BX1-200 250 315 400 500 630 AC Arc welder

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BX1-200/250/315/400/500/630  AC Arc welder

Quick Details

· Condition: New

· Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)

· Brand Name: OEM

· Model Number: BX1-200-2 250-2 315-2 400-2 500-2 630-2

· Arc Current: 60-200,250 70-315 85-400 105-500 175-630

· Pulse Frequency: 50-60HZ

· Pilot Arc Current: 200 250 315 400 500 630

· Rated Duty Cycle: 35%

· Usage: light industry and heavy industry

· Voltage: 380V

· Certification: ISO9001


1. Most widely used AC arc welding machine.

2. Widely suitable for welding low carbon steel, low alloy steel.

3. Rated load duty cycle at 35%, strong overload capability.

4. Disk construction wrap, H grade insulation material, high efficiency, long lifetime.

Technical Parameter








Rated Input Voltage(V)







Rated Input Power(kVA)







No-load Voltage(V)







Rated Output Current (A)







Output Current Range(A)







Rated Duty Cycle(%)







Cooling Style


External Size L*W*H(mm)







Weight (kg)







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Q:380V argon arc welding machine output current 100A, what is the input current?
Input current =14*100/ efficiency / power factor /380/1.732, inverter welding efficiency is generally 0.85, power factor is generally 0.9~0.95, conservative by 0.9, then input current =14*100/0.85/0.9/380/1.732, about 2.78AArgon arc welding technology is based on the principle of arc welding on using argon protection for metal welding, the welding material in high current to be welded on the substrate is melted into liquid form of molten pool, the metal to be welded and welding welding technology to achieve a metallurgical combination, due to the high temperature melting on argon welding continuous feeding in the welding material can not contact with oxygen in the air, thereby preventing the material oxidation, therefore can welding stainless steel, iron metal hardware.
Q:What is the principle of using gas in argon arc welding machine fast?
The anti disturbance control: positive and negative at the output end of the pole indirect sensitive resistor and capacitor, the high voltage current that is equivalent to short circuit at the same time, the positive and negative terminals are connected to the inductance coil, high frequency so that the control of the high voltage current anti channeling to the two rectification circuit in the circuit in the output form end. At the same time, connected to the anode and the shell between the resistance and capacitance (PSA) can effectively prevent the high frequency current and other interference.The generation and shutdown control: and turn off are controlled by relay J high frequency high voltage current, hand switch full when the S2 is closed, then the circuit, output DC voltage of about 56 volts, it makes the relay pull in JA, the high frequency high voltage circuit, high-frequency high-voltage current output caused by arc, arc caused by the output circuit will appear large current flowing through the reactor (inductor); the freewheeling inductance, the positive terminal voltage to the reactor potential is very low (or even negative), then the relay is on a disconnected, high frequency high voltage generator to stop working complete control of high voltage and high frequency current.
Q:Reallink 200 argon arc welding machine, can long time continuous welding
No, you should pay attention to it when you use it:1, tungsten polar series have a trace of radioactivity, under normal circumstances, the impact on the human body is not large, but in the container welding or use of high current welding, should strengthen ventilation and use of special masks. When grinding tungsten, you must have a ventilation and vacuum cleaner, wear gloves and masks, and wash hands after work.2, to prevent ultraviolet damage, TIG welder should wear leather gloves, wear white or light colored clothing, buttons. When welding, wear a good visor mask.3, if the use of high-frequency oscillator arc ignition argon arc welding machine, can only be used in arc starting, and arc after the special device to cut off high frequency, in order to reduce high-frequency damage to the human body.4, argon arc welding work site should have good natural ventilation, in the container welding must have local ventilation device, to prevent ozone and metal welding dust hazards.5. Welders who use argon arc welding machines should undergo regular physical examinations.
Q:Should the DC arc welding machine be equipped with electricity saving, shock proof and leakage protector?
In principle, all electrical appliances need to install anti electric leakage switches (especially metal shells, electrical equipment) at the power input terminals, and the same with the welder.If the anti welding output of electric shock, you don't have to worry about this, on the market in the sale of the DC welder basically has the electric shock prevention function (VRD), the anti shock function after opening, the welding output load is generally not higher than 20V, two hands and two are positive and negative contact welding output terminal, there will not be any shock feel very safe. You can buy Welding machines with this function.As far as energy saving is concerned, it is only when the electric welding machine does not work for a long time, turn off the power supply to save electricity. Now with the inverter DC welding machine, transformer AC welding machine compared to old-fashioned, no-load loss is much smaller, if only a short period of time without welding, no need to put what sort of economizer, if it is a long time without welding, mind you directly off the welding machine.
Q:Argon arc welding machine on the ignition, note: switch is not bad, what is the matter?
The high frequency arcing part is out of order, mainly the high frequency arc starting control loop. So that it has no arc command (press the welding switch), the arc circuit has been connected.
Q:Can the WS series inverter argon arc welding machine be cut?
WS series inverter argon arc welding machine can cut, argon arc welding is used argon, used to protect the welding port is not oxidized. The cut does not require argon and requires compressed air to blow the molten metal. Just emphasize one point: you need to have an air pressure pump, and use the plasma cutter to replace the argon arc welding handle. The gas path of the hand handle is connected to the air outlet of the welding machine, and the other is welded by the argon arc welding method, and the air pressure path of the air compressor is connected to the air supply end of the welding machine air inlet (argon air supply end). The internal gas off gas and is composed of an electromagnetic valve control, when the handle switch is pressed, can automatically achieve the breakdown of air arc and gas, timely blow molten metal, to achieve the purpose of cutting metal.
Q:What are the causes of arcing in argon arc welding machines without arcing?
The first is to look at the adjustment of the problem, there is no, and some arc current is small will have an impact, second is slow rise time adjustment is not too long, wit welding machine has one is, you adjust the time is long, just can't afford. This is the most basic you should be familiar with your machine in check the welding line, if not, can only find vendors or manufacturers, generally a lot of things are a single phone warranty convenient and easy, as in other manufacturers to what they can learn to really, if the warranty expired, only power in familiar situations after the examination, if not find professionals.
Q:What's the price of argon arc welding machine?
160A domestic reallink, Jiashi models (full bridge inverter) power price 900~1000, single-phase 220V about 250A1300, 300A2200 yuan, 400AMOS 3200 yuan IGBT module 4800 yuan, Wuxi production of single end machine standard 400~500 160 yuan of real 80~100A
Q:How is the direct connection and reverse connection of the direct current arc welding machine? On what occasions are they used?
The positive connection and reverse connection are relative to the workpiece, and the positive connection is the output of the welder, the positive electrode (see the right picture), and vice versa.
Q:Who used the three Joe brand argon arc welding machine? What's the quality?
Now for personal use, cheap machine, 1000~2000, 60% "general election" reallink machineOther brands of machines, if they haven't heard the name at all, are not,Only nominal 200A may actually be 180A, can use 5 years can use 2 years, is the copper wire all changed to aluminum...The cost is greatly reducedBut when you change, you just throw it out

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