Seawater Submersible Pump

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Product Description:

Type description:

Take AT350QH450-115/5 as an example

AT: brand name

350: minimum well inner diameter that can apply to (mm)

Q: submersible

H: seawater

450: flow capacity (m3/h)

115: head (m)    5: impellers


AT350QH series submersible pump for seawater is suitable for offshore platform fire-fighting, thermal dissipation, seawater desalinization, seawater lifting, coastal square fountain, mariculture and attemperation as ground source heat pump in coastal area.

Technical parameter:

Max. outer diameter: 330mm; Outlet diameter: DN200

Outlet connection parameter: 12 threaded studs M16×75, bolts center distance:256mm.

In order to install easily, we particularly have equipped with a matching flange (outer diameter: 282mm, inter diameter: 220mm, thickness:20mm) consistent to the outlet.

Medium Range:

1 All kinds of seawater, alkaline corrosive water, clean water, cold water, rainwater, gushing water of mining, drinking water, etc.

2 Water temperature range: +5--+25

3 Solid content (mass ratio): ≤0.01%

4 PH: 7.9-8.6

5 Full set should be submerged in water.

Motor Parameter:

The submersible motor is lubricated by clean water. It must be filled with clean water or its service life will be lessen. If you forget filling, the motor will be broken.

Motor protection level: IPX8

Power Source:

Voltage: 380v, frequency: 50Hz or Voltage:660v, frequency:50Hz

If you need special voltage or frequency, please inform us in advance.


Impeller: tin bronze, such as ZCuSn3Zn8Pb6Ni1

Pump bowl: tin bronze, such as ZCuSn3Zn8Pb6Ni1

Pump shaft: stainless steel 316L. Filter: 316L.  Bolt:316  Flange:316

End bell (upper and lower): 316;  Middle part:316   Motor shaft:316

Motor Seal: Rubber O-ring seal, mechanical seal

Motor regulating sleeve: rubber


1 Easy installation

2 Low noise, multistage

3 Built-in check valve avoiding water hammer impact.

4 High head with single stage, strong stability, the shaft diameter φ50mm, improving the equipment’s torsional property. Bearing liner is made of natural rubber and more wear-resisting, meanwhile we attach with imported hard bearing liner.


AT350QH series submersible pump for seawater (including the body and motor), built-in check valve, 1 flange matching outlet, 12 threaded studs M16×75, 1 maintenance instruction, 1 conformity certificate,1 packing list, external packing.

Friendly reminder:

For the customers’ convenience and our products’ quality, all the related products are manufactured by ourselves. The products detailed information are as follows:

a.         All kinds of lifting pipes including high-frequency welded pipes (dia.25mm-500mm); Connection type: flange connection, screw connection and clamp connection. They are made accurately by machine tools.

b.        Pipe clamp: the length is 50mm-500mm (we can produce the other different spans according to your requirements).

c.         Wellhead devices: return flow wellhead instruments (applied to ground source heat pump), general pump seat (we have innovated and designed this kind of pump seat by replacing the original iron castings with steel plate welding; the cable lead-in hole has also been improved by substituting the U hole for middle lead-in hole, thus making more convenient for the customers.)

d.        Desanderavoiding blocking and polluting by sand in water. And it contributes to long service life.

e.        Related products: submersible cable, starting cabinet, frequency conversion cabinet, transformer, electric generating set, etc.

f.          According to the conditions on the spot, we also supply the design proposals about pipe network, tank and installation.

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Q:does aquarium pump go in water?
NO the air stone is connected by airline tubing. The airstone should be in the water, the pump out.
Q:98 Toyota Camry water pump replacement?
1998 Toyota Camry Water Pump
Q:Water pump going bad?
you can try to see if the pump is working before you start after it has been sitting ...make sure it is NOT HOT take the radiator cap off start the car and let it run when it warms up the water will start to circulate through the radiator you can see it with the cap off if the is then the pump is working ... check hoses again to make sure they are tight keep an I on your gauge if it starts to get hot it might be the pump or the thermostat itself if in doubt take it another mechanic and get a second opinion
Q:what is the best water pump?
Lots of house booster systems available. Just ask.
Q:show procedure remove water pump 1995 honda accord?
If you have an overheat problem the water pump IS NOT your problem. Save money and go to a RADIATOR SHOP and get an answer to your problem. Guessing is very expensive.
Q:Should I, Or should I not Replace a Toyota Water Pump?
Your caught between the devil and deep blue sea! Everything is apart including the water-pump. It's not a bad idea to have it changes as long as they're past it to change the timing belt. My dad had a reverse issue with his Avalon which has the same motor as yours. The water-pump was leaking so he went ahead and changed the timing belt @ 67,000 miles. Do as you please! the water pump is extremely easy to change when and if you need it done. The ball is in your court! Personally I don't have a lot of faith in Toyota water-pumps. My wife had to change the one on her 04 Camry @ 83,000 miles. No timing belt on the four cylinder motors after 2,001.
Q:Is something wrong with my water pump?
you do not purchase an element like that from OKorder. you purchase it from autozone or a save the position you are able to take it again if it truly is no longer the right one. bypass to the autozone website, save your vehicle it is going to pull up what's accessible for that area grant you with a cost. then you actually can bypass purchase it on the shop. i love their web site too because you are able to type in 'sensor' it is going to pull up each and each of the sensors for that vehicle. That facilitates at the same time as attempting to be sure out what it would want to be. Btw, you want to scrape the engine block floor incredibly good with a razor blade a putty knife in all likelihood use some type of solvent to sparkling it or you'll remorseful about it. do no longer purchase a remanufactured water pump both. you'd be redoing it in 5 yrs. Oh i meant you may want to in case you hardly ever rigidity the vehicle, yet no longer in case you rigidity it commonplace.
Q:Which water pump set has more vertical suction / lift.?
there is no way to tell from those numbers which one has more suction lift capacity. You would need the pump curves and see what the NPSHR is for each pump.
Q:Could I replace a water pump myself?
The pump has a weep hole. Once the seal has been damaged by slack from bad bearings, it will begin to leak most car owners begin to weep. If you have a general tool set,i.e. sockets ratchets wrenches, you should be able to change it. Some vehicles require removing several componets to get to the water pump. If that is your case, Make notes of any wires removed, label them, keep the bolts for each individual componet separate from the others. Some bolts are different sizes lengths. Keep good notes. Be sure clean all the old gasket material off before the new install.
Q:Help...Need a replacement water pump for my BioCube?
ok before replacing have you cleaned the inside, and if there are air bubbles comming out it is because it is running dry. Basically all biocubes do this, the filter pad is slowing down the water too much, so either rince it well or replace it. Also i would wash out the blue sponge right before the pump as that can hold alot of dirt as well. Then if not add more water. But if you want to replace the pump, try via aqua water pumps. they tend to be the best. owner of the BC 29 and BC 14

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