Vertical Injection Molding Machine Plastic Injection Machinery TA-1200

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$28,000.00 / unit
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TT or LC
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1 unit
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6000 unit/month

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Product Description:

TA-Double color series

We has extensive manufacturiing experience and advance control technology on double-color injection molding machine,many double-color machine types,such as fixed,slide,rotary and etc.,were developed to satisfy costomers'veriant product/process request


Main Features of Vertical Injection Molding Machine  TA-1200S

- Vertical four-column clamping
- Vertical injection
- Clamping force 12-2000Tons
- Injection Qty 300g-3000g
- Convenient for embedding parts


Parameters of Vertical Injection Molding Machine  TA-1200S

Machine Type




Screw Diameter




Injection PreDSure




Theoretical Injection Volume




Max.Shot Weight(PS)




Injection speed



Number Of Temperature Con




Clamping Force



Distance Between Tie Bar



Top Platen Size



Bottom Platen Size



Min.Mold Height



Opening Stroke



Max.Opening Distance



Ejector Force



Ejector Stroke




Max.Hydraulic Preesure



Oil Tank Capacity



Pump Motor Power



Barrel Heating Power



Total Wattage




Machine Weight



Machine Dimensions


S: 2.7x1.4x3.7


Pictures of Vertical Injection Molding Machine  TA-1200S

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Q:How to repair the injection machine?
Common faults in the use of injection molding machines and solutions are as follows:Part 1: Problems and treatment methods of mould locking parts:(1) not locking dies:Handling method: 1) check the front travel switch of safety door and repair it.2) check the 24V5A power in the electric box, replace the insurance and the power box.3): check whether the spool is stuck, cleaning the spool.4): check whether the output of the I/O board, the solenoid valve is charged.5): check whether the hydraulic safety switch is closed, whether the mechanical lock rod is opened or not.(two) the opening and closing of the die machine:Handling method: 1) check whether the lubricating oil pipe is broken or, if so, reconnect the tubing.2): small amount of lubricating oil, lubricating oil amount increase, 50 die once or manually add oil and lubricating oil.3): clamping force, check whether the mold needs large clamping force, lower the clamping force.4): the current fluctuation of the amplifier board, check whether the current parameters meet the acceptance criteria, re adjust the current value.5): parallelism error indicator check head board parallelism is greater than the acceptance criteria; adjust the parallelism.
Q:Does the wear of the reverse ring of the injection machine cause yellow lines and spots?
If the transparent material appears yellow lines and black spots, it should be the temperature in the cylinder is abnormal.The wear of the backstop ring is generally inaccurate in weight measurement. In other words, frequent lack of material.
Q:Number of grams of injection molding machineI am a member of a N injection molding,
Now, there are not many injection machines that are renamed with grams. Now they are usually called by mould locking force, such as 360T, 500T, 1000T, 1800T and so on. Almost 2 grams of machine clamping force in 30 thousand and 2 tons of this
Q:How is the temperature of the four section of the injection molding machine set?
But if the injection amount is far lower than the theoretical amount of about 80%, due to the homogeneous material is very small, so reduce the temperature to prevent the material plastication decomposition was from low to high temperature Nylon 6 crystal plastic. Its heating temperature starts at the feed port. 240~260270~290 270~280280~290. The machine also varies. I hope it can help you
Q:What's the meaning of "loosening and retreating" before injection machine?
Small is relatively loose, loose retreat is to prevent the flow of material out of the back too much air inside, back too little will flow out, under the influence of the quality of the first mock exam.Injection molding machine, also known as injection molding machine or injection machine. It is a thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic plastic molding mold made of plastic products of all shapes of the main molding equipment. It is divided into vertical, horizontal and all electric type. The injection molding machine heats the plastic, applying high pressure to the molten plastic to make it crack and fill the mold cavity.
Q:List of injection molding machines
Demag DEMAG Austria: Japan ENGEL brand: Toshiba TOSHIBA, Japan TOYO, MITSUBISHI MITSUBISHI, Sumitomo SEDU, FANUC FANUC method, Niigata NIIGATA,
Q:What brand of low pressure injection molding machine is best used in the market?
Landlord, you want to ask the best brand ah. I know
Q:Debugging and debugging process of injection molding machine
Causes and solutions of plastic forming defectsIncorrect operating conditions, damage to the machine and mold will cause a lot of molding defects, the following provides some solutions for reference. In order to reduce down time, reason and can find out the operation problem as soon as possible, the operator should put all the best record in the condition of injection type injection molding condition record table, for days after the reference for problem solving.(1) the finished product is incompleteFault reason handling methodThe plastic temperature is too low to increase the temperature of the fuse tubeThe injection pressure is too low to increase the injection pressureThe amount of injection is not enoughWith the nozzle with the sprue bushing is plastic spill to re adjust its coordinationThe shot time is too short to increase the injection timeThe injection speed is too slow to accelerate the injection speedImproper adjustment of low pressureMold temperature is too low to improve mold temperatureThe mold temperature is uneven, the mold pipe is re adjustedThe exhaust of the mould is not proper, and the proper exhaust hole is installed at the proper placeThe nozzle temperature is not low, and the nozzle temperature is increasedUnequal opening of mold to re release the mold overflow positionThe sprue or overflow is too small to enlarge the sprue or overflowPlastic lubricant does not increase lubricantBack pressure is insufficient, slightly increase back pressureRubber ring, adhesive screw wear, removal, inspection and repairInsufficient injection capacity, replacement of larger specifications of injection molding machinesThe product is too thin and use nitrogen spray
Q:What is an injection molding machine?
Injection molding machine (referred to as injection machine or injection molding machine) is a thermoplastic or thermosetting material using plastic molding mold made of plastic products of all shapes of the main molding equipment.Injection molding is achieved by injection molding machines and moulds.Types of injection molding machinesThe types of injection molding machines are vertical, horizontal and full electric, but no matter that kind of injection molding machine, its basic functions are two:(1) heating the plastic to make it melt;(2) apply a high pressure to the molten plastic to make it crack and fill the mold cavity.
Q:How the elite injection molding machine sales in Southern China?
Not how the elite injection molding machine is low, I used, not very easy to use. The quality is poor and the price is cheap

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