













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Q:Construction drawings marked life water supply, fire water supply test pressure value of 0.6 and 1.4, respectively, what kind of pressure meter should I choose?
Nominal diameter of pressure gauge (mm) 40; 60Select accuracy level 2.5; 4Nominal diameter of pressure gauge shell 100Select accuracy level 1.6; 2.5Nominal diameter of pressure gauge shell 150; 200; 250Select accuracy level 1; 1.6The accuracy of the pressure gauge is not pressure,??? Speechless
Q:Pressure gauge model Y100-1.6KPa
Y------- the structure of the pressure gauge. Y is the connecting pipe of the pressure gauge. It is introduced in the direction of diameter,100------- the pressure gauge diameter is 100mm1. The maximum range of the 6KPa------- pressure gauge is 1. 6KPa, that is, range 0~1.6kpa
Q:What's the difference between a sanitary pressure gauge and a diaphragm pressure gauge?
First you understand a concept of health type pressure gauge is called health, because it can be separated from the medium pressure and dial the things inside, and then filled with edible oil, so a lot of health type pressure gauge is with diaphragm.If you need to use the diaphragm without health pressure meter, it is now the dial unless all parts inside can do health level, but as far as I know there is no such pressure exists, hope to be able to develop this kind of product.
Q:What is the actual size of the pressure gauge nozzle G1/2?
G1/2 pipe actual size is: pipe diameter 15mm, outside diameter 21.3mm.G is 55 degrees (non thread sealing pipe thread), belonging to whitworth thread. 1/2 marker refers to the inside diameter of the tube, the unit is inches. Insiders usually used to call thread size, an inch is equal to 8, 1/2 is 4 inches.Specific parameters:The size of code: 1/2The number of teeth per inch: 14 (i.e. pitch 1.814mm)Major diameter: 20.955mmMedian diameter: 19.793mmPath: 18.631mmNational standards are available on GB/T7307-2001.
Q:What's the quota for the electric contact pressure meter?
Do not have a manual, you can according to the above, do not exceed too large can; it is generally connected with the two control loop itself does not have much current; some are even smaller current relay isolation.
Q:The water remote pressure gauge hands swing frequently do?
1) without instructionReason: 1 the dirt in the pipe is blocked up and the dirt in the reed pipe is removed2, the sector gear and pinion resistance is too large, adjust the clearance to moderate3, two gear wear too much, unable to mesh, replace the two gear(2) the pointer is turning slow or beatingReason: 1, the transmission parts of the clearance is too small, the transmission is not flexible, increase the gap, or add a little Watch Oil2, moving parts between the active parts of fouling, transmission is not working, cleaning, rust removal, in addition to dirt or replacement transmission3, free end and connecting rod connection is not flexible, adjust the connection mode until flexible4, the pointer and dial, table cover friction correction pointer, thicken the glass lining below(3) the rotation of the pointer is not smoothReason: 1 fan gear tilt, correct or replace gear2 needle shaft bending alignment pin shaft3 plates, bending, correcting, flatness of plywoodThe 4 pillar tilts and causes the upper and lower clamping plates to be not parallel to correct the pillar, and the gasket is added and added so that the splint is parallel(4) the pointer jitter is largeReason: 1 medium pressure fluctuation, close the valve opening2, the gear is not fit well to adjust the gear matching condition3, the needle sleeve and the shaft do not match well, adjust the matching gap between the pointer sleeve and the shaft(5) the pointer deviates from the zero position and the error exceeds the allowable valueReason: 1. The fastening screws of the drive mechanism are loose and tighten the fastening screws2 fast buck, pointer bent or loose, tightly trimmed updated pointer and slow down3 spring tube has permanent deformation, reinstall the pointer, replace the new spring tube if necessary(6) indication is too highReasons: 1, transmission imbalance, re adjust the transmission ratio2 positive zero indication, partial Ambassador pointer to zero to negative zero allowed range
Q:Is the 16 kilogram electric pressure gauge and the electric contact pressure meter the same?
The pressure is the same, the control is different
Q:How is the pressure gauge ABC divided?
1 when measuring the steady pressure, the normal operating pressure shall be 1/3 2/3 of the upper limit of the measuring range of the instrument,2 when measuring the fluctuating pressure (such as the pressure at the outlet of pumps, compressors and fans), the normal operating pressure shall be1/3~1/2 of upper limit of instrument measuring rangeThe normal operating pressure shall not exceed the upper limit of the instrument measuring range when the 3 sides are high and the pressure is greater than 4MPaValue of 1/2
Q:What are the common measuring ranges of pressure gauges?
0.25mp, 0.6mp, 1.0mp, 1.6mp, 2.0MP, 2.5MP and so on. In order to ensure that the elastic element can work reliably in the safety range of the elastic deformation, the pressure gauge range is selected not only according to the measured pressure, but also should consider the measured pressure change rate, the range need to leave enough room for. When measuring the steady pressure, the maximum working pressure shall not exceed 2/3 of the measuring range; the pulsating pressure shall be measured; the maximum working pressure shall not exceed 1/2 of the measuring range; when measuring the high pressure, the maximum working pressure shall not exceed the 3/5 of the measuring range. In order to ensure the accuracy of measurement, the minimum operating pressure should not be less than 1/3 of the measuring range. According to this principle, according to the measured maximum pressure to calculate a value, from the pressure gauge product catalog select a little larger than the measurement range.The pressure gauge is divided into vacuum meter, pressure vacuum meter, micro pressure meter, low pressure meter, middle pressure meter and high voltage meter according to its measuring range. Used to measure the atmospheric pressure is less than the pressure value of the vacuum gauge; pressure vacuum gauge used to measure the atmospheric pressure is larger than the pressure value; micro pressure gauge for measuring the pressure value is less than 60000 Pa; low voltage meter for measuring 0~6MPa value of pressure; pressure meter for measuring 10~60MPa value of pressure; pressure gauge for measuring the pressure value of more than 100MPa.
Q:How do you recognize the pressure gauge?
To recognize the pressure gauge units, the general units are Mpa, mbar, bar, PA, and so on. Then see where the pointer points.

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