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Plastic Injection Molding Machine

(1) Energy savig

(2) Multi component injection molding

(3) Lower power

Plastic Injection  Molding Machine

LN Yes series energy saving  servo injection  molding machine  , for pursuing more excellent operating performance flexibility and  stability . LN develop BMB miniature controller . The controller is adopting   400M high speed CPU , which can equip with semi-closure or full   closure system . Plus personality graphic operation interface, curve online testing function and central network connection management ,ample SPCquality management interface , it is absolutely the best tol to make profit .


1. Different material and application supply variety of screw and barrel.

2. Injection unit adopts liner guide rail built in carriage cylinder. 

3. Increase the speed and saves power from 20% ~50%  depending upon the molding.

4. Double carriage  cylinder  is adopted to ensure injection stable.  

5. New design small volume ,with high efficient heat exchanger maintain the hydraulic oil temperature stable .

6. Optimized template design, improve the rigidity and precision of mold. 

7. Adopt special macromolecule and self lubrication platen guide , can easy adjust the height balance the weight durable and clean.

8. Latest design invisible and adjustment free mechanical safety, interlock device safety.

9. Programmable central lubrication system for high efficiency and low maintenance .

10.  A hydraulic motor drives a planetary gear  ensure perfect rigid mold .

11. Ensure clean environment decrease maintenance cost and pollution


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Q:The injection molding machine does not store the material to do so,
When the material storage, you look at the nozzle has no material, if there is no transfer under the pressure, if you look at the material hopper have feed tube material, if there are very thick material in the hopper below the card down to the tube without glue, will have to screw in the back. Not always
Q:What kinds of lubricants are used in the injection molding machine?
Centralized lubrication tank, we usually use the Haitian 00# advanced special grease, which will not thicken in the pipeline, the main and the next oil pump can work properly.
Q:What does injection pressure mean?
Formation of back pressure in injection moldingFirst, the formation of back pressureIn the process of melting and plasticizing of plastics, the melt moves to the front of the barrel and more and more, gradually forming a pressure to push the screw back. In order to prevent the screw from backing too fast and to ensure uniform compaction of the melt, it is necessary to provide an opposite direction of pressure to the screw, which is the reverse pressure that prevents the screw from retreating. Back pressure is also known as plasticizing pressure, and its control is achieved by adjusting the oil return valve of the injection cylinder. Pre injection plasticizing screw injection molding machine is equipped with the rear end of the oil cylinder back pressure valve, regulating screw back when the injection cylinder oil cylinder speed, to maintain a certain pressure; shift speed screw motor after (resistance) is composed of AC servo valve control.Two, proper adjustment of the benefits of back pressure1, can melt inside the barrel compaction, increase density, improve the stability of injection quantity, weight and size of the products. 2. The gas in the melt can be extruded to reduce the gas, the inner bubbles and the gloss uniformity of the products. Slow speed screw back, so that melt inside the barrel full plasticizing, mixing and melting toner, color uniformity, avoid product color mixing phenomenon. 3, slow speed screw back, so that melt inside the barrel full plasticizing, mixing and melting toner, color uniformity, avoid product color mixing phenomenon. 4, appropriately increase the back pressure, can improve the product surface shrinkage and product periphery walk glue situation. 5. It can raise the temperature of molten material, improve the plasticizing quality of melt material, improve the fluidity of melt filling, and no cold glue on the surface of the melt.
Q:Structure and principle of motor oil injection motor 5O
Q:How do I adjust the injection molding machine?
The distribution of each position and velocity, if familiar with the products of the case, according to the previously adjusted product size, short range, reducing the pressure and speed, the adjusted number of a few know it, and then slowly add pressure and velocity, and material. Process debugging did not say big products, good tune or small products good tune, this with your craft level, material, mold, equipment and so on have the factor.
Q:How can the neutron pipe of Haitian injection machine be connected?
In general, the electromagnetic valve thimble interface neutron and neutron valve plate are generally divided into a plurality of groups of solenoid valve into the oil outlet (i.e. neutron and choose one) on the import interface on a test at a glance. If the action is wrong, the oil pipe can be switched on
Q:What products can be produced by injection molding machine?
we can choose to do energy-saving energy-saving servo servo injection molding machine, has become an industry trend of energy-saving injection molding machine, Levin Bullock company as a professional manufacturer of servo energy-saving injection molding machine, the successful transformation of hundreds of cases, the average energy saving rate is more than 50%, free trial, free to do the program, customer service warranty of two years, to speak with the effect, if you have other questions, you can Baidu A bit of "servo energy efficiency", that has their official website. Can do a detailed understanding.
Q:Introduction of injection molding machine
Introduction of YX - ZR injection molding machine on the internet:The leading products of the company are YX-ZR series single stage capacity increasing injection molding machines and their injection products. The core technology of super large single step type compatibilizing injection molding machine developed by key institutions with independent intellectual property rights, breaks through the traditional structure design of injection molding machine limitations, and consumption premise are significantly reduced in weight and energy, realize the large capacity injection, the production of large injection molding is possible.Application of injection moulding machine (example of producing products)(1) all injection trays (silo, backing plate);(two) full injection moulding of building formwork and waterproof partition of concrete building;(three) full injection molding and assembling ton box;(four) full injection, hot melt and electric melting large pipe fittings;(five) full injection, boat body, furniture and earthquake activity room;(six) full injection molding isolating piers for road safety.YX-ZR series single step type compatibilizing injection molding machine due to the single step type compatibilizing injection and wedge locking system, the screw and the international advance injection, two-stage or multi-stage compatibilizing injection combined with traditional injection molding machine toggle clamping system has its advantages compared to Aaron than:First, the weight of the whole machine is reduced by more than 50% compared with the traditional machine, and the manufacturing cost of the equipment is fundamentally reduced;
Q:What is the average life span of an injection molding machine?
Depreciation 10 years, good maintenance can use more than 10 years, the general 5 years there will be such and such problems, mainly hardware problems. If the injection machine functions like a car, it will take longer to maintain.
Q:Large injection molding machine to block reuse
This piece of material called die materials, is one of the raw materials for the production of renewable materials, first with a chainsaw broken down into small pieces, cut into particles in the melt drawing, or put small smash directly, really help you look forward to adopt,

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