drywall insulation vermiculite fireproof wall panel

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:drywall insulation vermiculite fireproof wall panel in wooden pallet
Delivery Detail:around 20 days after receipt of down payment


drywall insulation vermiculite fireproof wall panel 
2.high strength

   drywall insulation vermiculite fireproof wall panel


   drywall insulation vermiculite fireproof wall panel


fire prevention vermiculite board 
1.dimension:1220 x 2440mm 


All size can be customized.



fire prevention vermiculite board


1220*2440mm,Or as clients' requests 


Bintangor Okoume,Pine,etc


15mm,18mm,21mm etc;


Poplar, Hardwood, Birch , Combi,Eucalyptus, etc;


Length/width :+/-0.2mm; Thickness: +/-0.5mm


MR(water proof), MELAMINE(water proof), WBP(phenolic);

Mositure content


Modulus of rupture


Modulus of Elasticity



bottom is pallets, covered with plastic film,around is carton or plywood, strenghthen by steel or iron 3*6









Furniture, construction, etc


TT or L/C at sight

Delivery Time

Within 20 days receiving deposit or original L/C at sight

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Q:Buy vermiculite what are the notes, buy vermiculite to understand
There is mainly a sediment concentration problem. Fine general tons of vermiculite. Vermiculite: yellow, red, white, Xinjiang white, etc.. General gold is the cheapest.
Q:does any one know where i can find to buy Vermiculite,Perlite,Brown Rice Flower. oh and small half pint mason
It can be costy. I start breeding with only spending 350. mainly because i decide to buy 3 more adults (different morphs: eclipse, enigma and raptor for 200) but when the babies hatched price went up and i had to buy supplies for them too which cost me about 200. it can be pretty cheap, it depends on your habitat supplies and the quality of stuff you buy. most breeders use plastic sterile tubs as tanks. tiny boxes as hides and coolwhip containers for humid hides, bottle caps/lids as food /water/calcium bowls. just remember there are many leopard gecko breeders, so selling the babies will be hard to do (if this is your intention). thats why you shouldnt go into breeding unless you are prepared to house all the babies for their entire life(even if your only selling them in a few months) this way the ones that dont sell, you can keep as pets.
Q:Can you use vermiculite as cat/kitty litter?
Sand sounds okay, the only thing about it is if you don't find the eggs soon enough then they might dehydrate. . . Maybe if you mix the sand with the jungle mix? or vermiculite (which is really cheap) If you are suspecting your lizard to lay eggs you should put a lay box just in case. You don't have to put her in the lay box, just make the box accessible to the lizard. . . She may just lay them in her cage. . . My gecko did that even though it had a lay box.
Q:CRICKET BREEDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
That DUST is not vermiculite. Anyone claiming vermiculite CAN contain asbestos doesn't know what EITHER vermiculite OR asbestos is. You didn't say how old the structure is, but if it was built after 1990, it NEVER contained asbestos.
Q:What kind of stone is vermiculite?
Sometimes, be like the fine soil. Vermiculite is heated to 300 degrees Celsius, it will expand to 20 times and then bent. Vermiculite is a bit like leech (Hirudo commonly known as the leech),
Q:Where to find few bags of Vermiculite in Austin TX?
They seem fine. What type of geckos are they? A particular morph? If they're giant mixed with something, it could be one got the giant and one didn't. One might be dead. Try candling them with a flashlight. Don't turn them upside down! This WILL kill them.
Q:Redwood starter seed soil?
I wouldnt do it. The ground substrate I use most vermiculite or a mix of 50% vermiculite 50% peat. I think that a mix is better for burrowing tarantulas because it holds its shape better. My Hysterocrates gigas creates large burrows and likes to dig around. When I was using straight vermiculite it would cave in on him all the time. When I switched to a mix the burrows were stronger. I change the substrate after about 4 - 6 months of use..or until it starts to get nasty. or A 2cm layer of Vermiculite should cover the bottom of the tank and a thin layer of chipped bark or cocoa fibre placed on top of that.
Q:Where can I buy vermiculite(Not on the internet, looking to buy it today in person?
Hatchrite is perlite. And perlite and vermiculite are only dangerous if eaten, which a hatchling snake won't do since they don't take their first meal until after their first shed.
Q:How can the new vermiculite be treated?
It depends on whether you buy vermiculite, vermiculite or swelling vermiculite. When you buy the vermiculite raw materials, you can grow flowers and mix them in the ground with the soil and other fertilizers. Expanded vermiculite is finished and can be used directly without further treatment.
Q:Can vermiculite be used as insulation around a chimney liner?
Good question. I've used both many times, and I honestly can't decide which is better. I've used vermiculite more, and I know that more breeders use vermiculite than perlite, but I can't say exactly why. I've also used Hatchrite, which is perlite already mixed with water, and it works good. But vermiculite and perlite are easy to mix. Add enough water so it's moist, but not so wet that when you squeeze a handful water drips. And you'll probably need to add water periodically to keep the humidity up.

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