e lcass vermiculite coated fiberglass cloth

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200000 m²/month

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Product Description:

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:plastic film+pallet for fiber glass cloth.
Delivery Detail:15 -25 Days after the receipt of payment


glass fiber vermiculite cloth: 
1.Area Weight : 24 GSM - 1600 GSM 
2.Width : 910 - 1340 mm 
3.Thickness :0.04 -0.5 mm


Product Description

glass fiber vermiculite cloth


Fiber glass cloth is an new composite material, which has the excellent merit such as anti-burns, anti-corrosion, stable-size, heat-isolation, minimum elongated shrinkage, high intensity; this new material product has already covered many domains such as sports and leisure field , especial in surfboards , Boats and yachts, etc.



Example: CT –P D 06 50 

                  CT : CORE-TEX    P: Plain weave  D :Yarn Type   06: nominal weight (oz)   50: width (inch)




The versatility of glass as a fiber makes it a unique industrial textile material. Fiber glass in fabric form offers an excellent combination of properties from high strength to fire resistance. Wide ranges of yarn sizes and weave patterns provide unlimited design potential, allowing the end user to choose the best combination of material performance, economics and product flexibility:


(1) Dimensional Stability        (2)Moisture Resistance              (3)High Strength

(4)Fire Resistance                       (5)Chemical Resistance             (6)Electrical Properties

(7)Thermal Conductivity



PRODUCT AVAILABILITY*  (Fiber glass cloth)

ITEMYARN (text)Width(mm/inch)Thickness(mm/in)WeightNominal construction
WarpWeftg/m²oz/sqy²Warp (yarn/cm)Weft (picks/cm)
CT-P-D0150EC5 11EC5 111270/500.06/0.002481.4123.6218.5
CT-P-D0150AEC5 5.5*2EC5 5.5*21270/500.06/0.002481.4123.6218.5
CT-P-D0250AEC5 11*2EC5 11*21270/500.08/0.002712.115.715.3
CT-P-D0250EC5 22EC5 221270/500.08/0.002712.115.715.3
CT-P-D0250BEC5 22EC5 221270/500.08/0.002812.421.2515.35
CT-P-DE0350EC6 33EC6 331270/500.11/0.004982.8515.7412.59
CT-P-D(G)0350EC5 11*2EC9 331270/500.09/0.003902.6515.715.3
CT-P-D0350AEC5 11*2EC5 11*21270/500.10/0.0041073.1623.6222.83
CT-P-G0450EC9 134EC9 68*21270/500.12/0.0051494.45.515.12
CT-P-G0550AEC9 134EC9 1341270/500.14/0.0061775.216.695.91
CT-P-G0550EC9 68*2EC9 33*21270/500.14/0.0061574.627.098.27
CT-P-G0450DEC9 33*2EC9 33*21270/500.12/0.0051243.679.48.7
CT-P-G0450CEC9 33*2EC9 681270/500.11/0.0051253.6811.816.29
CT-P-G0450B-SEC9 33*2EC9 33*21270/500.12/0.0051263.719.48.7
CT-P-G0450BEC9 33*2EC9 33*21270/500.12/0.0051243.679.48.7
CT-P-G0450AEC9 33*2EC9 681270/500.12/0.0051253.6811.816.29
CT-P-G0650EC9 68*2EC9 1341270/500.20/0.0082106.29.445.51
CT-P-G0650AEC9 68*2EC9 68*21270/500.2/0.0081915.637.17.1
CT-P-G0650BEC9 134EC9 1341270/500.2/0.0081975.87.097.09
CT-P-G0650CEC9 68EC9 681270/500.17/0.0072066.0917.3212.2
CT-P-G0650DEC9 68*2EC9 68*21270/500.22/0.0091915.627.17.1
CT-P-G0650EEC9 68*2EC9 1341270/500.20/0.0082106.29.445.51
CT-P-G0650FEC9 68*2EC9 68*21270/500.20/0.0081915.637.17.1
CT-P-G0750EC9 68*3EC9 68*31270/500.25/0.012467.256.295.51
CT-P-G0750AEC9 68*2EC9 331270/500.20/0.0082487.331.497.08
CT-P-G0750BEC9 68*3EC9 68*31270/500.25/0.012467.256.295.51
CT-P-HK0750EC11 204EC11 2041270/500.25/0.012346.896.295.51

Note: The chart above indicates the standard items which are available from stock, other specifications are available upon request

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Q:does the Mini Eco Egg Incubator need vermiculite im incubating corn snake eggs?
What, exactly, is your question?
Q:what can I use for my incubator other than vermiculite, perlite and hatch right?
sphagnum moss
Q:is vermiculite safe for beardies to lay eggs in?
Absolutely, they will both contribute to the compost and make for a nice soil when you finally use it. I'm sure you know to put it about 5 inches under and water it.
Q:What are the characteristics of vermiculite on flowers?
No, vermiculite can keep warm and moisturize, but vermiculite doesn't have the nutrients needed by plants, so you need to add fertilizer occasionally
Q:is vermiculite poisonous for my ball python?
Yes, you could. It's over all strength might be an issue how ever. Light concrete is made from aggregate that has been heated to about 2000 degrees. Bubbles from the gases in the rocks form, and this causes the concrete that is made with it to weigh less.
Q:what type of soil mixture should I use for growing tomatoes in 5 gallon containers?
Both okorder.com
Q:Bearded dragon egg incubation questions?
Do not use aspen or wood chips if you want your eggs to hatch. The Wal-Marts in my area do not carry vermiculite, but they do carry perlite, which is another good choice. I buy vermiculite from small plant nurseries.
Q:what exactly is perlite and vermiculite?
Don't forget to write down water as a natural resource, the most obvious one.
Q:Can I germinate apple seeds in vermiculite?
I don't think vermiculite would be a good substrate for several reasons. I usually buy organic peat moss.
Q:aquaballs to take the place of soil.what are they called/?
Definitely get rid of the park soil. It could be full of pesticides and parasites. It could do more harm than good. You should use a substrate from your pet store. It is cleaned thoroughly. Since you can't find peat/vermiculite, I would suggest a coconut fiber such as (Bed-a-Beast). It holds moisture well which will give you a decent humidity level. Other than that, just give it some time. Give a few days to adjust and make itself at home. I wouldn't even try to feed it for the first few days. Once it is more relaxed and comfy with it's new surroundings, it should find it's favorite place and be ready to eat.

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