Plastic Injection Machine 688 Tons

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Detailed Product Description of Injection Machine HXF688


plastic injection molding machine 688 tons


Injeciton weight: 2091 gram to 2895 gram



Main specification of HXF688

Screw A

Screw B

Screw C

Screw D


Injection Unit


Screw Diameter







Screw L/D Ratio







Shot Volume (theoretical)







Injection Weight (PS)







Injection Rate







Plasticizing Capacity







Injection Pressure







Screw Speed




Clamping Unit


Clamp Force




Toggle Stroke




Max. Mold Height




Min. Mold Height




Space Between Tie Bars (W×H)




Ejector Force




Ejector Stroke




Ejector Numbers






Max Pump Pressure




Pump Motor Power




Heater Power




Machine Dimension (L×W×H)




Machine Weight




Oil tank capacity



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Q:What is the average life span of an injection molding machine?
If the maintenance is good, the service life of the injection molding machine will be over 10 years. The average life span is about 10 years.Injection molding machine, also known as injection molding machine or injection machine. It consists of two main parts, the injection unit and the die locking unit, in two parts. It is a thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic plastic molding mold made of plastic products of all shapes of the main molding equipment. The injection molding machine heats the plastic, applying high pressure to the molten plastic to make it crack and fill the mold cavity.
Q:What's the difference between an electric injection machine and an oil press?
The operating interface has different places! The electric screen is generally the touch screen parameter input, not color. Manual or press?. Anyway, it's hydraulic and electric.
Q:Commissioning process of injection molding machine
7., according to the requirements of the product, adjust the corresponding packing speed (lower than the filling speed), the packing pressure is about 50% of the filling pressure, for the pressure and the feeding pressure.8. adjust the holding time and time, and find the reasonable holding time (the weight of the beer is basically the same after the sufficient holding time).9. adjust the front gasket of the screw for 5% ~ 10% of the injection quantity.10. set the 0.5 to 1 second delay of the screw (release the pressure of the screw head),11. set back pressure is constant 50 ~ 100PSI.After the debugging of the above program, the technological parameters of the die can be determined, and it is more reasonable and scientific. At the same time, the process parameters of other moulds can also be tested in the production process.This method is suitable for non Newtonian fluids of plastics (conventional adhesives)
Q:Trouble shooting of injection molding machine
Common faults and elimination methods of injection molding machineNon locking modeA, close the front and rear door safely;B and check whether the safety threshold switch works properly;C, check the thimble recession switch;D, check mode lock electronic ruler and die stop switch;E, check mould parameter, speed, pressure and position setting is correct;F check whether the coil of the mould valve is live or not and whether the spool is working properly;G, the mold thickness adjustment or switch mode switch open, in the automatic state can not die;H, if there is a hydraulic safety lock, check whether it is normal.Open moldA and check the test status of the electronic ruler;B check whether the coil of the mould valve is live or not and whether the spool is working properly;C, if the high pressure mode locking down time is too long, because the metal structure related to the elastic deformation caused not opening, approach: a) to improve the opening speed, pressure, pressure reducing opening time, b) in general can be opened;D, if there are core pulling, twisting and other operations in the opening die, the working state of the lock die is not normal, so it is necessary to check whether the start and stop signals of these actions are normal.Die adjustmentA, mode adjustment counting switch fault;B and the original position change of the mould (in this case only one way adjustment)C, regulating valve coil is charged, and spool work is normal;D, the working state of the regulating motor;E, the die nut dies.
Q:What are the categories of injection molding machines? 5
As the structure and types of injection molding products are relatively large, the injection molding machine used for molding injection products is also more. The injection machine is classified according to the following ways:1. classify the raw materials by plasticization and injection.2., according to the injection machine configuration, different classification.3. classification according to the processing capacity of injection molding machine.4. according to the special use of the injection machine classification.According to the classification of raw materials plasticizing and injection methods, the injection machine can be divided into: (1) plunger type, (2) reciprocating screw type and (3) screw, plasticizing plunger, injection type three.According to the structure of the injection machine, it can be divided into: (1) vertical injection molding machine, (2) horizontal injection machine, (3) angle injection machine, (4) multimode injection machine, (5) combined injection machine.According to the size of the processing capacity to the injection machine classification, can be divided into: (1) ultra small injection machine, (2) small injection molding machine, (3) medium-sized injection molding machine, (4) large injection machine (5) super large injection molding machine.By use of the injection machine can be divided into: (1) general injection machine, injection machine exhaust (2), (3) high speed precision injection machine, injection machine (4), (5) three plastic shoes injection head single mold injection machine, double head two (6) injection mould injection molding machine.
