Plastic Zipper Injection Machine

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Product Description:

Packaging & Delivery Of Plastic Zipper Injection Machine

Packaging Detail:

standard export wooden cases

Delivery Detail:

15 Days

Specifications Of Plastic Zipper Injection Machine

1. Adpotscrew installation

2. Barrel lifted automatically

3. Plastic zipper injection machine

4. Adjustable conveying speed 

Product Feature Of Plastic Zipper Injection Machine
  1. Adopt screw installation make the pigment melting & injecting quality evenly;

  2. Once injection, top stop & bottom stop are made at the same time;

  3. Auto-belt conveyor demands for less labor focre;

  4. Hydraulic cylinders to pull strip liner in, barrel lifted automatically, humanized design and easily clean up;

  5. User-friendly control system in English with full-scale functions;

  6. Reliable proportional pressure valves ensures working safety;

  7. Adjustable conveying speeds meets different requirement.

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Q:About the pressure unit of injection molding machine
1MPa=10bar 10KN=1T here are not in conflict, in the injection molding machine test machine computer interface on the back of the unit is 65 bar, we usually say the clamping force is in tonnes,
Q:Quotation of injection molding products 5
The cost of plastic parts is related to many factors, but mainly with the following points:1. Cost of raw material --- this cost is relatively good calculation, ask a raw material supplier how much 1 kg, the weight of the product multiplied by 3% of the loss multiplied by the raw material price, you can get the cost of raw materials;2.. This machine cost about plastic factory, what is the cost of processing per hour of different injection molding machine? Suppose the 1 ton injection molding machine costs 60 yuan / hour per hour, then the processing cost is 1 yuan per minute. At this time, we should calculate the cost of the 100 ton machineWhat is the injection period of plastic parts and how many opening holes are in the mold? Suppose you want to evaluate the injection period of the plastic partsFor 30 seconds, then 1 minutes can shoot 60 seconds divided by 30 equals two, said 1 minutes can shoot the second mock exam products, in addition to a two point that mold, then plastic machine processing costs 1 yuan by 1 minutes and then divided by the modulus of mouldThe number of holes to get the final machine processing costs, that is, 1 yuan divided by 2 modules, and then divided by 2 points, and finally wait until 0.25 yuan /3., two additional costsThe two processing costs include painting / screen printing / plating etc. These can be referred to their respective processing plants4. packing chargesAccording to the size and volume of the plastic parts, we can draw the packing carton / packing bag and so on;5. transportation costAccording to the location of delivery and how much container freight can be loaded, divided by the total number of trucks to be shipped per PCCost;6. other expenses;Since the above costs do not include the costs of indirect personnel and their associated personnel, there is also a need to add some costs to each plant;
Q:What do you mean by the "starting position and time" of the injection molding machine?.
Here's some advice to see if it will help you. Let's first understand the meaning of pressure and pressure. The injection pressure is the pressure applied to the material in the process of advancing. Keep the pressure, that is, after the glue is finished, continue to maintain a pressure. The rubber here is in principle not a force given by the feed. Thus, the position of the dwell pressure is determined by the fact that you are no longer positioned. The effect of holding pressure is to continue to give a force to prevent the return of the glue, so that the product is fuller. The position and time of holding pressure, the design of the machine is usually based on the location, and has not reached the set position of the pressure setting, it starts with the time after the completion of the injection glue.
Q:I want to know the injection speed of injection molding machine. What is the specific unit?
For example: 90T injection molding machine, screw diameter 28mm, its maximum speed is 86cm3/s, if the parameter set a speed of 90, then 86cm3/s is multiplied by 90%, this is the actual speed of injection.If you want to know the maximum speed of your injection machine, you have to check the instructions and specifications of the machine.
Q:What should I pay attention to when molding soft and hard PVC material? 50
1, plastic processingAfter 24 hours at room temperature, the water absorption is less than 0.02%, so no drying is necessary. If it must be dry, it can be put into the hot stove of 60-70 DEG C for 3 hours or 80 hours at the drier for 1-1.5 hours.Recycled materials can be used up to 20% and new materials, the amount of recycled materials depends on the end use of the product. Misuse of recycled materials can make injection failure, not only the recycling of too many components, more because the material after repeated processing. More recycled materials, more quality drop.2 、 selection of injection molding machineUPVC because of its high viscosity and easy decomposition, the decomposition product has a corrosive effect on iron, and its injection molding must be made of special plasticizing parts and temperature control system.Ramada in the product coverage of each kind of clamping force model, has a special UPVC injection system, and in accordance with the UPVC pipe products core pulling requirements, with special security door device. Under normal circumstances, as long as the injection volume can meet the weight requirements, the use of this series of UPVC injection molding device can be molded into high-quality products.
Q:Injection molding machine maintenance Daquan books catalog
The eighth chapter is about the operation and adjustment of common injection molding machineSection 1 operation panelI. computer operation panel of injection molding machineTwo, Jin PT-160 operating panelThree, Haide HDB-120 operation panelOperation and adjustment of injection molding machine in second sectionsFirst, shock male, Czech tyrants, C series of energy-saving injection molding machineTwo, Jin PT series injection molding machineThree, Hai Debao HDB series injection molding machine
Q:How is the screw speed of injection molding machine adjusted? Who knows very well?.
Injection molding machine screw speed, first, adjust the injection molding machine pre molding pressure and flow, and then adjust the back pressure
Q:Injection machine size pump. No pressure, 100
1, there may be an electromagnetic coil trip switch electric eye in place, did not hit the safety bar, total oil valve inside and the electrical box output meter electric appliance or poor contact.
Q:The injection molding machine calculates the approximate output value of the month
To say the first mock exam number, production cycle. Otherwise, no one will count, ask me questions after adding, and I'll try my best to answer youYou have to pay for the electricity, plus a grill. Mould temperature machine, if use PA material, electricity charge must be more, cycle is so long, install an electric appliance.
Q:How much is a new injection molding machine, mainly mobile phone shell?
Mobile phone shell should be used Demag, German machine is very stable. 80t to more than 200 thousand Oh, very expensive

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