Vertical Submersible Axial Flow / Mixed Flow Sewage Pump

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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)

  • Model Number: QZ(QH)

  • Theory: Axial Flow Pump

  • Structure: Axial-Flow /mixed Flow

  • Usage: Water

  • Power: Electric

  • Standard or Nonstandard: Standard

  • Pressure: Low Pressure

  • Application: Submersible Sewage

  • Flow: 500 - 30,888cbm/h

  • Head: 4 - 21m

  • Medium temperature: 0 - 60°C

  • Operation pressure: ≤10bar

  • Diameter: 350 - 1,600mm

  • website:

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Wooden-pallet
Delivery Detail:45-60 days



Submersible Axial-Flow/Mixed-Flow Sewage Pump
a) Flow: 500 - 30,888cbm/h
b) Head: 4 - 21m
ISO certificate
CE certificate

Submersible Axial-Flow/Mixed-Flow Sewage Pump.

1) Features:
a) High efficiency
b) Submersible
c) Reliable structure and performance
d) Cost saving

2) Applications:
a) Industry & agriculture
b) Water supply for cities
c) Mild sewage drainage
d) Water transfer project

3) Technical data:
a) Flow: 500 - 30,888cbm/h
b) Head: 4 - 21m
c) Medium temperature: 0 - 60°C
d) Operation pressure: ≤10bar
e) Diameter: 350 - 1,600mm



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Q:Is there any problem with my water pump?
Jet pumps aren't particularly efficient, and at 10 years of age, it could be worn. However, the water table might be dropping, too (this is happening in a lot of places), and that alone could explain the longer time. Submersible pumps are much for efficient but more expensive to install.
Q:Are submersible water pumps silent?
Submersible water pumps are totally submersible. They are encased watertight. Mainly, since they are submerged inside a well away from the house, even if the made a little noise, you wouldn't hear it unless maybea bearing was bad, or the brushes were bad. When your pressure tank is filling, you can hear a little hum (IF you are at the scene of where the tank is. If you are talking about a sump pump that you use to pump standing water, say, out of your basement, since it is portable and awkward, there might be a racket when it is running. Papaw
Q:furnace water pump spraying water?
Blue pump, usually found on the floor near the furnace (sometimes mounted where plenum meets the furnace frame) is a condensate pump. One of the products of combustion is water. This water is drained from the ventor motor (a motor which runs and sets a artificial draft inside the combustion chamber) to a drain nearby or a electric pump which then pumps the water over a longer distance to a remote drain. If the pump's discharge outlet gets plugged from dirt the result is usually the mess you see. Remove the cover plate of the pump housing, clean it out and run a wire with a small rag attached as a snake through the tube to drain. There is usually some type of float switch inside the pump housing so make sure it is free to move. Check for operation by pouring some tap water in it and move the float switch to on (up) One final note and this is very important. If the pump or tube to drain is filled up with a crud that resembles paste, call your local trusted HVAC tech for furnace service. This condition can be an early sign of heat exchanger failure and is a major safety concern for your family
Q:About how much would it cost to replace a water pump for a 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo LS including labor?
Don't go blowing cash on a water pump just yet; It may be just a leaking radiator or heater hose. It would be wise to change the thermostat and check the condition of the coolant. (right here before summer) Perhaps pressure test the cooling system...that will tell you right away if the impeller seal is bad in the water pump. Check the radiator hoses at that time... replace as necessary. if your (assumed) coolant leak is right around the passenger front wheel the pressure test could possibly reveal a freeze plug leak. (replacement required to fix that) The labor will cost around $150 plus/minus $20.-and thats not even a good guess. I tell you this: if you were in my circle of friends, I would do it for nothing: Thats what people do for each other. Anybody that knows you that has the tools and ability should do the same... Try this: if you have your oil changed at a quick lube, ask the manager which one of his guys would be qualified for such a sidejob... any gearhead will jump at he chance to help a lady out make sure the job is done right instead of some greasemonkey f*cking it up. It will cost you much less than standard labor rate and the extra coinage in his pocket doesn't hurt. I'm not bagging repair shops, they deserve to make a living too, but every nickle counts nowdays... Let him diagnose the problem(s), take him to Oreilleys to make sure you get the right parts, and buy him lunch..... Enjoy your overheated car and related repairs will turn it sour in a hurry. (edit) wow,... if you have the dexcool, then yes thats orange. There's not anything on that side of the vehicle that would be that color. short of discolored and moldy a/c condensation (highly unlikely) if its brake fluid you would know it by now. power steering is red or clear, Even though I consider myself highly experienced, I'm stumped.
Q:water well pumps?
It should be possible, it would be best if both pumps were identical. They should be hooked up in parallel to increase flow rate.
Q:Where can I get the best deal for Spectre 4480 Water Pump Pulley Shim Kit?
You can purchase the Spectre 4480 Water Pump Pulley Shim Kit from OKorder for the heavily discounted price of $1.02. That's a full 83% or $4.97 off the list sticker price for this item. The product features: * Provides proper drive belt alignment with water pump * Fixed between the water pump pulley and drive flange * Shims pulley out 1/16, 1/8, or 3/16 for proper alignment * 3 shims per kit If you're interested in taking advantage of this great offer, visit the link below.
Q:what are the symtoms of a bad water pump? the temperature gauge!! Yes...the pump could be bad too. How's the radiator fluid level?? Topped off?
Q:What are submersible water pumps?
It means the pump goes under water.
Q:Are meziere electric water pumps reliable?
Meziere Electric Water Pump
Q:How to tell when to replace water pump?
Water pumps are very simple. They only fail if 1) They spring a leak, 2) Their bearing freezes up, or 3) Their drive belt breaks or slips. I'd suspect the thermostat first, a clogged radiator second, or a bad electric fan or relay. They are easy to replace on most pre-1960's cars, and a complete hassle on many newer models. Good luck with the project.

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