Inoganic Fireproof Vermiculite Panel

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Product Description:

1. Description of Vermiculite Board:

Our Fireproof Vermiculite Panel is a kind of new inorganic materials. It is mainly made of expanding vermiculite and blends with proportional inorganic adhesive. Thought a series of processes, the finished panel is characterized by fire-resistant, environmentally friendly, heat and sound insulation, without any toxic substances, etc. Even though the heating temperature reaches 1200 degree centigrade, it will not release any pernicious gas. Combustibility is Grade A.



2.Specification of Vermiculite Board:


1). Standard size: 2100mm*900mm or 2400mm*1200mm

2). Thickness: 12mm-38mm

3). Density: 300-1000kg/m3

3. Features of Vermiculite Board:


1).Noncombustible, non-fusible and fire-resistant. Because this Panel is mainly made of inorganic materials without element carbon, so it will not burn.

2).Lasting heat retaining.

3).Nontoxic, smokeless, environmentally friendly.

4).Prominent dent resistance. The panel is pressed with expanding vermiculite and special fireproof glue water, so it has high strength and toughness.

5).Favorable weather resistance.

6).Excellent mold and wormy resistance.

7).Easy to install and process, including sawing, nailing, planning, drilling.

8).Well sound insulation.


4.Application of Vermiculite Board:

It is widely used in the lines of construction, shipping, metallurgy, electricity, spaceflight and so on, specifically used as

1).Fireproof door core

2).Deluxe kitchen ware

3).Boat hull panels

4).Fire passage an ventilation system

5).Commercial building, library, hotel, restaurant, amusement building, senior and common residence

6).Transformer vault


8).Industrial heat-retaining materials.


Other applications: It is able to apply to furniture, fireproof wall, suspended ceiling etc.


5.Technical Data of Vermiculite Board:

Inoganic Fireproof Vermiculite Panel

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Q:should i use aps or perlite for my crested gecko eggs to incbate in?
No need; the stuff isn't hazardous, and any insulation is worthwhile.
Q:Can I pressure cook jars of (vermiculite and rice) twice without destroying the nutritional value of the rice?
Q:what is vermiculite to put in reptile incubators?
Your question is very confusing. If you didn't want the snakes, why put them in a glass tank? You said you were going to take them across the street to the creek, so why didn't you just do that right away? Plus, the snakes in the tank didn't reproduce and lay eggs the next day. Obviously, the one had mated a few months ago. And who did you speak to at the zoo, the janitor? Anyone with any knowledge of snakes would know that just putting the eggs in the grass will cause them to die instantly since they need to be kept at very high humidity, plus, who would tell you to release a possible python (which I highly doubt it is). Do you have pictures of the snake? Next time please just leave snakes alone. They don't go around attacking children for no reason. You may actually have committed a crime by catching them. But like I said, I highly doubt you have a python. Ball pythons match your description but they don't lay 13 eggs. If you don't want to get bit, just leave them alone next time. Snakes don't go around looking for people to bite.
Q:Where can I buy Vermiculite?
do these people above not realise that bearded dragons are lizards? ...not dragons. sigh for the size of the eggs - as the reptile embryos grow, the egg swells too so that is completely normal. The older the egg, (as long as its alive and healthy) the bigger it will be and for the vermiculite... if you have a syringe or something like that then you can 'inject' water into the vermiculite without getting it on the eggs. i dont know how you incubate your eggs, but i keep my eggs and vermiculite in an old waxworm tub (a small tub with slits/holes in the bottom), and i put that tub in a small bath of water (the box that crickets come in) - it works to keep the humidity up, as well as keeping the vermiculite damp. i used it for leopard geckos though, not bearded dragons so i dont know if that will help any good luck :)
Q:How long do the nutrients in fox farm soil last?
You can buy perlite and vermiculite at your local gardening stores. I don't know the high temperature insulation properties of these materials, though.
Q:how to care for my bearded dragon eggs?
If its to wet the eggs will get mold and rot. If its to dry they will dryout and die.
Q:Can I use vermiculite for my lucky bamboo?
Tyler B is misguided. Eggs collapsing would not propose that they are infertile. in the event that they are infertile, they are going to turn moldy. Collapsing suited together as they are placed into the incubator means the humidity is in simple terms too low. I shop my eggs in airtight boxes with vermiculite or perlite. The eggs do no longer % plenty air. I open the boxes as rapidly as each and every week to enable clean air in and to income on the eggs. This keeps the humidity at a hundred%, this is what you pick. A field without lid makes it difficult to maintain the humidity intense. Get your eggs in a small, airtight field ASAP so which you do no longer lose them. additionally, confirm they stay suited section up. Mark the tops with a pencil.
Q:Why would there be shiny metallic stuff in the pot of my avocado tree?
This site was designed as a basic introductory page on some of the technical characteristics of vermiculite. We also have include a listing of many helpful web sites, and hope you will launch from here to find out how vermiculite is used, how it is mined and processed, and how it is incorporated into many products. Essentially vermiculite is a member of the phyllosilicate group of minerals, resembling mica in appearance. It is found in various parts of the world, but currently the major mines are located in South Africa, China, Brazil, Zimbabwe, and the United States. The largest operating mines today are located in the Palabora region of North-Eastern Transvaal in South Africa, in the northwestern corners of China, and along the eastern Appalachian range in the United States (Virginia and South Carolina). The vermiculite ores from these mines are different forms of hydrated phlogopite or biotite mica which has the remarkable ability of being able to expand to many times its original volume when heated---a property known as exfoliation. From a geological perspective, almost all of the commercial vermiculite mines operating today work in deposits which were formed in pre-Cambrian and Archean deposits (1.5-3.0 billion years old). These are quite different from the former Libby, Montana deposit which was Triassic in age (225 million years ol
Q:Are these leo gecko eggs okay?
None of those are good heat conductors.
Q:How to incubate Sulcata Eggs?

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