Vermiculite Panel for Fire Door

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:In pallet for shipment or in carton box.OR customized fireproof fire door core board vermiculite board
Delivery Detail:15 DAYS AFTER 30% DEPOSIT

Specifications inorganic material 
3.Easy to cut and install 

fireproof fire door core board vermiculite board  



fine fire insulation vermiculite board

size:various sizes

properties: heat-resistant,water-proofing

usage:widely use


Fine fire insulation vermiculite board



How to manufacture vermiculite board?

Vermiculite board is a kind of boards that manufactured by expanded vermiculite and a certain amout of adhensives by hot-pressing or cold pressing.


What is vermiculite board?

Vermiculite board is a kind of new inorganic material. The main raw material is vermiculite and some adhensives.


building roof insulation (weathering course)

low roof feather weight sunken filling

Building roof and wall crack free plastering protect concrete roof from thermal shocks and cracks.

vibration absorbent

water leakage arrester

bio fertilizer for plants and terrace gardening



Vermiculit board sizes

common size: 2400*1200*15-60mm

Largest size: 2500*1220*100

density: 400-600KG/ M3

We can manufacture the vermiculite board referance to customers' request

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Q:What is Permiculite? (vermiculite?)?
Q:Math Help. Please Explain. I really don't understand how to do it!!?
NOOOO, the best substrate is none !! If you want to use something, newspaper , paper towels or repti carpet - fake grass available cheaper @ places like Lowes, keep several cut to size so you can change to clean and clean one, otherwise you risk the reptile getting impacted if they swallow substrates then sick dying ! Take Care
Q:CRICKET BREEDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
That DUST is not vermiculite. Anyone claiming vermiculite CAN contain asbestos doesn't know what EITHER vermiculite OR asbestos is. You didn't say how old the structure is, but if it was built after 1990, it NEVER contained asbestos.
Q:How do I remove Vermiculite from the attic without it costing so much?
Stem cuttings are rooted in water or a moist potting medium such as sand, peat moss, or vermiculite.
Q:Can I plant carniverous plants/plant seeds in seed starting mix?
'Vermiculite' mica is formed by hydration from a type of mica, though i can't find anywhere it says for sure which type. /edit .. the mineral would still be Mica, probably Biotite or/ and Phlogopite type. the water in the mica is responsible for the swelling and expansion. whether the water is artificially introduced, or is a result of natural hydration (the first step towards it's breaking down into a kind of clay) i haven't been able to learn.
Q:Reptile incubating substrate: Vermiculite vs. Perlite?
Vermiculite is not a fertilizer; it is a mineral that is added to improve a soils ability to handle fertilizers. It helps with root growth, soil structure, oxygen, and other factors that many plants desire. If you're growing seeds, the addition of vermiculite surely would help, but again it is not a fertilizer.
Q:what is the stuff that look like pellets to substitute soil when your growing hydroponics?
You will not need a light or spraying. Tarantulas do not need light and many of them spend most of their time hiding away from the sun. Rose hair tarantulas come from one of the driest deserts on earth, the Atacama. Ambient moisture, plus the moisture from the water dish and the hide, will be more than enough for them. Too much moisture and you can cause mold or even rot their booklungs. However, with tarantulas that do need moisture, I usually pour water directly into the soil to raise the humidity.
Q:how can i grow magic mushrooms in the DRC? there is no vermiculite to be found here, and no cow poop either.?
It's pearlite, I don't think it's bad for people considering we all touch it when planting, but I would make sure he doesn't eat it.
Q:can you use vermiculite as substrate for a okorder tree boa, for the reason being that it holds in humidity?
Can't justify the expense of it. We switched to using only perlite for most of our herps.
Q:What can vermiculite do?
Vermiculite product is vermiculite ore through high temperature extruded articles, with loose and light weight, is a kind of building insulation materials, flower cultivation used mainly using its loose and reduce the pot soil weight, for a long time will crush doesn't work, it is necessary to replace the.

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