Injection Molding Machine 600 Tons

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Detailed Product Description of 600 TONS Injection Moulding Machine


Model HXW588 with Variable Pump


Shot weight 1688 to 2430 gram


Injection machine with Variable pump, power and energy saving



Main specification of 600 TONS Injection Moulding Machine


Screw A


Screw B


Screw C


Screw D


Injection Unit


Screw Diameter












Screw L/D Ratio












Shot Volume (theoretical)












Injection Weight (PS)






















Injection Rate












Plasticizing Capacity












Injection Pressure












Screw Speed






Clamping Unit


Clamp Force






Toggle Stroke






Max. Mold Height






Min. Mold Height






Space Between Tie Bars (W×H)






Ejector Force






Ejector Stroke






Ejector Numbers








Max Pump Pressure






Pump Motor Power






Heater Power






Machine Dimension (L×W×H)






Machine Weight






Oil tank capacity






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Q:What are the features of servo motors for injection molding machines?
1. faster response, higher accuracy. DKM servo energy-saving injection molding machine servo motor, from static to reach the rated speed only 30ms, low pressure, low flow repeatability of repeatability is + 0.5%, while avoiding the frequency inverter motor hysteresis. Compared with the traditional injection molding machine, the speed response of its pressure and flow is only about 0.03s, not only can significantly improve the repeatability accuracy, and position accuracy of less than 0.1mm.2. molding cycle shorter, more efficient. Due to the use of servo motors, the injection molding machine each action start and stop time less, and canceled the proportional valve, reducing the hydraulic leakage, faster.3. motor energy consumption is lower. Compared to the traditional asynchronous motor about 80% of the efficiency, the same power of the device, the servo motor efficiency of more than 90%, more energy savings.4., the traditional motor startup, its current is 5 times the normal operation, and DKM servo energy-saving injection molding machine using soft start mode, it will not impact on the grid.5. water saving and fuel saving. The system has high efficiency, can effectively avoid the oil temperature rise, and the water cooling capacity decreases, the temperature range is reduced, thereby reducing the hydraulic oil replacement rate. Through the discovery of tube manufacturers tracking survey, the equipment within one year only in the summer 10~20 days need to use cooling water and cooling water by using only the traditional injection molding machine 1/3.6. lower noise. Servo injection molding machine is the main noise sources of power system, power system, servo motor and gear pump because of the characteristics of the decision itself the noise is very small, so that the noise of injection molding machine equipped with the system is very small.
Q:What is a vertical injection molding machine?
Vertical injection molding machine:1 、 vertical non column lock mold, horizontal injection molding, mold three sides open, more convenient and safe operation.2 、 injection pressure, torque hydraulic motor control, large spiral torque, high pre plastic, the system pressure by the proportional valve control.3, multi section pressure output, pressure sensitive, accurate and accurate.4 、 can install single, double slide, turntable system to improve production efficiency.5, suitable for the production of large doses of brain glue.
Q:How much is the ejection rate of injection molding machine?
Under normal circumstances, 3---10 almost, special when the special appropriate tune
Q:Commissioning process of injection molding machine
When we receive a set of moulds, we need to choose the machine according to the size of the mold, the clamping force and the size of the glue.Determine the type of machine before you enter the real tune. (the premise is that the machine is normal.)1. we first beer 10 beer water board plastic pieces (not go together -- about 95% of the full plastic glue), set the appropriate pressure to ensure that the actual pressure below the set (high pressure), starting from the highest rate of 99%, and then gradually reduce an amount equal to (10%) 10 plastic beer beer. - (constant pressure, rate of change of each separated by 10% to complete the 10 beer beer).2. record the filling time of each beer and the injection peak pressure.
Q:What is the temperature of the NH, H and HP on the injection machine screen?
Injection molding machine in the lock mode, the thimble is to look back, not open mold, to see if the parameters are set incorrectly, press the mold opening, the volume of mold opening valve, there is no electricity
