Vertical Injection Molding Machine JYT- 4S

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$8,000.00 - 15,000.00 / set
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1 set
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20 set/month

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    Product Description


Injection SystemScrew  Diametermm222530
Lnjection Pressurekg/cm132210982170
Max.Shot Weight(PS)(PS)g384999
Screw Strokemm100
Screw  Speed Maxrpm0-215
nozzle contact forcetons2
Nozzle Retraction Strokemm130
Number or Temperature Control-2-3
Material Hopper  Capacity&15
clamping systemClamping Forcetons15
Platen Sizemm430*290
Distance  Between  Tie Baremm320*180
Min.Mold Heightmm100/160
Opening Strokemm160
Max.Open Daylightmm260/320
Ejector Forcetons1.3
Ejector Strokemm45
slipform systemSlide StrOkemm 260
Max.Mold Weightkg60
Station Clearancemm±0.02
Max.Hydraulic Pressureliters/min140
Hydraulic power systemPump Outputmm23
Oil.Reservoir CapacityKg80
Cooling Water Consumptionkw400-600
Pump Motor Powerkw4
Barrel Heating Powerkw2
Total Wattagekw6
othersMachine Weighttons0.7/0.8/0.9
Machine Dimensionsm1.55*0.9*2.35



Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Inner: Poly bag; Outer: standard export wooden cases(fumigation-free)
Delivery Detail:20 days after confirming top stop, pin & box design



Vertical Injection Molding Machine JYT- 4S

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Q:Seek advice! Is there a better low-pressure injection molding machine? After the sale well, which friends can introduce, thank you!
Let me introduce you to a good oneChasing the answerAs far as I know, the low pressure injection molding machine produced by Connie Technology Co., Ltd. is especially good and provides full range of technical support, which is rich in New Technology
Q:What is the working principle of injection molding machine?
Q:How does the product mix?
Friends note plastic flowers (silver or silver) of good hope to help Silver good resolution Production of raw materials: good drying. The heating barrel degassing Liang (water, gas, volatile, etc.), gas burning retention solutions, mould heating involved (including type changes are good flesh) shaped silver prototype surface show silver floating flow area not only limited traces of silver near the gate of primary and reflected out parts closely related, must understandTwo. Production: the so-called silver silver diagram shown in figure refers to the molten resin in bubbles, tensile effect of muscle strips flow marks because of the appearance of the silver bullion that look like muscle strips
Q:Which machine of imported injection machine is good?
2. Japanese machines. NISSEI Nissei, the Japanese steel JSW, FANUC FANUC, Ube, Toyo Toyo, Toshiba Toshiba, Sichuan KAWAGUCHI, Sichuan, MITSUBISHI Mitsubishi, Sumitomo Sumitomo, Niigata Niigata, Sadegh (Sodick), Wu Ling, a machine (meiki).
Q:Eternal life injection molding machine screen blue screen what is the reason?
DKM high speed injection molding machine can be a reboot, complete all reset
Q:Injection molding machine...
1. are you fully automated? If it's fully automated, then you'll be able to record each exception from minutes to minutes, so you know your abnormal hours. If it is semi-automatic production, it depends on the boot staff, the door is not stable, this can be seen inside the injection molding machine.
Q:How many tons is the injection machine of 4 Ann?
Ann is the name of Hongkong in the last century. Ann means the amount of injection, and tons, that is, clamping force. generally speaking3 Ann -----60T4 Ann -----90T7 Ann -----120T10 Ann -----160T14 Ann -----210T17 Ann -----250T
Q:How does the injection machine set up the die segments and the pressure and speed of each segment? Seek advice.
Simple injection molding closed mold process is divided into start - Fast - low pressure - high pressure four processes,Among them, the starting speed should be low speed and low voltage (usually 30% or less 40bar), the distance is about 5-10mm, and then enter the fast closed die process.Medium speed (40%-60%) and medium pressure (30-50bar) should be used in fast closed die. The distance is longer, the distance begins at low voltage protection, and the position is not finished.
Q:How to change the suction filter core of injection molding machine?
This is simple,The first ready to stop operation of filter, filter box machine behind the clockwise turn can be replaced, not what skills
Q:What are the main parts of an injection molding machine?
(1) the function of injection system in injection molding system: injection system is one of the most important parts of injection molding machine. There are 3 main forms, plunger type, screw type, screw type, pre plastic plunger and injection type. Screw type is the most widely used at present. It is, in a circular plastic injection machine, within a specified time will be a certain number of plastic heating plasticization, pressure and velocity in the screw, through the molten plastic is injected into the mold cavity. At the end of the injection, the melt is injected into the mold cavity to retain the shape. Injection system: injection system consists of plasticizing device and power transmission device. The plasticizing device of screw type injection molding machine is mainly composed of feeding device, material barrel, screw rod and nozzle. The power transmission device includes an injection cylinder, an injection seat, a moving cylinder, and a screw drive device (a melt motor). (2) the function of the die closing system: the function of the die closing system is to ensure the die closing, opening and ejection. At the same time, in the mold closed, to give the mold enough clamping force, in order to resist the molten plastic into the mold cavity cavity pressure, to prevent the mold slit, resulting in the bad situation of the product. The die making system consists of a die clamping device, a die adjusting mechanism, an ejector mechanism, a front and rear clamping plate, a moving die plate, a die cylinder and a safety protection mechanism.

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