TYW-128 Horizontal Plastic Injection Machine

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 Packaging & Delivery Of TYW-128 Horizontal Plastic Injection Machine

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Specifications Of TYW-128 Horizontal Plastic Injection Machine

TYW-128 plastic Injection  Machine    
Injection Unit AC
Screw Diametermm353842
Screw L/D ratioL/D23.82219.9
Injection Capacity in theorycm3154181222
Injection Weight(ps)g143168206
Injection PressureMpa219186152
Injection Rateg/s87102126
Plasticizing Capacityg/s131619
Screw speedrpm200
Clamping Unit 
Clamping Forcekn1280
Moving mould-plate strokemm350
Max.Mould Heightmm400
Min. Mould Heightmm150
Space between tie-barsmm410x370
Hydraulic Ejector Forcekn38
Hydraulic Ejector Strokemm110
Ejector Numbern5
Pump PressureMPa16
Motor PowerkW13
Heating CapacitykW7.86
Machine Dimensionm4.34x1.29x1.86
Machine Weightt3.5

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Q:What's the difference between high-speed injection molding machine and ordinary injection molding machine?
Tell the injection machine to reach 550mm/s speed to meet the high efficiency and high performance products
Q:Injection molding machine melt when the screw speed is particularly slow, what is the reason for the oil pound pressure is small?
First, check the adhesive motor, the small return pipe is not a big return, and if so, the melt motor is broken
Q:Quanlifa injection molding machine can replace the barrel and screw size
Screw barrel size can change, but can not change too much, too big to carry motor and screw will not rotate, change is too small, you have to look at the ratio of length to diameter, ratio of length to diameter is too large, easily broken screw.
Q:The higher the screw speed of the injection molding machine, the higher the oil temperature
The higher the screw speed of the injection machine, the higher the oil temperature, which is normal, because the screw will rotate continuously and friction of the material, friction will produce heat. We generally cold water machine injection molding machine can be equipped with a mechanical product in Europe, so can increase oil temperature control.
Q:How to deal with the temperature instability of injection molding machine 10
Hello:You can lower the feed rate a little, and there is a big wear on the material and the cylinder.
Q:90T's injection molding machine.
Type 1: quantitative pump type, 8.5 sure save power, clamping force is the same, because the system pressure is roughly 140-160KG, the speed will be slower, the power is small, determines the displacement of the oil pump smaller.
Q:What brands of injection molding machines are there in Taiwan?
Taiwan Yasu, Zhenxiong Taiwan, Taichung, quanlifa, fuqiangxin, brand of plastic injection molding machine to query.
Q:What are the famous brands of injection molding machines?
The best is Germany, Abog (formerly known as Albemarle, but by others to register the ARBURG)Other brands in Germany: Baden, field, BATTENFELD, Demag, DEMAGAustria: ENGELJapanese brands: Toshiba TOSHIBA, Japan TOYO, MITSUBISHI MITSUBISHI, Sumitomo SEDU, FANUC FANUC, Niigata NIIGATA, Nippon Steel JSW, NISSEI NISSEI and UBE UbeAmerican brand: Cincinnati CINCINNATIDomestic or Hong Kong and Taiwan: Haitian, Zhen Xiong, Jia Ming, Donghua and so on
Q:How to adjust the injection molding machine, how to solve the shrinkage of injection molding products?
The reasons for design and improvement measures are shown in the following table:1, head of cross section is too small to increase head cross section2, head is too long to shorten the head3, the nozzle hole is too small to increase the diameter of the nozzle4, head office will open in the thin head positioning in the thick wall5, excessive accumulation of materials to avoid material accumulation6, the wall / tendon section is not reasonable, providing a reasonable ratio of the wall / tendon sectionTo sum up, from the aspects of processing parameters, first consider the injection molding machine to maintain pressure.
Q:What are the main parts of an injection molding machine?
(1) the function of injection system in injection molding system: injection system is one of the most important parts of injection molding machine. There are 3 main forms, plunger type, screw type, screw type, pre plastic plunger and injection type. Screw type is the most widely used at present. It is, in a circular plastic injection machine, within a specified time will be a certain number of plastic heating plasticization, pressure and velocity in the screw, through the molten plastic is injected into the mold cavity. At the end of the injection, the melt is injected into the mold cavity to retain the shape. Injection system: injection system consists of plasticizing device and power transmission device. The plasticizing device of screw type injection molding machine is mainly composed of feeding device, material barrel, screw rod and nozzle. The power transmission device includes an injection cylinder, an injection seat, a moving cylinder, and a screw drive device (a melt motor). (2) the function of the die closing system: the function of the die closing system is to ensure the die closing, opening and ejection. At the same time, in the mold closed, to give the mold enough clamping force, in order to resist the molten plastic into the mold cavity cavity pressure, to prevent the mold slit, resulting in the bad situation of the product. The die making system consists of a die clamping device, a die adjusting mechanism, an ejector mechanism, a front and rear clamping plate, a moving die plate, a die cylinder and a safety protection mechanism.

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