vermiculite board for fireproof 28 years' experience

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vermiculite board for fireproof 
model size:1220*2440mm 
Thickness: 3-25mm

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pictures for vermiculite board for fireproof


 1) Thickness: 3-25mm

2) Max. width: 1,220mm

3) Max. length: 3050mm

4)Square edge; Tapered; Chamfered; Tongue/Groove;

Different edge types of magnesium oxide wall panel :

Composition of MgO Board:

“An innovative mineral based, environmentally friendly “green” building material comprised of:”

 MGO  70%    MgCL2  10%    Fiberglass  15%    Perlite(Filier) 5%

Raw Material:

 Magnesium oxide(MGO), magnesium chloride, perlite, Wood dust, fiberglass mesh, non-woven cloth etc.

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Q:Vermiculite and Perlite (ME / NH)?
No . Plants dont make metal Must be something in the soil.
Q:perlite vs. vermiculite?
vermiculite and perlite are two different things, but I don't believe either one is toxic. Vermiculite is what happens when the mineral mica is heated, perlite is a naturaly occuring mineral of volcanic origin. However, if you dry it out in your oven, depending on how much of it you have, I would not have the oven over 150 degrees. And have adequate ventilation. It may take overnight, again depending on how much of it there is. Just keep stirring it occasionally, and keep checking to see how fast it is drying.
Q:can i grow magic mushrooms with out using vermiculite?
They look good, Jose. Keep the vermiculite damp and the humidity correct and you'll be fine. Bad eggs will turn colors and darken up. These ones are plump and clean. You're good!
Q:Vermiculite soil and clay can be kind of meat plants collocation
The economic benefits can be added to crush a honeycomb briquet can buy in, in granular soil fleshy special, such as akadama soil, deer marsh soil, volcano stone and so on.
Q:what if i dont have vermiculite?
Q:when should i take out bearded dragon eggs? ASAP!!!?
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Q:my corn snake just laid 14 eggs, should i cover the whole clump of eggs with vermiculite?
You can only get asbestos in your lungs if you inhale asbestos, which is not found in pop cans. Asbestos is usually found in the ceilings of old buildings.
Q:Are expanded perlite and expanded vermiculite the same substance?What's the difference between them? What's the matter?
From the first color: perlite is white, similar to the bubble, very light. Vermiculite yellow, relatively small particles, a bit like a worm.These are used in the tunnel fire retardant coating inside, is the raw material of this kind of product, play the role of thermal insulation, also used in vegetable greenhouses inside
Q:Hydroponically speaking, what are the easiest vegetables to grow in perlite and vermiculite?
it sounds like a type of insulation i don't know if it's asbestos or not but if it a newer home i doubt it is there may be mold inside you walls also call your local building inspector have him look at it
Q:Is vermiculite bad if eaten by infants?
Potting soil typically has more nutrients and is mixed with peat in it for the roots to grow deep and strong in. It s thicker and helps retain moisture in a hanging pot for example. It also costs more. Top soil is obviously used to fertilize either a planter bed or lawn to give the plants/lawn roots food/nutrients to grow and prosper.

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