Welding Machine Portable Weight Only 2.0kg

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Item specifice:

Product Name: Welding Machine Portable Warranty: 12 Months Type: Arc Welder
Voltage: 110/220/240V Frequency(Hz): 50/60Hz Rated Input Capacity(KVA): 4.2KVA
No-Load Voltage(V): 62V Output Current Range(A): 10-160A Welding Rod(Diameter): 1.6-4.0mm
Duty Cycle(%): 60% Power Factor: 0.93 Protection Class: IP23
Weight: 2.0KG Dimension: 20*8.6*13.8cm Model Number: PW-MINI-160

Product Description:


Welding Machine Portable Weight Only 2.0kg

Welding Machine Portable Weight Only 2.0kg

Welding Machine Portable Weight Only 2.0kg

1. Smart mini welder is designed to provide user with convenient, efficient and quality welding solution.
2. IGBT technology, compact, easy to carry
3. Engertg saving and durable, current can be adjusted. High duty cycle.
4. Excellent anti-static, thermal and over-load protection.
5. Easy arc start and strong compensation capability high frequency, fan cooled.
6. Supplied with eletrode holder, earth clamp, face maskhammer/brush.
7. Suitable for welding carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, stainless steel, etc.

Portable arc welding machine is widely used on a variety of materials such as mild steel, carbon steel, alloy steel in the industries of structural steel, light industrial fabrication, repair and maintenance etc.

Accessories including:
1 piece of 2 meters welding cable with electrode holder, 1 piece of 2 meters earth cable with clamp, 1 pieces of welding mask, 1 piece of welding hammer and brush.

Welding Machine Portable Weight Only 2.0kg
Packing with color box or BMC carrying case.

Detailed specification about portable arc welding machine can check below table

 Power voltage(V) 230230 230 230 
 Frequency(HZ) 50/6050/6050/60 50/60 
 rated input capacity(KVA) 2.53.2 3.9 4.2 
 No-load voltage(V) 6060 62 62 
 Output current range(A) 20-8020-100 20-140 20-160 
 weleling fod(dia mm) 1.6-2.51.6-3.2 1.6-4.0 1.6-4.0 
 duty cycle(%) 6060 60 60 
 power factor 0.930.93 0.93 0.93 
 cool type fan fan fan fan
 weight(KG) 1.81.8 
 dimensions(cm) 20*8.6*13.8 20*8.6*13.8 20*8.6*13.8 20*8.6*13.8


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Q:Can argon arc welding machine change the hand arc welding machine?. WS200D
Cannot change.The no-load voltage of argon arc welding is low, and the arc welding of hand arc welding needs high voltage (70V or so), and argon arc welding can not meet the characteristics of hand arc welding.
Q:Why argon arc welding only fires without current?
From what you say, in fact, is in the high frequency oscillation of argon arc welding machine transmitter, reach hundreds of thousands of volts in instantaneous voltage, forced air breakdown (when used to Caution!) so as to achieve the positive to negative contact! But now pulses are better than high frequency ones!
Q:ZX7 inverter type DC arc welding machine, when the welding current is 150A, how much power can it have?
1 when the welding current is 150A.2. If the maximum power of ZX7 500 inverter type DC arc welding machine should be 25 thousand volt ampere, we can check exactly how much.3, in fact, kilovolt ampere and kilowatt should be about the same meaning, you should understand.4, according to the current you use, you can calculate the power consumption of the welding machine.5, you can do a rough calculation, (25 / 500) * current you are using now.6, if you use the 150 current, now (25 / 500) * 150=7.5 (kW / h).
Q:How about wsme270 inverter square wave AC DC argon arc welding machine?
1. minimum welding current, from 5A, stable arc performance, welding thin, medium and thick plates;2. DC pulse argon arc welding is suitable for welding stainless steel, copper, titanium, carbon steel and other materials;3. AC can obtain the characteristics of vertical drop, the welding current waveform is a rapid zero square wave, is conducive to welding current and arc stability;4. AC argon arc welding is suitable for welding aluminum, aluminum alloy and other materials;5., by adjusting the pulse base time, the adjustment of the spray zone, the gas lag, turn off time are stepless adjustment, especially to meet the higher requirements of welding process;6. it has the functions of AC and DC argon arc welding, AC and DC pulsed argon arc welding, AC and DC manual general welding, AC and DC spot welding;7. welding current slow rise and decay functions to fill the crater arc, avoid cracks of weld.
Q:The use of the big argon arc welding machine is manual welding and argon arc welding switch. What's the connection between direct current and pulse?
This is your welding machine DC welding machine, it has two kinds of manual welding and argon arc welding, manual welding is the welding, soldering or welding can, stainless steel, argon arc welding can also iron welding of stainless steel. A pulse is in the welding process, as is your pulse, jump when welding, when the jump is not welding, when you press the switch, it will fire pounding, in fact it is working in high current low current, high current work. Then, low current work, continuous circulation, circulation speed can be fast or slow, you should adjust current regulation of the highest and the lowest current switch, you let it stop. The general pulse is used to burn automatic welding, the welding effect scales with more. Here you don't actually mean DC pulse, you switch it by welding, it will not upset the meaning of welding switch.
Q:Can argon arc welding machine be welded without argon gas?
No argon can be used as a manual arc welding machine, need to handle for welding.
Q:Can argon tungsten arc welding be regarded as manual arc welding machine?
(inverter welding machine) can ah, you will be high frequency line, boost the arc, sealing wave line out, and then welding to connect, grounding clamp negative, you can weld. In fact, the sealing wave circuit is disconnected so that the starting wave of the welding machine, the high-frequency function of the high-frequency board and the pressurizing arc removing function are removed.
Q:What is an inverter argon arc welding machine?
AC into DC, called rectification, DC into AC, called inverter. The work process is the first inverter fifty Hz AC rectified DC to DC, mud into thousands of Hz to tens of kHz AC, and then use the transformer, then rectified a stable welding power supply. The advantages of inverter welding are light weight, small size, convenient welding flow regulation, stable welding flow, etc.
Q:That kind of argon arc welding machine can weld copper and solder aluminium. What brand is good, and what's the price?
You can choose WSE-400-1, this machine is ok. You can search it online!
Q:How can argon arc welding welding aluminum plate?
Thin aluminum sheet shall be AC welded by TIG. The thick ones can be welded by MIG

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