Fireproof material Vermiculite for fireplace

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Fireproof material Vermiculite for fireplaceis made from expanded vermiculite and a dose of adhesive, made by hot or cold plat

1.wiat is Vermiculite Board 

Vermiculite board commonly known as insulation board or refractory plate is a new thermal insulation material, vermiculite stone is made from expanded vermiculite and a dose of adhesive, made by hot or cold plate. The board has the characteristics of heat preservation, heat insulation, fire prevention. This product can be used in fire door core, lining, fireplace wall materials.

2.  color:


golden yellow, crimson,silver white;


3.  size:


0.3-1,1-2, 1-3,1-4, 2-4,3-5,4-8mm, 20-40mesh,10-40mesh

4.  chemical composition:









5. specification


Sand content<4.5%<4.5%<7.8%<7.8%


specific volum>3.9>6>7.5>8


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pumice does not sink in water unless it has been floating for many years
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Bill Mears on the needed steps 1. Buy incubator 2. Get vermiculite and make it moist enough to form a ball when squeezed (test by making a ball and throwing it at your neighbor’s cat) 3. Fill base of incubator with moist vermiculite and lightly tamp it down -I use the base of a yogurt tub 4. Put lid on incubator and fiddle around with thermostat until a probe lying on the surface of the vermiculite gives you a reading of 81F-84F (lower is OK, hotter is not). This takes a week and a lot of cussing sometimes! Make sure you have it in a COOL place so it can't overheat on a hot day. 5. Shout - lay NOW at your dragon 6. Place eggs in small thumb depressions in the vermiculite and brush the vermiculite around them (eggs with veins on top). The first time you do this, you will space them out all nice and neat and run out of room when clutch #3 is laid. The next year you'll cram them in to save space. 7. Sit back and wait 70 days or so 8. Oh yes- find a really good source for crickets; you're going to need to buy them by the 1000.
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A huge disadvantage is that there may be asbestos in it. Asbestos causes cancer and disease. On the other hand, vermiculite is a light-weight, fire-resistant, and odorless material and has been used in numerous products, including insulation for attics and walls. As long as it is not contaminated with asbestos, it is a safe and very effective insulator.
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Vermiculite and water ratio recommended approximately: 1:0.5 - 1:0.7 (1:1.2 for half hatch, but mature technology, here is not recommended), due to the impurity content of vermiculite and other factors affecting the water content, here is not to explain.
Q:What is a good mixure of cement,vermiculite & sand to cast molds?
Neither. Use Vermiculite
Q:Vermiculite in the end what color is good, my how like false?
Vermiculite is a natural, non-toxic mineral that expands at high temperatures. It is a relatively rare mineral, belonging to silicates. Its crystalline structure is monoclinic, and it looks like mica from its appearance. Vermiculite is produced by hydration of certain granite. It is commonly produced with asbestos.
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This site was designed as a basic introductory page on some of the technical characteristics of vermiculite. We also have include a listing of many helpful web sites, and hope you will launch from here to find out how vermiculite is used, how it is mined and processed, and how it is incorporated into many products. Essentially vermiculite is a member of the phyllosilicate group of minerals, resembling mica in appearance. It is found in various parts of the world, but currently the major mines are located in South Africa, China, Brazil, Zimbabwe, and the United States. The largest operating mines today are located in the Palabora region of North-Eastern Transvaal in South Africa, in the northwestern corners of China, and along the eastern Appalachian range in the United States (Virginia and South Carolina). The vermiculite ores from these mines are different forms of hydrated phlogopite or biotite mica which has the remarkable ability of being able to expand to many times its original volume when heated---a property known as exfoliation. From a geological perspective, almost all of the commercial vermiculite mines operating today work in deposits which were formed in pre-Cambrian and Archean deposits (1.5-3.0 billion years old). These are quite different from the former Libby, Montana deposit which was Triassic in age (225 million years ol
Q:how can i grow magic mushrooms in the DRC? there is no vermiculite to be found here, and no cow poop either.?
Vermiculite is used in horticulture to aid plant 'cuttings' to grow and helps to with drainage. It is not harmful, but I would keep an eye on your little one when they are mixing it with his know what young children are like and may want to 'taste' anything new. If I were you when you add and mix vermiculite to the soil or compost allow your little one to help you and explain that it is not for eating as it could cause them to get a 'sore' tummy. I remember when my niece was very young and I mixing cement and my niece thought was pleasant stuff to 'run' through her fingers. When I saw what she see was doing I got her inside to wash her hands and explained to her that a cement mixture, was something which could make her ill or damage her eyes. Kindest regards from David
Q:What is vermiculite made of?
Perlite? Vermiculite?

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