heat resistant calcium silicate board/heat resistant vermiculite board

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Packaging Detail:1.Best wooden pallet package or the carton package,or any other forms you want; 2.With package label: production units, name, specification, weight, date ed.
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1.Obtained CE, KR and ISO9001; 
2.Heat resistance temperature is up to 1100 degree centigrade; 
3.Low price and best quality.

Description of our products

Calcium Silicate Board is a kind of high efficiency energy-saving and  Environmentally friendly materials with temperature limited 1150 cent-degree. They are recommended as thermal insulations of equipment in power station, steel mill and petrochemical industries as well as other various fields. It can be used in washrooms as the ceiling, partition and backer boards. Additionally, Due to the features of fire prevention, thermal insulation, mildew proof and moisture proof, are also applicable to places where high security is needed.


Advantages of our products

1. we have own factory to produce the boards, and we are not the trading company, so we would have the directly customer service and the warranty of our boards is very good;

2. We obtained CE, KR and ISO9001;

3. The highest heat resistance temperature is up to 1100 degree centigrade;

4.The maximum flexural strength is up to 0.7MPa, all technical parameters are the best in China, it is better than other calcium silicate board in the market.

5.Our factory is corporate with the big power plant, uses the steam of the power plant to product the board, it is different from other factories to produce with the boiler. The product use the steam, the quality is better than use the boiler, so the technical parameters of our product are the best in factory. And it is very easy to mass product and reduce the waste, the cost is lower than our factory use boiler. So that the product from our factory is best quality and cheapest price.


Types of products

1. Standard type Calcium Silicate Board

2. JN High-temp Type Calcium Silicate Board

3. High density Calcium Silicate Insulation material Board

4. High strength calcium silicate  boards

5. Core Board of Fire Door

6.External wall calcium silicate board

7.Thermal insulation pipe cover

8. Light weight low thermal conductivity calcium silicate board 130kg/m³


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Q:could you use just brown rice for substract?
Bill Mears on the needed steps 1. Buy incubator 2. Get vermiculite and make it moist enough to form a ball when squeezed (test by making a ball and throwing it at your neighbor’s cat) 3. Fill base of incubator with moist vermiculite and lightly tamp it down -I use the base of a yogurt tub 4. Put lid on incubator and fiddle around with thermostat until a probe lying on the surface of the vermiculite gives you a reading of 81F-84F (lower is OK, hotter is not). This takes a week and a lot of cussing sometimes! Make sure you have it in a COOL place so it can't overheat on a hot day. 5. Shout - lay NOW at your dragon 6. Place eggs in small thumb depressions in the vermiculite and brush the vermiculite around them (eggs with veins on top). The first time you do this, you will space them out all nice and neat and run out of room when clutch #3 is laid. The next year you'll cram them in to save space. 7. Sit back and wait 70 days or so 8. Oh yes- find a really good source for crickets; you're going to need to buy them by the 1000.
Q:Storing Dahlias?
I'm not sure why you are using anything in the bottom of your chimnea. i am guessing maybe it's something to do with it being terra cotta. If so, vermiculite is volcanic ash and will be ok for fire. If terra cotta, keep water from getting inside in the freezing temps, it will crack.
Q:Are perlite and vermiculite fertiles?
The expansion effect of vermiculite in Horticulture: vermiculite have very strong water absorption, can effectively promote plant root growth and seedling growth is stable. Provide water and nutrients necessary for plant growth for long periods of time and maintain the stability of root sun temperature. At the same time, the vermiculite can make the crops get plenty of water and minerals from the early growth stage, and promote the rapid growth of plants and increase the yield. It can be concluded that vermiculite has a relatively large fertility, at least stronger than traditional soil.
Q:How does vermiculite make a roof insulation?
The cast-in-place cement vermiculite thermal insulation layer is made of expanded vermiculite as aggregate, cement as cementing material, mixing in a certain proportion and mixing with water and sand. Has the characteristics of light weight, small thermal conductivity, high strength, easy expansion of fission, delamination, economic quantity etc.. When applied to the flat surface, it can reduce the load of the surface layer, save the water consumption, reduce the cost and shorten the construction period. The utility model can be used as a heat insulating layer for cast-in-place or heat insulation layer or the like.
Q:Shiny black dirt in Virginia?
Vermiculite is an Excellent Insulation , and has been used many times when a closed fire is installed.
Q:I have a science project in which i need to remove pollutants from water- what is the best way to do this?
depends on the incubator realy. and just the batch of verm. iv had batches of verm that i had only to put a lil water in to make it moust enough for snake eggs.. and then theres been other batches that ive had to play mad scientist and add water.. and water and water and water every day in my fridge incubator and in the zoomed ones... it reay depends on the batch how old it is and just how well in general. personaly i check on my eggs every day or 2 for air. and i check the temps every few hours [just cause im super cautious] but the first day or 2 there in there when i check my temps i check the eggs a lil to see the moisture.. just depends bro.. gl
Q:Leopard Gecko eggs - incubating?
Well, for sure not in the Languages category of Yahoo! Answers.
Q:What are my chances of developing mesothelioma?
Q:Can NutraLime replace vermiculite?
Hi I Have 3 Leo Geckos (2 Female, 1 Male) Wet The Vermiculite But Do NOT Mist The Eggs. If You Do See A Bit Of Mould Try Some Athletes Foot Power, Only Apply A Little Tiny Bit To The Eggs, Also Make Sure The Humidity Is Correct. If The Eggs Dry Up The Will Collapse! If The Egg Goes A Funny Colour Or Dents A Bit Don't Throw Them Away, They May Still Hatch. I've Had A Few Eggs That Went Slightly Mouldy But Still Hatched.
Q:aquaballs to take the place of soil.what are they called/?
Chiles are really hard to understand, they seem to defy all the rules where tarantulas are concerned, I have four different species and where three are pretty reliable the chile rose is a worry. She may have got used to climbing the sides of her tank at the store, they are not hugely active, mine doesn't do a lot unless she's hungry and that's not that often. The soil could be too damp but it would have to be dripping wet for it to bother her. I wouldn't recommend soil from public places, you never know what's been done to it (or on it). If you are having trouble finding it locally I would suggest you look online or ask the store where you bought the spider where they get it from and if they can order you some, vermiculite is not good for tarantulas as it sticks to them. If you REALLY can't get a good substrate for her get some new clean potting soil from a garden centre and use that, you know it's got nothing nasty in it then, you may have to change it regularly though if it gets mouldy but you have to watch this with any substrate. Give her time to settle in though before you worry, chiles are wonderful beginner spiders but are very temperamental, she may fast for months, not moult for ages and refuse certain bugs as food but as long as she is active and has access to water she should be fine, enjoy her ;-)

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