Heat Retention Material Vermiculite Fireproof Board

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Product Description:

1.Description of Heat Retention Material Vermiculite Fireproof Board:

Calcium Silicate Board is a new  environmental protection building material. With silicate and calcium materials as base and wood fiber as strengthen, which has the advantage of high strength, anti freeze, water-resist, fire-proof, damp-proof, sound-absorption, no distortion and no radiation,etc.

The boards feature good sound-absorbing and thermal insulating properties. Another advantage of the vermiculite boards is that they are easy to work using the normal wood-working tools. Various surface finishes can also be applied to the surface easily.

2.Specification of Heat Retention Material Vermiculite Fireproof Board:

1).Long service life. 
2).Light weight 
3).High specific strength 
4).Dimension stability

Heat Retention Material Vermiculite Fireproof Board

3.Application of Heat Retention Material Vermiculite Fireproof Board:

1).Petrochemical industry

2).Iron & steel industry

3).Cement industry

4).Glass industry

5).Shipping industry

4.Technical Data of Heat Retention Material Vermiculite Fireproof Board:

 Heat Retention Material Vermiculite Fireproof Board


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Q:will leopard geckos lay their eggs in the humidity box if they dont have an egglaying box?
If this is the first time the pool guy has installed a liner, worry, they can make a mess without experience. If he is experienced, relax and let him do his job. If he botches the job, you can always sue him for what it cost to get the job done right. The vermicullite can be smoothed with a cement trowel before the liner is installed. Usually they add a couple of bags of vermicullite to the existing to give it a fresh cushion. They should have a pump going to suck any standing water out of the hole before installing the liner. Then they attach the liner to the coping around the top and run a vaccum in the bottom to suck the air out from under the liner. A shop vac will do both jobs at once. The speed that he is able to do this depends upon his experience. It doesn't take very long though. Better plan on a couple of hours in case something doesn't go exactly like he planned. By the way, I have an 18 x 36 inground with SS walls and vermiculite covering the bottom. Both times I have had the liner replaced, they attached the top edge around the pool, and then cut the drain in the deep end and attached it before putting water in.. As the pool filled, and the liner stretched to fit the pool, they cut in the Light, water returns and skimmer holes. DO WATCH FOR THEM WALKING IN THE UNFILLED POOL WITH BOOTS ON. Both times I have had a replacement, they wore Waffle Stomper Sole boots that left deep foot prints in the vermicullite. The pool liner stretches to form fit the Boot Prints in the bottom of the pool and collects sediment in the tracks. Insist they use a piece of board or some other flat object to stand on and walk around on while working on the vermicullite.
Q:what is the best vermiculite to use in my bearded dragon cage?
yes coconut fibre is, also vermiculite, perlite, sand, hydroton,rockwool
Q:Two quick herb garden questions about cat poo/pee and vermiculite?
Vermiculite are the tiny white pebble pieces you find in potting soil, they re kind of shiny sometimes too. You can buy bags at any garden store. If owners/breeders say vermiculite is the best medium, then research it so you have a better understanding why.
Q:What is vermiculite? Is it expensive to sell?
A substrate for soilless culture. General agricultural stores inside to buy, and do not sell, you can ask the boss to contact you, and now use is very common. Not very expensive
Q:Vermiculite in chimenea?
They do not have to be moist but do need to be humid i placed mine in a damp vermiculite ( the vermiculite should clump together an when squeezed), but water shouldn't drip out. You used use water to control the temparature also helps keep a steady humidity. The main benefit of this incubation method is it is cheap to set up - the whole thing cost around £20, which, seeing as at that point I didn't know whether there would be any viable eggs to incubate, was a very good result!
Q:making homemade seed starting mix?
4Fe + 6 H2O + 3O2 => 2Fe2O3 + heat + 6H2O the salt speeds up the reaction the charcoal is a heat dispersant the vermiculite is used to maintain moisture levels
Q:leopard gecko egg ?
Ithink that no.
Q:bearded dragon incubation?
Diatomaceous earths. Perlite and Vermiculite (expanded).
Q:New born leopard gecko help?
put a laying box in with aspen bedding then when she lays them take them out and then but them in the vermiculite and incubate till they hack
Q:What can you root plants in?
I prefer adding soil amendments that have an organic content, like leaves, straw, compost, newspapers, lawn clippings, etc.. Perlite seems like an expensive soil additive. I didn't know you could still buy vermiculite, I thought it was mostly banned now because it has asbestos in it?? Well, maybe it's available where you live. Both perlite and vermiculite are/were used in potting soil, where the soil goes through regular cycles of being watered and then drying out. I suspect, though, that when they're in your garden, they're going to fill up with water, and then stay that way. Organic material does the same thing, costs less, and provides nutrition, too. For those reasons, I wouldn't use either perlite or vermiculite in my garden soil. Get some leaves, compost, manure, straw, newspapers, etc., and rototill them in now if you still can, and your garden will be fine by spring.

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