Plastic Zipper Injection Machine

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Packaging & Delivery Of Plastic Zipper Injection Machine

Packaging Detail:

standard export wooden cases

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15 Days

Specifications Of Plastic Zipper Injection Machine

1. Adpotscrew installation

2. Barrel lifted automatically

3. Plastic zipper injection machine

4. Adjustable conveying speed 

Product Feature Of Plastic Zipper Injection Machine
  1. Adopt screw installation make the pigment melting & injecting quality evenly;

  2. Once injection, top stop & bottom stop are made at the same time;

  3. Auto-belt conveyor demands for less labor focre;

  4. Hydraulic cylinders to pull strip liner in, barrel lifted automatically, humanized design and easily clean up;

  5. User-friendly control system in English with full-scale functions;

  6. Reliable proportional pressure valves ensures working safety;

  7. Adjustable conveying speeds meets different requirement.

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Q:Adjust the speed of injection molding machine screw speed is what role?
The rotational speed of the screw can improve the plasticizing degree of the raw material! It has a good effect on uneven coloring of material products! Should not be too fast, too fast will make the production of products decline, surface defects and so on! Usually between 270_350 transfers!Trouble to adopt, thank you!
Q:What is the fluctuation of the screw speed of injection molding machine?
Screw speed fluctuation of injection molding machineFor isothermal Newton fluid, the volumetric flow rate (Q) of the extruder is proportional to the isothermal Newton flow, and the extrusion flow rate is proportional to the screw speed. This relationship has important guiding significance for production practice. It shows that the output of extruder can be greatly improved by increasing the rotational speed. The history of the development of single screw extrusion machine also increases the speed of ladle is one important way to improve the production capacity of a single machine and the actual extrusion process flow rate and screw speed q is not completely linear, this is mainly because we are in these formulas of the melt viscosity, outlet pressure, melt rheological properties were simplified processing.
Q:4000 grams of injection molding machines, tons of sea and sky
The answer is: Blair manipulator 2400T injection molding machine is normal 4000 grams
Q:Winter cold, injection molding machine oil temperature is too low,
The best way to quickly preheat the oil temperature is to have heaters in the tank (much used in the North) + pressure preset (or repeated single action). Specific programs: boot, the tank temperature is lower than the working temperature of the lower limit, the heater work, at the same time, large flow pressure preset, working oil temperature until it reaches the lower limit, the heater stops working, the machine can carry out production.If you do not want to invest in this one, if you are the injection molding machine of asynchronous motor + quantitative pump (or pump), only pressure preset (or repeat a single action), by which the hydraulic system of heating, but relatively large energy consumption, and the oil temperature rise is not fast.If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them and hope to help you!
Q:What is the back pressure in the injection molding machine?
Jin Xin offers you:Jin Xin explain the injection molding machine screw back pressure what role?Back pressure allows the screw to produce enough mechanical energy in the rotation of the reset to melt and mix the plastic, and the back pressure has the following uses.The volatile gases, including air, are discharged to the outer cylinder.Mix the additives (e.g., toner, color, antistatic agent, talc, etc.) and melt evenly.Homogenizing the melt flowing through different screw lengths.Providing uniform and stable plasticizing material to obtain accurate weight of finished products.The back pressure can make up the melt temperature of injection molding machine barrel, rise and set pressure value associated with a large injection molding machine, screw diameter more than 70mm [(2.75in) of the oil pressure can be up to 2.5-4MPa], but need to pay attention to the oil pressure is too high, or is caused by the melt pressure back pressure resistance induction high temperature molten material in the barrel is too high, this kind of situation for heat sensitive plastics production is destructive.And too high back pressure also caused excessive screw and irregular offside, so that the amount of plastic is very unstable. The viscoelastic properties of offside and plastic screw the screw; offside and melt the stored energy. The more energy, the greater the offside screw distance, the energy stored in the screw stops rotating, suddenly beat back, some thermoplasticPlastic beating phenomenon is more severe than other plastic, such as LDPE, HDPE, PP, EVA, PP/EPDM composite and PPVC, compared with GPPS, HIPS, POM, PC, PPO - M and PMMA, more prone to beating phenomenon. For optimum production conditions, the correct back pressure setting is critical. Proper back pressure setting allows the mixture to be properly mixed, and the offside range of the screw does not exceed 0.4mm (0.016in).
Q:How do I adjust the injection molding machine?
The size of each of the products are different in nature, the machine method is not the same, increase the product I will generally use four, the first section of second section is walking the gate, go to watch it go gum products, is to prevent it, trapped gas or gas lines, third pressure faster than second some a little slower, the vantage point to almost full gum, last paragraph third paragraph is used as an outlet, the rate dropped to 10 or 15, the pressure to about 65, he shot to see which position began to pressure the pressure point is set to fourth position, if the material is difficult to shrink a good tune, put on three to Paul has shrunk, such as the first stage pressure 10, speed 15, 0.5 seconds, second pressure 20, speed 25, a second time, third pressure of at least 130 or more, the speed of not more than 45, at least 4 seconds If not, cut the amount of the first and second periods to control shrinkage. Of course there are sure to barrel temperature, mold temperature, get well, water or oil are related to important. I can answer that for you so far. Honestly, I've only been studying for 9 months so far. I've got everything to learn there. In fact, I want to be familiar with this line and practice more
Q:How to choose an injection molding machine
The selection of injection molding machine is usually made by the following parameters, for reference.1: modulus of capacity, that is, the maximum plastic mold size that can be placed.2: amount of material is melt, maximum amount of glue tube can shoot a glue, injection molding products of the first mock exam should not exceed the total amount of 70% melts.3: clamping force, with reference to the largest product surface area, the maximum injection pressure, the mold can not open the clamping force.
Q:What are the main plastics used for injection molding?
you still go to find a professional book, check the good, this to make a mistake, lost your face.
Q:How many tons is 1000 grams of injection molding machine?
The injection molding machine heats the plastic, applying high pressure to the molten plastic to make it crack and fill the mold cavity.
Q:What is low voltage protection (injection molding machine)?
Protect the mold. Never press dies during production

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