Stud Welding Machine for Arc Welding Stud RSN

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Stud Welding Machine for Arc Welding Stud RSN


RSN-2500 Classic thyristor welding machine for M6-M28 Studs

1.Low price, reliable

2.easy control panel,low faulty

3.Fast welding,strong strength,low heat

4.thyristor welding machine



Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail

1. Outer package: sturdy plywood cases accessible to pallets 2. Inner package: welding machines covered by bubble covers

and inside fixed by battens with nails; matched welding guns and other accessories packed by corrugated cartons. 3.

Packaging Size (1) Plywood cases: 1050mm*650mm*1300mm; (2) RSN-2500: 980mm*650mm*650mm (3) Accessories:

550mm*550mm*280mm 4. Container loading: 23 sets for 20GP, and 49 sets for 40GP.

Delivery Detail:

5 days for stock, 20 days for new



 Stud Welding Machine :


(1) The thyristor control current, smooth, strong, reliable.

(2) Easy control and digital display of welding voltage, current and time.

(3) Circuit board is under waterproof, anticorrosion, dampproof and dustproof treatment.

(4) Special torch with lengthening cables, low heat, durable and workable with high load and fatigue resistance.

(5) Compensatory capabilities of power voltage. When the voltage decreases, this machine can

automatically stabilize welding parameters, when the voltage is extremely low, the machine still can

work normally(only the max welding current is a little lower.)

(6) High strength electrostatic coating steel plate, chassis, high corrosion resistance


 Stud welder applications


(1) Mother materials and welding effects


Carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, copper etc. materials with arc weldability. Welding

in the workpiece surface of oxide layer, oil slick, priming paint or electroplate. After welding, no

deformation, no convex, downward position welding, vertical position welding, overhead position

welding, all position welding.


(2) Applicable welding projetcs


steel construction, floor decks, bridge, embedded parts, heavy machinery, industrial factory

buildings, high-rise buildings, power plant buildings, chemical engineering buildings, shipbuilding,

metal construction, electromechanical equipments, etc.

thickness ≥ 3mm, weldable studs: Φ10mm, 13mm, 16mm,19mm, 22mm, 24mm (shear connectors, stud welding

studs, round corner studs), M4mm—M36mm studs, pins and similar studs and bolts.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control System, Production Workflow

As professional manufacturer of stud welding machines, welding torches and accessories, we possess

special quality assurance and quality control system, and advanced production lines and complete

workflows including high-quality raw materials purchasing, assembling, testing, packaging and

delivery etc.


Stud Welding Machine Operation


(1) Locate the welder in a reliable, clear and safe site;

(2) Connect the earth cable, lengthening cable, torch, chuck, pressing plate, ferrule and stud;

(3) Open power suply to observe digital welding voltage, current and time meters;

(4) Adjust welding voltage, time and current, lifting height, extending length,chuck, grip, ferrule and stud

(5) Trial welding to test whether all the parameters are correctly adjusted or not. If not, reset    your welding parameters.

