Golden vermiculite raw material

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1.H.S Code:2530102000 
3.Expansion ratios:5.5-10times 
4.Hebei vermiculite 
5.Own factory

Product name : golden vermicultie

In technique,golden vermiculite can be devided into raw golden vermicultie and expanded golden vermiculite

Form of raw vermicultie :flakes ,powder

Form f expanded vermiculite :granular,powder

Our vermiculite product:raw vermiculite ,expanded vermiculite ,raw vermiculite ,expanded vermiculite ,

vermiculite board ,


 Non-combustible,Non-asbestos  ,water preservation,corrosion-resistant, well-ventilation, poisonless, odorless, low hardness, burning-avoidness, lighter

 2.Golden vermiculite Size

Raw golden vermiculite

0-30um,0.3-0.65mm,0.65-1mm  0.5-1.41mm,




Expansion ratios







Expanded golden


0.3-0.65mm,0.65-1mm,1-2mm 2-4mm,1-3mm,

0.3-1mm,3-6mm,4-8mm325mesh 200mesh 150mesh

Bulk density






 Special size ,we can do as client's requirements

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Q:Water resources are faced with the crisis of shortage and pollution. Can perlite and vermiculite be used for water treatment?
Perlite and vermiculite are not readily available, and need to be processed by corresponding processing equipment with a certain process. Generally, perlite needs not fine powder, which can be called coarse powder, and some areas are called coarse sand.To set the perlite processing equipment according to the final requirements, some broken process need to be broken by the jaw crusher, and then if the finished products need a lot of powder grinding processing by perlite mill, can achieve a finished product; if the product requires a large amount of coarse sand, with a jaw crusher finely, with efficient crusher, after perlite through the sieve screening, can get the corresponding size of perlite particles.
Q:Cymbidium can use vermiculite or vermiculite mixed pine? Peanut shell?
In addition, vermiculite can also provide the crops with K, Mg, Ca, Fe and trace amounts of Mn, Cu, Zn and other elements. Vermiculite has the characteristics of water absorption, cation exchange and chemical composition, so it has many functions such as fertilizer preservation, water retention, water storage, air permeability, mineral fertilizer and so on.
Q:Can vermiculite be used for making flowers?
Vermiculite can be used to make flowers, and its permeability is very good.
Q:Expanded vermiculite with expanded vermiculite
Baixin "brand expansion thermal tears coefficient of vermiculite is generally 0.07-0.07w/m.k, under normal temperature condition (temperature range of 20-30 degrees" letter "brand) technology performance expansion coefficient of heat conductivity and the relationship between particle size and bulk density of vermiculite as shown in the product specifications. "Letter" brand of expanded vermiculite refractory for 1300-1350 degrees, the safe use of temperature -30 to 1100 degrees "letter" brand. Swelling vermiculite, some moisture absorption rate is small, in the relative humidity of 100% in the environment, after 24 hours, the moisture absorption rate is generally not greater than 2%. "Letter" in the dry state, vermiculite, has good frost resistance, at -20, after 15 times of freeze-thaw, the grain size composition unchanged. Expanded vermiculite is inorganic, so it is free of fungus, does not decay, does not deteriorate, and is not easily bitten by moth eaten mice. "Shenbao" brand expanded vermiculite alkaline not acid and therefore should not be used for acidic erosion at.
Q:Can ordinary small stones instead of vermiculite be used as Camellia cuttings?
Vermiculite can be used in flowers, vegetables, fruit cultivation, seedling raising and so on. In addition to potting soil and regulators, it is also used for soilless culture. As a nutrient base for growing potted trees and commercial beds, it is especially advantageous for the transplanting and transportation of plants. Vermiculite can effectively promote plant root growth and seedling growth is stable. Provide water and nutrients necessary for plant growth for long periods of time and maintain the stability of root sun temperature. Vermiculite can make crops from the early stages of growth can be sufficient water and minerals, to promote rapid growth of plants, increase production. Zhenhai insulation factory.
Q:Can you put vermiculite in the fish tank?
Animal husbandry: expanded vermiculite has unique structural and surface properties, as well as non-toxic, sterile and chemically inert. It can be used as a carrier, an adsorbent, a fixative, and a feed additive.
Q:Vermiculite, vermiculite for soil improvement?
Vermiculite just good moisturizing, soft texture, easy to seed root, seed is usually very small, it does not contain any fields as nutrition, but also easy to powder, powder, poor permeability, is not conducive to the growth of plants, can never replace soil.
Q:Can planting soil sand be replaced with perlite or vermiculite?
Rotten leaves are made of fallen leaves and hay. High humus content, strong water retention and good permeability are one of the main materials for preparing cultivated soil.There are two kinds of mountain mud, black mud and Mount Huangshan mud. A long accumulation of fallen leaves from mountain trees. Heishan mud is acidic and contains more humus. The Mount Huangshan mud is also acidic and contains less humus.Peat soil is carbonized from peat moss. Due to the different stages of formation, Brown Peat and black peat are divided into two types. Brown Peat is rich in organic matter and acidic. Black peat contains more minerals, organic matter is less, and it is slightly acidic or neutral.The rice chaff ash after burning into ash shell, slightly alkaline, potassium, water permeability.
Q:Are expanded perlite and expanded vermiculite the same substance?What's the difference between them? What's the matter?
Expanded perlite: a natural silicic lava volcano non-metallic minerals, including perlite, pitchstone and obsidian, but three kinds of crystal water content are different. At the 1000 to 1300 degrees under the conditions of the rapid expansion of the volume of 4 to 30 times, it is referred to as the expanded perlite
Q:Vermiculite in the end what color is good, my how like false?
Because vermiculite has the ability of ion exchange, it has a great effect on the nutrition of the soil. In 2013, the world's total output of vermiculite exceeded 500 thousand. The major producers are China, South Africa, Australia, Zimbabwe and the United states. Vermiculite is a kind of clay mineral similar to montmorillonite, which is a layered structure of silicate.

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