Silver/ White/Golden Vermiculite Board for Fire Insulation

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Packaging Details:Box, Fumigation-free pallet ,plastic stretch film,paper corner,Wrapping Tape


Vermiculite Insulation Board

Product Description


Vermiculite Insulation Board

 Vermiculite Insulation Board Characteristics:   

1. The fireproofing grade is A grade, under the circumstances of 1000 centigrade degrees after one hour. 

2. When the vermiculite board(brick) face to fire or high temperature circumstance, it is non-deformable. 

3. Water-tolerant, insulate against heat and sound. 


Vermiculite Insulation Board Technical Data: 

Process temperature: 1100

Bending strength: 0.574~4.96Mpa

Density: 400kgs/M3----900kgs/M3

Compression strength: 0.690~4.90Mpa

Thermal conductivity: Max.0.20W/mK at 600Max.0.128W/mk at 34.51

Insulativity : Min.10MΩ at normal temperature

The minimum thickness: 15mm

The maximum thickness: 50mm


Vermiculite Insulation Board Application: 

1. Fire resistant core for fire doors

2. Fire resistant walls and ceilings 

3. Fire brick in stove, electric heater, storage heater ,furnace and fireplace etc.

4. Heat insulation boards in planes, trains, cars, ships, ovens and pipes etc.

5. Heat preservation and sound insulation boards for walls 

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Q:what is the difference between vermiculite and perilite.?
I just saw this on TV this morning,1 part cement,1 part sand,2 parts peat moss. You can use vermiculite or sand.
Q:Is my Vermiculite chemical free? (for a reptile incubator)?
Q:Reptile incubating substrate: Vermiculite vs. Perlite?
No, vermiculite does not contain any nutrients. You will have to add fertilizer to it. Use seedling potting soil that contains fertilizer. High quality seedling mix contains agents that make it easier to absorb water and components that retains moisture.
Q:Is vermiculite ok to use in a moist box for a leopard gecko?
reverse osmosis look it up on how things work you may have the thing you need to do it
Q:I Have Topsoil with Peat Moss, Vermiculite, Worm Castings, and Sheep Shlt. How Do I Make Tomato Potting Soil?
paper is great... preferable to plastic which could hold moisture and condensation.... just be sure they'll not get wet.... and not freeze!....
Q:Where does vermiculite come from?
try keeping the crickets on vermiculite it holds moisture for up to a month
Q:New born leopard gecko help?
if you put a shallow box w/ aspen bedding in her cage chances are pretty good she'll use that to lay her eggs in, the less you handle the eggs the better until you get them into the incubator, she might get a bit cranky when you move her away so try to protect yourself from getting bit
Q:Where can I buy vermiculite(Not on the internet, looking to buy it today in person?
Hatchrite is perlite. And perlite and vermiculite are only dangerous if eaten, which a hatchling snake won't do since they don't take their first meal until after their first shed.
Q:Can I use parylite as a incubation substrate for leopard geckos?
Q:What is the white stuff in potting soil?
Not a bad loose fill insulation material, but try not to breath it in. If you're planning to remove it, have it checked for asbestos first.

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