(6) Begin to weld studs in your sites


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Q:(reallink authentic) inverter DC TIG / arc welder WS-300A how to use the reallink dual-purpose welding?
The home and the same switch or power switch, control switch or adjust the argon arc welding and manual welding, (this switch you can rub on the power to try to understand) two red above should have a word, is to adjust the current size of the welding time (adjust the current size according to your material Bohou),, and the other one is gas (gas delay time delay adjustment switch is used to protect the surface of welding).Is to provide a welding welding power supply characteristics of the electric welding, as simple and flexible reliable, even after welding advantages and parent material and equal strength is widely used in various industrial fields, such as aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile, container etc..
Q:Common faults of DC invert manual arc welding machine
Looking for manufacturers, each manufacturer's circuit is not exactly the same.
Q:What's the difference between argon arc welding machine 380V with two wire input and three wire input?
Two arc welding argon arc welding machine is single-phase 380V.The argon arc welding machine with three wire inputs is three-phase 380V.Three phase argon arc welding machine has good stability. Now the inverter arc welding is the power input mode.Because of the unbalanced voltage of the network, the welding parameters of single-phase arc welding is poor. Mainly old-fashioned frequency AC arc welding machine based. Backward technology.
Q:Argon arc welding machine arc arc is not how ah?
You should be the switch machine, welding machine does not know what brand you are using is from arc switching regulators, if there is the problem of switching arc. If not, the line inside the machine may be a bit aging, looking for maintenance on the line, not too big problem
Q:Argon arc welding machine why arc small, current is small, how can I solve?
The general welding process are taken in low voltage, high current process parameters for welding, argon arc welding machine has two kinds of welding methods, one is set to normal welding, a special set for the four step, but as said above two kinds of welding methods in local parameters of arc greater than the normal welding parameters, this is because the workpiece started when welding workpiece is cold heat output slightly, but this also prone to crack, so usually at the start of an arc increase an arc plate to prevent the generation of cracks in weld normal. Hope to be of help to you!
Q:How about wsme270 inverter square wave AC DC argon arc welding machine?
1. minimum welding current, from 5A, stable arc performance, welding thin, medium and thick plates;2. DC pulse argon arc welding is suitable for welding stainless steel, copper, titanium, carbon steel and other materials;3. AC can obtain the characteristics of vertical drop, the welding current waveform is a rapid zero square wave, is conducive to welding current and arc stability;4. AC argon arc welding is suitable for welding aluminum, aluminum alloy and other materials;5., by adjusting the pulse base time, the adjustment of the spray zone, the gas lag, turn off time are stepless adjustment, especially to meet the higher requirements of welding process;6. it has the functions of AC and DC argon arc welding, AC and DC pulsed argon arc welding, AC and DC manual general welding, AC and DC spot welding;7. welding current slow rise and decay functions to fill the crater arc, avoid cracks of weld.I hope I can help you. Hope to adopt.
Q:The use of the big argon arc welding machine is manual welding and argon arc welding switch. What's the connection between direct current and pulse?
This is your welding machine DC welding machine, it has two kinds of manual welding and argon arc welding, manual welding is the welding, soldering or welding can, stainless steel, argon arc welding can also iron welding of stainless steel. A pulse is in the welding process, as is your pulse, jump when welding, when the jump is not welding, when you press the switch, it will fire pounding, in fact it is working in high current low current, high current work. Then, low current work, continuous circulation, circulation speed can be fast or slow, you should adjust current regulation of the highest and the lowest current switch, you let it stop. The general pulse is used to burn automatic welding, the welding effect scales with more. Here you don't actually mean DC pulse, you switch it by welding, it will not upset the meaning of welding switch.
Q:How can argon arc welding machine weld aluminum?
For mature argon arc welders, it is not very difficult to solder aluminum. The main points are as follows:1) AC argon arc welding machine shall be used. The use of a cathode crushing needle in the process of welding produces three aluminium oxide (two aluminum oxide).2) the choice of black glass. Should be more than you usually weld stainless steel lenses plus one to two, in order to better see the molten pool.3) suitable material selection. Select the suitable filling material according to the aluminum material.4) the choice of gases. Rich argon gas (nitrogen + argon) and argon gas can be used in two ways.5) current selection. According to personal habits.
Q:Argon arc welding machine welding only current, can not play arc, what is the reason? Please help master!
The relay is out of order and will only turn on or off normally. This is the case for the high frequency generator. The normal is zero point eight to one point two, usually one millimeter! The best use of fine sandpaper two opposing sides hit high frequency device position can read the instructions, no manual can open the lid to see where there is the fox led arc there, in the process to Caution!, beware of electric shock, welding machine with a capacitor to power off after five minutes of operation
Q:What is the earth wire for the argon arc welding machine?
Avoid electric shock. You should use a DC welder for bias arc. Because of the magnetic field, will certainly affect the molten iron and arc. No arc, please check the cleanliness of the workpiece. It is estimated that you are using a high pressure arc, it is possible that the tungsten level is too far away from the workpiece. It is possible that the arc striking part of the welding machine is not adjusted properly and that the adjustment is far away, but not too far so that it does not discharge

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