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Product Description:


welding machine (ac welder ) 


1.no-load voltage:60-160A 

2.rated duty cycle:15/20% 

3.class of insulation:F' 


BX6 series AC arc welder 

1.top type transformer.step current adjustment fan cooling ,high efficiency and safty


2.compact.light ,portable suitable for home and safety


3.we have two kind of welder ,ome is aluminium




no-load voltage :48V


current range:60-160A


rated duty cycle:15/20%


class of insulation :F


applied welding rod(mm):2.0-2.5mm




packing dimension:44*19*32cm


Packing: packed in cartons


Main market:


1.Europes   2. South America  3.South Asia   4.Middle East

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Q:What causes the DC argon arc welding machine to interfere with the automatic step motor?
DC tungsten arc welding machine, high frequency arc induced step motor interference.Tungsten arc welding can be turned off with high frequency arc starting, and contact arc ignition is adopted. With carbon or other conductive materials, placed between tungsten electrode and the workpiece, using resistance heat preheating tungsten, then quickly removed carbon, similar to scratch the arc welding arc ignition, normal welding can avoid the high frequency interference, the tungsten loss is smaller.
Q:Common faults of DC invert manual arc welding machine
TroubleshootingThe switch power supply indicator is not on, the fan does not turn, no welding output, 1, confirm the power switch closed.2. Make sure that the input cable is connected to the power supply.Power indicator light, fan does not turn, no welding output 1, may be wrong input on the 380V power supply, causing over-voltage protection circuit start, change to 220VPower on, you can reboot.2, 220V instability (power input line or too long) or input lines overlap in the grid, resulting in over-voltage protection circuit starting, increase input line grid line diameter; the fastening input line node, this phenomenon is shut down 5-10 minutes after the restart recovery.3, a short time continuous open and close power switch, cause over-voltage protection circuit start, shutdown 5-10 minutes later, restart, you can return to normal.4. The wire between the power switch and the power board is loosened and re tightened.5 、 the 24V relay on the power board is not attracted or damaged, check the 24V power supply and relay, and the relay can be replaced by other relays of the same type.When the fan is turned and welded, the output current is unstable or not controlled by potentiometer. When the current is large, it is small 1, potentiometer 1K, and the quality is not good. Should be replaced.
Q:Can the inverter DC argon arc welding machine weld aluminum?
If helium is used, aluminum can be welded and operated in the same manner as argon arc welding;If argon is used, the usual method of operation can not be soldered to aluminum;If argon is used to weld the tungsten electrode, it is possible to solder the aluminum, but the tungsten is burned rapidly and can be used temporarily, especially when the current is relatively small, such as under 50A.Of course, it's better to use AC argon arc welding machine.
Q:Which is the best welding torch for argon arc welding machine?
No best, only suitable, unsuitable.Usually under 200A welding machine, welding current is not more than 100 amperes, lighter air cooling welding gun is adopted, the welding gun is light in weight and can reduce the labor intensity of welding personnel. Suitable for welding small current thin parts.Welding torch larger than 100A welding current and high power industrial tungsten arc welding torch. With more complex water-cooled welding torch, the loss of tungsten and other vulnerable parts can be reduced due to water cooling, and the arc column stability is stable. Suitable for welding heavy workpieces and high current continuous welding. The disadvantage is that the welding gun is bulky, increasing the labor intensity of welding personnel; the welding gun is more expensive; the water pressure must be up to the rated value before welding.
Q:Can the ZX7-400B be used as an argon arc welding machine?
Yes, it can be used with an argon arc welding torch with a switching interface and a trachea, but the effect is not very good, or a special argon arc welder is recommended.Argon arc welding is a special welding machine, which needs argon and water cooling.
Q:Can 380V three-phase argon arc welding machine be changed into 220V single-phase?
1, you can change;2, plus phase-shifting capacitor, power will decline.
Q:Argon arc welding machine does not arc, protection lamp is bright
The red light may have two kinds: the machine in 1. due to overheating, overload long time machine heat is too high due to thermal protection, machine level stop output, the red light, then we used to call "thermal protection lights," 2. machine level fault or misoperation fault at the machine level will stop output, red light we used, called "fault light"The difference between the two: when the red light, has been unable to welding, then do not turn off the power by the cooling fan operation, observed a few minutes, such as red light welding and output, proved to be thermal protection, can continue to work, if long time light does not extinguish, the machine is still no output, must promptly turn off the power to exclude faultMost current models are used only to show the red light Lei of the above two cases, so it should be the correct identification, timely treatment for reference.
Q:Can argon arc welding machine be changed into common DC welder?
It is difficult to change DC argon arc welding machine into ordinary DC welder.Mainly looking at argon arc welding machine is inverter, or traditional silicon rectifier (which is relatively large volume, which kind of heavy)?.If it is inverter, it is not good to change, and if it is silicon rectifier, the transformer directly connected directly to the secondary, the line out of it.Inverter argon arc welding machine is using argon as shielding gas, tungsten as electrode, by the electric arc generated between tungsten electrode and welding, heating and melting of the parent material (adding wire was melting) welding method of machine. Argon is used to protect weld metal and tungsten electrode bath in the arc heating region without air oxidation. It is suitable for carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, refractory metal aluminum and aluminum magnesium alloy, copper and copper alloy, titanium and titanium alloy, and thin plate 0.1mm, and can carry out a full range of welding, especially for complex welding inaccessible parts etc..
Q:What are the characteristics of rotary DC arc welding machine?
The machine is composed of engine (diesel or gasoline generator (drive), single-phase or three-phase AC arc welder,) and composition, is a set of power generation, power supply and power as an independent power system, can be used as a generator, and can be used as a welding machine, which is called generating welding machine.
Q:What argon arc welding machine is used for welding water tank?
Welding machine 1500, common argon arc welding machine
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