Inverter DC TIG/MMA Welding Machine (IGBT Module type)

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Basic Info.


Type:ARC Welders



Export Markets:Global


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Standard:ISO9001: 2008, CE, CB, CCC


Production Capacity:100 Pieces/Day


Product Description



- Support TIG & MMA two kinds of welding
- Adopts IGBT module technology
- Soft-switching technology bring higher effciency and more stable performance
- Automatic compensation for voltage fuctuation, can cork against input voltage fuctuation (V+/-15%)
- Over-voltage protection, undervoltage protection, over current protection, over load protection
- Suitable for welding with different kinds of acid or basic electrode, MMA support down weld with cellulose type electrode.

TypeIGBT module
Rated input voltage (V)three phase AC380+/-15%
Rated frequency (Hz)50/60
Rated input power (KVA)18.42535
Rated input current (A)283852
Output current (A)20-40020-50050-630
Rated working voltage (V)364044
Drive adjustment (A)0-100
No-load voltage (V)79
Diameter of tungsten needle (mm)1.6-4.0
Rated duty cycle (%)60
Effciency (%)85
Power factor0.93
Protection gradeIP21
Insulation gradeF
Net weight (KG)41.447.651
Gross weight (KG)49.655.860
Housing of machineiron
Dimension of machine (mm)642x323x573642x323x573697x350x635
PackingCartonCartonWooden box
Dimension of packing (mm)700x390x660700x390x660760x450x705



Inverter DC TIG/MMA Welding Machine (IGBT Module type)

Inverter DC TIG/MMA Welding Machine (IGBT Module type)



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Q:When argon welding machine welding aluminum, how to set?
Welding aluminum to use square wave communication, set more, do not know what kind of argon arc welding machine. The width of the cleaning and the AC frequency should be adjusted first. When welding, the tungsten rod should be pure tungsten and will be welded into a ball at the front of the tungsten rod. This will have a good effect on cleaning the weld surface and make the weld bright.Welding stainless steel is much simpler, the use of direct current output, direct adjustment of current size can be, tungsten rod generally use thorium, tungsten or cerium tungsten, welding in the tungsten rod grinding point, so that it will not arc.AC welding is not adjustable pulse, AC and pulse frequency is different, the pulse is base current and peak current to each other, there will be fish welding welding scar mouth squamous. Increase the aesthetic feeling, and welding aluminum argon welding pulse, then welding mouth is not good, and manually launched scales to beautiful. Therefore, no pulse, welding stainless steel is the opposite, duty cycle refers to the tungsten rod fired arc width, the width of the weld needs to be transferred on how much.
Q:What is the cause of the no ignition in the DC argon arc welding machine?
Not only a gas argon arc welding, argon arc welding and gas protection, before use to check whether the line of gas pipeline, is not fully open, the welder is not FM correctly, if no problem, that is the machine fault, I hope to help you
Q:Can argon arc welding machine be directly welded with nitrogen gas?
Argon arc welding is also called argon gas shielded welding. That is, argon arc protective gas is applied around the arc welding to isolate the air from the welding zone, so as to prevent the oxidation of the welding zone
Q:Argon arc welding machine sometimes cannot cause arc, why?
The welding machine needs cleaning. There are two pieces of copper in it. The electric shock can be cleaned or a little closer, and the welding machine itself may be cold
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of the plasma arc welding machine in comparison with other welding methods?
Plasma arc welding, compared with other welding methods, has Plasma arc, also called compression arc, is used for welding. It has high welding temperature, heat concentration, high energy density, high arc stability and good weld formation. It is suitable for welding of ultra thin welding parts and heavy bulky parts. The drawback is that the equipment is complex and demanding of the operator.
Q:The length of wire on the two side of arc welding machine shall not be more than several meters
The length of the wire is 100 meters. But the welder must use BX1 or BX3, ZX5 and so on. That is to say, the output voltage should be higher. General 75-80V is easy to use.
Q:Argon arc welding machine automatic leakage, how to repair?
Change the solenoid valve slightly
Q:How many volts are there in welding line when argon arc welding machine is welding?
It's probably around 20~40V!
Q:The use of the big argon arc welding machine is manual welding and argon arc welding switch. What's the connection between direct current and pulse?
This is your welding machine DC welding machine, it has two kinds of manual welding and argon arc welding, manual welding is the welding, soldering or welding can, stainless steel, argon arc welding can also iron welding of stainless steel. A pulse is in the welding process, as is your pulse, jump when welding, when the jump is not welding, when you press the switch, it will fire pounding, in fact it is working in high current low current, high current work. Then, low current work, continuous circulation, circulation speed can be fast or slow, you should adjust current regulation of the highest and the lowest current switch, you let it stop. The general pulse is used to burn automatic welding, the welding effect scales with more. Here you don't actually mean DC pulse, you switch it by welding, it will not upset the meaning of welding switch.
Q:How can argon arc welding welding aluminum plate?
1, AC argon arc welding machine is selected. It has the function of cathode breaking.2 choose the right current3, pay attention to the temperature of the bath, the parent material does not melt, welding wire will roll to roll.4 the welding wire should be directly added into the bath5 the end of the welding wire should be protected by argon gas

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