Stud Welding Machine for Arc Welding Stud RSN

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Stud Welding Machine for Arc Welding Stud RSN


RSN-2500 Classic thyristor welding machine for M6-M28 Studs

1.Low price, reliable

2.easy control panel,low faulty

3.Fast welding,strong strength,low heat

4.thyristor welding machine



Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail

1. Outer package: sturdy plywood cases accessible to pallets 2. Inner package: welding machines covered by bubble covers

and inside fixed by battens with nails; matched welding guns and other accessories packed by corrugated cartons. 3.

Packaging Size (1) Plywood cases: 1050mm*650mm*1300mm; (2) RSN-2500: 980mm*650mm*650mm (3) Accessories:

550mm*550mm*280mm 4. Container loading: 23 sets for 20GP, and 49 sets for 40GP.

Delivery Detail:

5 days for stock, 20 days for new



 Stud Welding Machine :


(1) The thyristor control current, smooth, strong, reliable.

(2) Easy control and digital display of welding voltage, current and time.

(3) Circuit board is under waterproof, anticorrosion, dampproof and dustproof treatment.

(4) Special torch with lengthening cables, low heat, durable and workable with high load and fatigue resistance.

(5) Compensatory capabilities of power voltage. When the voltage decreases, this machine can

automatically stabilize welding parameters, when the voltage is extremely low, the machine still can

work normally(only the max welding current is a little lower.)

(6) High strength electrostatic coating steel plate, chassis, high corrosion resistance


 Stud welder applications


(1) Mother materials and welding effects


Carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, copper etc. materials with arc weldability. Welding

in the workpiece surface of oxide layer, oil slick, priming paint or electroplate. After welding, no

deformation, no convex, downward position welding, vertical position welding, overhead position

welding, all position welding.


(2) Applicable welding projetcs


steel construction, floor decks, bridge, embedded parts, heavy machinery, industrial factory

buildings, high-rise buildings, power plant buildings, chemical engineering buildings, shipbuilding,

metal construction, electromechanical equipments, etc.

thickness ≥ 3mm, weldable studs: Φ10mm, 13mm, 16mm,19mm, 22mm, 24mm (shear connectors, stud welding

studs, round corner studs), M4mm—M36mm studs, pins and similar studs and bolts.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control System, Production Workflow

As professional manufacturer of stud welding machines, welding torches and accessories, we possess

special quality assurance and quality control system, and advanced production lines and complete

workflows including high-quality raw materials purchasing, assembling, testing, packaging and

delivery etc.


Stud Welding Machine Operation


(1) Locate the welder in a reliable, clear and safe site;

(2) Connect the earth cable, lengthening cable, torch, chuck, pressing plate, ferrule and stud;

(3) Open power suply to observe digital welding voltage, current and time meters;

(4) Adjust welding voltage, time and current, lifting height, extending length,chuck, grip, ferrule and stud

(5) Trial welding to test whether all the parameters are correctly adjusted or not. If not, reset    your welding parameters.

