Golden vermiculite raw material

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1.H.S Code:2530102000 
3.Expansion ratios:5.5-10times 
4.Hebei vermiculite 
5.Own factory

Product name : golden vermicultie

In technique,golden vermiculite can be devided into raw golden vermicultie and expanded golden vermiculite

Form of raw vermicultie :flakes ,powder

Form f expanded vermiculite :granular,powder

Our vermiculite product:raw vermiculite ,expanded vermiculite ,raw vermiculite ,expanded vermiculite ,

vermiculite board ,


 Non-combustible,Non-asbestos  ,water preservation,corrosion-resistant, well-ventilation, poisonless, odorless, low hardness, burning-avoidness, lighter

 2.Golden vermiculite Size

Raw golden vermiculite

0-30um,0.3-0.65mm,0.65-1mm  0.5-1.41mm,




Expansion ratios







Expanded golden


0.3-0.65mm,0.65-1mm,1-2mm 2-4mm,1-3mm,

0.3-1mm,3-6mm,4-8mm325mesh 200mesh 150mesh

Bulk density






 Special size ,we can do as client's requirements

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Q:Corn Snake Incubation Help!!!?
I have purchased vermiculite (the granular kind) at The Home Depot. It's inside though, with the houseplants, not in the garden center.
Q:what is the brand name of the soilless product people use today to put their plants in?
Go to a builders merchant for vermiculite. In the UK Keyline and Jewson both supply big bags for about ten pounds. Otherwise they will sell it at any garden center, along with cow poo, although they will charge over the odds for the vermiculite.
Q:what is the difference between vermiculite and perilite.?
I just saw this on TV this morning,1 part cement,1 part sand,2 parts peat moss. You can use vermiculite or sand.
Q:how do i incubate my water dragon eggs?
So let's assume that 100%=20 and 50%=10 and 40%=8 and 60%=12 If he has 5 bushels of 50% peat moss, he has 50 peat moss. If he has 5 bushels of 50% vermiculite mix, he has 50 vermiculite mix. If he adds 100% (20) to his 5 bushels of vermiculite mix, he will get 70 (50+20) vermiculite mix. So now he has 70 vermiculite mix and 50 peat moss. He needs 48 (8 (which is 40%) times 6 (# of bushels needed) ) peat moss and 72 (12x6) vermiculite mix. Therefore, he does not have enough. I'm pretty sure this is a weird method of doing it, but it still works
Q:Mystery Minerals!?
I have a friend of mine just grows them inbetween paper towels, every layer is more seeds, when he wants them or they are ready he pulls out a wad of damp paper towels from this plastic container scoops out his micros, throws more seed in those paper towels or new ones and into another tray it goes with a spritz of hydrogen peroxide, he never seems to be out and they are fresh and clean.
Q:where can i get these garden ingredients?
The vermiculite is to help drainage. Coarse sand would do the same. I would definitely add the peat moss as this would help to retain moisture. As for soil, the M-G will work just fine. Don't know what type of soil is in your area but some of that probably wouldn't hurt either. Good Luck1
Q:How to incubate Sulcata Eggs?
Q:What kind of flowers is vermiculite suitable for planting?
Vermiculite is mainly used as substrate for soilless culture and cuttings. It can also be used to improve the permeability of soil and can be used.
Q:why do stores not carry vermiculite?
uh-oh! you need an incubator, quick. here's what to do. get a small fish aquarium, fill it less than an inch on all sides with perlite (found in home depot). after that, get a heating pad or a very hot light and a thermometer. make sure it is at LEAST 80 degrees or 79 degrees Fahrenheit. if you don't have everything, just run to the store quick and buy everything. get a tuberware container and fill it 2/3 of the way with perlite. weigh it on a gram scale, divide number by .8, and then add the two numbers together. spray with water until it weighs that number. put the tubberware in the aquarium and turn on the light and adjust. then go out and buy a better heating pad and use that for the rest of the time, which is about 6-12 weeks. hope it helped! good luck can you answer my question? it is 'is this leopard gecko egg alright'. ps. you can use vermiculite instead of perlite p.p.s. you should candle them, which is carefully put them on a flashlight (oh also you should mark the eggs on the top so you don't turn them over) and if they are yellowy rosy color with a tiny embryo on them they are healthy. if they are green or grey they are duds.
Q:how to care for my bearded dragon eggs?
it should be damp enough to make into a snow ball and not drip or fall apart, thats the way i do with mine.

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