Natural Fireproof Vermiculite Boards

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Packaging Detail:Box, Fumigation-free pallet ,plastic stretch film,paper corner,Wrapping Tape
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2.acoustic,fireproof, insulate against heat and sound. 
3.cut,engrave,stick,nail easily

Natural Fireproof Vermiculite Boards 

1)Vermiculite Board Characteristics:   

1. Vermiculite Board is made of expanded vermiculite which is natural,non-asbestos non-deformable. 

2.Vermiculite Board is Versatile,acoustic,fireproof,noise reduction.

3.  Vermiculite Board sound absorption, heat preservation and insulation, energy-saving, 

moisture adjustment and environmental protections. 

4.Vemiculite Board could be cut,engrave,stick,nail easily.


5. The fireproofing grade is A1grade, under the circumstances of 1000 centigrade degrees after one hour.




2)Vermiculite Board Application: 

1. Fire resistant walls and ceilings 

2. Fire brick in stove, electric heater, storage heater ,furnace and fireplace etc.

3. Heat insulation boards in planes, trains, cars, ships, ovens and pipes etc.

4. Heat preservation and sound insulation boards for walls 

3)Vermiculite Board technical specification

Process temperature

Bending strength


Compression strength

Thermal conductivity

>1100°C or 1000°C




Max.0.20W/mK at 600°CMax.0.128W/mk at 34.51°C

Process range

The minimum thickness

The maximum thickness

The maximum width

The maximum length






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Q:The role of vermiculite
Agriculture, vermiculite can be used as a soil conditioner, because of its good cation exchange and adsorption, can improve soil structure, soil water storage, improve the permeability of soil and water, acidicto neutralsoil; vermiculite can also play a role of buffering, rapidchanges ofphtohinder,. Slow release fertilizer on crop growth medium, and allows a slightly excessive use of fertilizers and no harm to plants
Q:Why does vermiculite have gold or silver on its surface?
Vermiculite can be according to the stages can be divided into vermiculite and expanded vermiculite, according to color classification can be divided into golden vermiculite, vermiculite, vermiculite milky white silver white.The selective absorption of minerals by visible light is the main reason for the color of objects. Different colors of light waves are typically represented in different wavelengths, in nanometers, 1nm=109m. The visible light wavelength between 390 - 760nm, the wavelength from long to short in order to show the red orange yellow green blue purple color. Their blend color is white.Minerals are varied in color. One of the reasons for color rendering is that the white light passes through minerals during the process of internal electron transition, resulting in selective absorption of different light colors. The other is caused by physical optical processes. The main cause of the internal electron transition in minerals is the existence of pigment ions, such as Fe3+, which makes hematite red and V3+ makes vanadium garnet green. It is the lattice defects that form "color centers", such as the purple of fluorite. In mineralogy, colors are generally divided into 3 categories: self color is the intrinsic color of minerals; color is the color caused by mixing; false colors are due to some physical optical process. Such as bornite fresh face is red copper oxide film due to surface oxidation, caused by the interference of light and blue purple tarnish. The inner mineral containing directional fine inclusions, when the mineral can occur when the color change colors, transparent minerals or cleavage fracture can sometimes cause the interference of light and appear like iridescent rainbow.
Q:Asphalt expansion vermiculite process and material requirements
Raw materials, mix ratio and technical performance. Raw materials, cement and expanded vermiculite, cement should be no less than 325, general choice of 425 ordinary Portland cement. The volume ratio of cement and expanded vermiculite is generally 1:5, which is economical and reasonable. Cement and sand aspect than the general 1:1. Site inspection method: mix the cement paste with fine powder and knead it by hand.
Q:Can coarse sand replace vermiculite?
Sand can replace the vermiculite, but thick enough, at least in mung bean.
Q:Is vermiculite helpful to flowers?
Vermiculite is a kind of natural nonmetallic mineral. Its main function is used in flowers, seedlings, cuttings and planting
Q:Vermiculite is not big
Specification and use of vermiculite in XinjiangThe main types of vermiculite in Xinjiang are: 1-3mm, 2-4mm, 10-20 eyes, 20-40 eyes, 40-60 eyes, 80-120 eyes and so on.Xinjiang raw ore vermiculite has become silvery white after roasting and is a unique vermiculite variety in china.1. silver white ore (0.25-0.71mm, 0.3-1MM, 0.71-2mm, 1.4-4mm, 2.8-8mm)2. silvery white roast expansion (various specifications)3. gold ore (0.3-1MM, 1-3.5mm, 3.5-7mm)4. golden yellow roasting expanded vermiculite (various specifications)
Q:What are the main ingredients of vermiculite fireproof board?
Vermiculite is a kind of layered magnesium silicate, which is similar in shape to mica. Because it is bent when it is hot and inflated, it is similar to leech, so it is called vermiculite. The utility model has the advantages of heat insulation, heat resistance, frost resistance, antibiosis, fire protection, sound absorption and the like
Q:What are the characteristics of vermiculite and gold yellow expanded vermiculite?
Widely used in building insulation equipment, household refrigeration, car muffler, noise insulation plaster, safe and cellar lining pipes, boilers, insulation clothing, refractory bricks, insulation cement and other fields.
Q:How long is the service life of the special vermiculite for incubation? How often do you change it?
Incubation of vermiculite and horticultural vermiculite does not distinguish between silicate minerals. Its role in incubation and horticultural farming:1, for turtle eggs hatch, with mud and sand is more convenient, safer and more effective.2, for the transport of turtles, moisturizing buffer effect, can improve the survival rate.3, planting medium, one of the main materials, and peat, perlite and other mixed use.4. Sowing mulch.
Q:Will vermiculite be absorbed by plants?
The use of 1~2 years, you need to re replace. Because vermiculite will be natural weathering broken, and if continue to use, the advantages of good ventilation will become poor ventilation shortcomings.

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