(6) Begin to weld studs in your sites


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Q:Can the DC welder be used as an argon arc welding machine?
The DC welder can not be used as an argon arc welding machine.DC welding machine, in broad sense, as long as the output is direct current, belong to DC welder.Including two welding electrodes, hand arc welding, DC TIG welding machine, etc..Narrow sense, DC welding machine is: welding rod hand arc welding machine.Only welding rod arc welding machine, using strike arc, can be used as simple tungsten argon arc welding, the disadvantage is that the need for external gas control system. The larger the short-circuit current is, the more serious the tungsten electrode burns. The weld is easy to clamp tungsten.
Q:What is the duty cycle on the argon arc welding machine panel?
Duty cycle is the ratio of pulse turn-on time and total timeTo put it bluntly, a water pipe has been let off, and can run one side of water a minute;Then you run 30 seconds per minute, 30 seconds off, you can only run half square water, the duty cycle is the opening time divided by the opening and closing time, and that is, 30 divided by 60 is 0.5When you need the high temperature steel plate welding duty ratio increase, but you have to look at the instructions of how much or hold their own, because you do not know what the first machine models, how much power, so you see, anyway, the larger duty ratio, the higher the temperature of welding - this manual must yes, you look fine.
Q:Argon arc welding machine why arc small, current is small, how can I solve?
The general welding process are taken in low voltage, high current process parameters for welding, argon arc welding machine has two kinds of welding methods, one is set to normal welding, a special set for the four step, but as said above two kinds of welding methods in local parameters of arc greater than the normal welding parameters, this is because the workpiece started when welding workpiece is cold heat output slightly, but this also prone to crack, so usually at the start of an arc increase an arc plate to prevent the generation of cracks in weld normal.
Q:Can the WS series inverter argon arc welding machine be cut?
Can not. Cutting requires LGK or CUT series air plasma cutting machine.W: (tungsten) tungsten, the initial letter of tungsten. Representative: tungsten pole (Ya Huhan).S: (hand) worker, the first letter of the hand. Representative: hand welding (hand arc welding, welding rod arc welding).WS welding machine is: TIG welding arc welding welding machine. Only for hand arc welding of electrode, TIG welding.
Q:What are the differences between invert DC hand arc welding machine ZX7-200T and ZX7-200?
There's no particular difference between this, ZX7-200T and ZX7-200 just say the names of each manufacturer, or the structure of the device is different.
Q:When argon welding machine welding aluminum, how to set?
Welding aluminum must be exchanged unless the edges are polished by direct current welding
Q:How can common argon arc welding machine weld aluminum?
There is no common argon arc welding. The most common is DC TIG welding.DC TIG welding can reverse connection (welding torch is connected with the anode +, ground - Welding of aluminum anode).The affinity of aluminum and oxygen is stronger, and oxidation can occur at normal temperature. In the process of welding high temperature, the oxide film is easy to be produced on the surface of molten aluminum. The AC tungsten argon arc welding machine is usually used for welding. The alternating current has the function of cathode breaking and breaking the oxide film.When using DC reverse connection, the tungsten electrode is affected by the high speed impact of the electron. It also has the function of removing oxide film. But the disadvantage is that the tungsten is heated, the temperature is high, the consumption is quick, and the service life is short.
Q:AC and DC pulse square wave argon arc welding machine operation method?
If the black needle tune too close to the outside, a welding is easy to stick, the Ukrainian needle transferred to the porcelain mouth inside 1-2 mm, and then welding will not stick, and welding out of the effect is better.Argon arc welding argon arc welding technology is based on the principle of arc welding on using argon protection for metal welding, the welding material in high current to be welded on the substrate is melted into liquid form molten pool, the metal to be welded and the welding material to a welding technology of metallurgical combination, also known as argon gas shielded arc welding. Argon arc welding is divided into two kinds of argon arc welding and non melting argon arc welding according to the different electrodes. Argon arc welding technology is based on the principle of arc welding on using argon protection for metal welding, the welding material in high current to be welded on the substrate is melted into liquid form molten pool, the metal to be welded and the welding material to a welding technology of metallurgical bonding, due to the high temperature melting on argon welding continuous feeding in the welding material can not contact with oxygen in the air, thereby preventing the material oxidation, therefore can welding stainless steel, iron metal hardware.
Q:Which brand is good for home use?
It is garbage machine, to electrical market which can see the two brands, it is also in the Taobao online play
Q:Difference between inverter, pulse and Fang Bo argon arc welding machine
Ws ordinary argon arc welding, you welding is suitable. WSM: argon arc welding with many pulsed functions, which can be soldered to an automatic arm (pulse). Wsme: the argon arc welding of square wave function, using square wave welding aluminum oxide layer on the surface of the square wave (open aluminum oxide layer with high melting temperature, need to open the square wave, the internal aluminum low melting temperature)

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