XLPE Insulated and PVC Sheathed Low Voltage Power Cables

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Product Description:



1 Information


a, Number of cores:

1,  2,  3,   3+1,   3+2,    3+3,  4,    4+1,    4+2,   5 and so on.

b, Construction:

Stranded copper conductor for single and shaped conductors for multi-core cables, XLPE  insulated, PVC bedding, zinc plating steel wire armored and PVC sheathed cables.

c, Nominal Section 
Area(mm2) :1.5 2.5 4 6 10 16 25 35 50 70 95 120 150 185 240 300 400 500 630 800


2 Standard:

IEC60502,and BS6346, VDE, AS/NZS, UL,etc or as customer's request.


3 The Rated Voltage(kv):

1st class 0.6/1 1.8/3 3.6/6 6/10 8.7/15 12/20 18/30 21/35 
2nd class 1/1 3/3 6/6 8.7/10 12/15 18/20 - 26/35


4 Application:

These cables are most suitable for direct burial or for installation on trays or ducts,  Where there is
a risk of mechanical damage, armoured cables should be used.


5 Model and Name


China Type







XLPE insulation PVC sheath power cable

To be laid indoors, in tunnel, cable furrow or pipe, the cable couldn't bear mechanical force outside 



XLPE insulation PE sheath power cable



 XLPE insulation, steel tape armor,  PVC sheath power cable

To be laid underground, the cable could bear certain mechanical force, but it couldn't bear great pulling force.



XLPE insulation, steel tape armor,  PE sheath power cable



XLPE insulation,  no  magnetism steel tape armor,  PE sheath power cable



XLPE insulation, thin steel-wire  armor,  PVC sheath power cable

Be applicable to the well, water inside and fall in the bad soil, the cable cans bear the equal dint outside the machine with pull the dint




XLPE insulation, have no the magnetism thick steel-wire  armor,  PVC sheath power cable



XLPE insulation, thick steel-wire  armor,  PVC sheath power cable

Be applicable to the well, underwater with the bottom of sea, the cable cans bear the bigger pressure with lead to pull the dint.

 ZR: Means Flame retardent


Nominal  cross-sectional area

































XLPE Insulated and PVC Sheathed Low Voltage Power Cables

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The capacity of the power cable is 20% of the cross-sectional area of the bridge and the control cable is 50% of the cross-sectional area. The load of the cable bridge is divided into load, dynamic load and additional load. Static load refers to the type of cable laying in the cable tray, the number of roots, the diameter of each root / unit length, according to the different routing of cable routing statistics. Dynamic load is the weight of the construction and maintenance personnel during the installation and maintenance of the cable tray. For light cable bridge, generally do not consider the dynamic load, that is not allowed on the bridge stand (line) people, if you need to consider the station, you should narrow the appropriate narrowing. Additional load only in the outdoors refers to the snow, wind and electromagnetic force formed by the load. It is related to the natural meteorological conditions and the nature of the charged body in the area of the installation site, which should be calculated on the basis of various conditions.
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I wanted to answer and found that people have come first
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Q:Electrical wire voltage on the sheath?
It probably means that the insulation on the wire conforms to some standard, and that the cable may LEGALLY be used for permanent wiring in a building at voltages up to whatever number. It's not about heat. When power wiring in a building gets hot, it's strictly because of the amperage that the circuit is carrying, not the voltage. High voltages are a problem because of the tendency to arc. Electric fields are measured in Volts/meter (i.e., the voltage difference between two conductors, divided by the distance between them.) Any given electric insulator will break down and allow current to flow if the field strength is high enough. Cables that are rated for higher voltages either use an insulating material that has a higher dielectric strength (i.e., able to withstand stronger fields), or they use bulkier insulation, so that the distance between the conductors is greater.
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1. There is a short circuit in the chassis, automatic protection of the power supply. Re-lock the motherboard and plug the cable (preferably with the smallest system to try) 2. Power itself damage (replacement of power, and then test) By the way to teach you a very effective way is to put All the accessories on the motherboard (cpu, memory ...) removed, boot to see such a fan will not turn, if the turn, then add a fitting, and then test to be measured which is not added to which is not bad

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