Q:How to calculate the capacity of mold injection molding?
The counter machine with opening times ah, before you boot reset, see how much time and work mode, then take out the number of the first mock exam will be able to come out of the number of products, and then go to work for a long time to know how much time ah
Q:What is the temperature of the NH, H and HP on the injection machine screen?
Injection molding machine in the lock mode, the thimble is to look back, not open mold, to see if the parameters are set incorrectly, press the mold opening, the volume of mold opening valve, there is no electricity
Q:How about overheating of injection molding machine drives?
Ask for advice! The factory has the secret MA1600 of the Taiwan Strait, the drive is over temperature, the electric heating is not hot, the motor contactor does not suck
Q:What is the back pressure in the injection molding machine?
Back pressure: screw back when applied to the rod end of rubber pressure. It can reduce material consumption and bubble phenomenon.A: when the back pressure is adjusted properly, the density of the melt can be increased, the air discharged by the air in the cylinder can be discharged, and the rubber material is compacted, so that the cycle of the beer mould is stable, and the production efficiency is improved.B: back pressure is high, screw speed is slow, the resistance is large, the barrel screw is easily damaged, because the screw friction heat, heat increase in external heating unchanged, will make the temperature rise, the viscosity decreased, resulting in leakage and countercurrent flow, the nozzle is easy to produce salivation phenomenon.C: low back pressure and screw speed is fast, but it is difficult to put the rubber barrel compaction, the particles is not uniform, resulting in flower phenomenon, such as adding toner material will appear in different shades of color.Note: feed back when the screw rotation should be shaped, injection should be straight. 1, can melt inside the barrel compaction, increase density, improve the stability of injection quantity, weight and size of the products.2. The gas in the melt can be extruded to reduce the gas, the inner bubbles and the gloss uniformity of the products. Slow speed screw back, so that melt inside the barrel full plasticizing, mixing and melting toner, color uniformity, avoid product color mixing phenomenon.3, slow speed screw back, so that melt inside the barrel full plasticizing, mixing and melting toner, color uniformity, avoid product color mixing phenomenon.4, appropriately increase the back pressure, can improve the product surface shrinkage and product periphery walk glue situation.
Q:Does the injection machine have to use a manipulator?
The manipulator's ease of use is mainly embodied in the friendly man-machine interface, can achieve the greatest humanity is one of the biggest difficulties, let the operator do not look at the safety operation manual can effectively operate the manipulator. Third, the reliability of the manipulator and after-sales service quality evaluation. Like other mechanical equipment, applicable to parts of the manipulator will fail, so be careful observation of the warranty period, the warranty period of the evaluation, not only to study the main parts of the period, especially to study those parts not within the scope of the warranty of the brand, a three year warranty period of the manipulator not necessarily cost-effective than a year warranty period. Reliability is mainly reflected by the quality of spare parts and the degree of proficiency of assembly personnel. Only high-quality parts and components can not guarantee high quality machines. Customer service service is a key link in all walks of life have been caught, the manipulator used in the process will inevitably arise, so the quality of customer service service is very important, so in the choice of mechanical hand to give priority to the rapidity and quality of customer service service.
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Location Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Year Established 2003
Annual Output Value US$50 Million - US$100 Million
Main Markets North America
South America
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South Asia
Company Certifications ISO9001:2000;CE Certificate;ISO9001 Certificate

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Export Percentage 21% - 30%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 3-5 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
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Factory Size: 50,000-100,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
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