Q:What are the main plastics used for injection molding?
For injection, give you twelve months.PP polypropylenePE PolyethylenePVC PVCPS polystyreneABS acrylonitrile butadiene styrenePA nylonEVA ethylene vinyl acetate
Q:The problem of injection molding machine! Fifty
This kind of injection molding machine is mainly used to produce thin-walled products, increasing the motor and nitrogen auxiliary, pressurization and acceleration
Q:Which machine of imported injection machine is good?
The European machine, perhaps, Engel Engel (Austria) Netstal (Switzerland) for resistance to Germany has a lot of, Barton Phil Battenfeld, Krauss-Maffei (KRAUSS-MAFFEI), Demage Demag, Minera Cro Milacron, Albemarle (Arburg) (Italy), the new multi BOY expertise is a small machine for producing high precision, precision can reach 0. 0009 grams is on display in germany. REMU, SIG. Haski Husky is mainly to the forefront as the hot runner, but it won the Pepsi and coca production system, once the producers of 8000 tons of the largest injection molding machine, a good brand, Canadian enterprises, a factory in Shanghai. And Cincinnati Cincinnati (USA)
Q:Injection molding machine products shrink, how to solve?
The working principle of injection molding machine and injection syringe with similar, it is the use of screw (or piston) thrust, the plasticizing good molten state (i.e. viscous flow) plastic injected into the mold cavity closed good after curing stereotypesmade the process of the products. Injection molding is a cycle process, each cycle mainly includes: quantitative feeding - melt plasticization - pressure injection - mold cooling - die opening pieces. Take out the plastic parts and then close the die for the next cycle. Action procedure: die, pre molding, pour, retract, nozzle (nozzle forward), injection, pressure protection, nozzle (back of nozzle), cooling, mold opening, ejecting, opening, taking the workpiece, closing the door, closing the mould, closing the mould, closing the mould, closing the door, closing the mould and closing the mould.Product shrinkage problem, if it does not involve other reasons, only injection molding process, the holding pressure is the most critical factor. Is the purpose of holding pressure when the screw after the injection, and exert a certain strength to the screw is held in place for a period of time, namely after injection and then squeeze some material into the cavity and prevent plastic reflux is not solidified completely to shrink. Keep the pressure big, the density of the plastic in the cavity is big, the surface is smooth and full. Shrinkage is positively related to size. Position, pressure, speed, the relationship between the three is connected, and in the adjustment of the machine should be based on the size of the product, the location of glue points, methods, raw materials, types and so on. For example, PC material, poor liquidity, injection molding must use high speed, high pressure, or easy to fight. And nylon or PP, the speed is too fast, the lack of mold exhaust, it is easy to generate coke.
Q:What are the main parts of an injection molding machine?
(1) the function of injection system in injection molding system: injection system is one of the most important parts of injection molding machine. There are 3 main forms, plunger type, screw type, screw type, pre plastic plunger and injection type. Screw type is the most widely used at present. It is, in a circular plastic injection machine, within a specified time will be a certain number of plastic heating plasticization, pressure and velocity in the screw, through the molten plastic is injected into the mold cavity. At the end of the injection, the melt is injected into the mold cavity to retain the shape. Injection system: injection system consists of plasticizing device and power transmission device. The plasticizing device of screw type injection molding machine is mainly composed of feeding device, material barrel, screw rod and nozzle. The power transmission device includes an injection cylinder, an injection seat, a moving cylinder, and a screw drive device (a melt motor). (2) the function of the die closing system: the function of the die closing system is to ensure the die closing, opening and ejection. At the same time, in the mold closed, to give the mold enough clamping force, in order to resist the molten plastic into the mold cavity cavity pressure, to prevent the mold slit, resulting in the bad situation of the product. The die making system consists of a die clamping device, a die adjusting mechanism, an ejector mechanism, a front and rear clamping plate, a moving die plate, a die cylinder and a safety protection mechanism.
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