Plastic Zipper Injection Machine

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1 Set m.t.
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20 Sets Per Month m.t./month

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Product Description:

Packaging & Delivery Of Plastic Zipper Injection Machine

Packaging Detail:

standard export wooden cases

Delivery Detail:

15 Days

Specifications Of Plastic Zipper Injection Machine

1. Adpotscrew installation

2. Barrel lifted automatically

3. Plastic zipper injection machine

4. Adjustable conveying speed 

Product Feature Of Plastic Zipper Injection Machine
  1. Adopt screw installation make the pigment melting & injecting quality evenly;

  2. Once injection, top stop & bottom stop are made at the same time;

  3. Auto-belt conveyor demands for less labor focre;

  4. Hydraulic cylinders to pull strip liner in, barrel lifted automatically, humanized design and easily clean up;

  5. User-friendly control system in English with full-scale functions;

  6. Reliable proportional pressure valves ensures working safety;

  7. Adjustable conveying speeds meets different requirement.

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Q:Injection molding machine...
1. are you fully automated? If it's fully automated, then you'll be able to record each exception from minutes to minutes, so you know your abnormal hours. If it is semi-automatic production, it depends on the boot staff, the door is not stable, this can be seen inside the injection molding machine.2. can not take a day except what count how much time yield......49501 / 1 hour yield = production hoursPS: personal experience, or to offer internal injection tube reported capacity of up to 23 hours of production capacity, 24h two classes, each class for half an hour maintenance and machine maintenance time is a must (of course sometimes less capacity of the interface). I used to be in accordance with 22h reported capacity, otherwise delivery can not come out, you hang up, give yourself more room.
Q:What is the Green column spacing of 200 tons of Haitian injection molding machine?
Hello, I am glad to answer the question of the injection molding industry. Our 180 is 460*460, and the 220 is 520*520, the Haitian specific is not clear, but there should be little difference, I have seen. I hope I can help you!For more injection problems, please ask. Purchase injection molding machine, please consult!
Q:How much is the ejection rate of injection molding machine?
Generally transferred to 4, to 6 can be, I hope my answer will help you - Switek
Q:How to calculate the capacity of mold injection molding?
The counter machine with opening times ah, before you boot reset, see how much time and work mode, then take out the number of the first mock exam will be able to come out of the number of products, and then go to work for a long time to know how much time ah
Q:What is the injection molding machine back pressure, back pressure role is what?
Adjustment of back pressureThe adjustment of the injection back pressure shall be determined according to the raw material performance, drying conditions, product structure and quality, and the back pressure should be adjusted at 3-15kg/cm 3. When the surface of the product has little Qihua, mixed color, shrink and product size and weight changes, may be appropriate to increase the back pressure. When the nozzle leakage glue, salivation, Melt Overheating product decomposition, discoloration and feeding back too slow may be considered appropriate to reduce the back pressure.Back pressure is one of the important parameters to control melt quality and product quality in injection molding process. Proper back pressure plays an important role in improving product quality, and can not be ignored!
Q:How to deal with the temperature instability of injection molding machine 10
Hello:You can lower the feed rate a little, and there is a big wear on the material and the cylinder.
Q:Full electric injection molding machine and hydraulic injection molding machine
All electric injection molding machine, injection molding machine Dongyang (TOYO), Sadegh (Sodick), FANUC injection molding machine injection molding machine (Fanuc)Day steel injection molding machine (JSW), Ke Chun injection molding machine (KeJun), two-color injection molding machine.
Q:What do you mean by the "starting position and time" of the injection molding machine?.
When injection is converted to holding pressure, it is determined by time or position. If the location, the general set pressure holding position is about 5% of the storage position.
Q:What are the service life of domestic injection molding machines and machine tools? How do we calculate depreciation?
The service life of domestic injection molding machines and machine tools shall not be less than 10 years in accordance with the tax lawTwo, depreciation methods, enterprises may use the depreciation method stipulated in the accounting standards:1, the average number of years method (also known as straight line method)The annual depreciation rate (1 = expected net salvage value rate), expected service life (year) * 100%Monthly depreciation = original value of fixed assets depreciation rate divided by 12 *2, workload methodUnit of work = original value of fixed assets depreciation (1 * expected net salvage value rate) / total workloadThe monthly depreciation amount of a fixed asset = the work load per unit month of the fixed asset, the amount of depreciation3 double declining balance method (accelerated depreciation method)The annual depreciation rate of =2, expected service life (year) * 100%Monthly depreciation = net fixed assets depreciation rate divided by 12 *4, annual total legal (accelerated depreciation method)The annual depreciation rate = acceptable service life / expected life years sum x 100%Monthly depreciation (= original value of fixed assets: the expected net salvage value) * annual depreciation rate divided by 12The straight line method is used more commonly in enterprises. The depreciation of enterprises can be separately mentioned or classified.Three, domestic enterprises can determine their own salvage value. The net salvage value can be 0
Q:Number of grams of injection molding machineI am a member of a N injection molding,
Now, there are not many injection machines that are renamed with grams. Now they are usually called by mould locking force, such as 360T, 500T, 1000T, 1800T and so on. Almost 2 grams of machine clamping force in 30 thousand and 2 tons of this

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