Raw Unexpended Golden Vermiculite Ore Sale 0.3-1MM

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Product Description:

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:25kg/bag,40bags/big bag; other packing is allowed as required. Pure PP bags or PP bag inner with PE or as per customer's demands
Delivery Detail:Within 15 days after received deposit


1.Crude vermiculite 
2.Size: 3-7MM 
4.Packing:as the customer's requirement


Product Description


 Our factory produce two kind of vermiculites, crude vermiculite and exfoliated vermiculite .They both have two types: Silver-grey type ( Fe2O3 content around 5-8%, similar with South Africa vermiculite) and Golden-yellow type(Fe2O3 content around 15-23%, similar products with India and Australia).The silver type mainly used in refractories/insulations, the golden yellow type mainly used in agriculture and horticulture.

The PH of the golden yellow type is 6.5-7.2 and the silver gray vermiculite’s PH is 8.5-9.5, so compared with silver vermiculite, golden vermiculite is more neutral. In Japan, Korea market, our customers choose golden vermiculite used for agriculture and horticulture .



Packaging & Shipping


Packaging Detail: 25kg/bag,40bags/big bag; other packing is allowed as required

                            Pure PP bags or PP bag inner with PE or as per customer’s demands


Delivery Detail: Within 15 days after received deposit

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Q:is cork, cellulose or vermiculite?
Have you tried Vermiculite or Perlite for substrate? the beauty of this, is when they poop, you can just scoop it up. I think you find with coconut husks, if your beardy dont eat all the crickets/locust ect, they can hide well down beneath it. I tried sand and it was just to messy, but the vermiculite is great for cleaning and it looks nice as well.
Q:How much should the ratio of soil vermiculite to perlite be?
The cake, put the pelvic floor relatively okay ~ ~ to let the seedlings have a process of adaptation ~ ~ ~ I now add more perlite. Vermiculite feels the only use now is probably: when you plant seeds, sprinkle a thin layer over the surface... Very few in the soil.. It feels less breathable ~ as I just how to perlite
Q:could instead of vermiculite in a substrate could you use more rice and flour?
Yes, you absolutely need vermiculite. That is what will keep the eggs moist enough to incubate properly. I have been breeding for several years now, and I don't do anything more than put the eggs in an empty sour cream bowl with vermiculite. The vermiculite should be moist to the touch, but not soaking wet. I keep it lidded with a few small holes for air. I recommend opening it everyday or two just to check on the eggs. Keep the temperature constantly between 79-88. If all works fine, you should have little ones in 6-12 weeks. Good luck!
Q:What store can I purchase vermiculite at?
Hi, sounds like you may be misting the vermiculite a little too much and from my experience totally covering the eggs is a problem, even though they are eggs they still need to breath and if you carefully pick up an egg and hold it up to a good light the embryo should be visible and appear pink in colour. Don't allow the temperature to drop bellow 82. Hope this helps
Q:what if i dont have vermiculite?
Read okorder.com
Q:Vermiculite is falling from my ceiling after some ceiling tiles fell. How do I remove it safely?
vermiculite will give you some air pocket in the soil for air exchange and the peat will hold the water to keep the plants from drying out so fast. but once the peat drys out it is a little hard to get it to be wet again. to get it moist again you will have to soak the peat for a day in some water and this also depends on the size of the pot you are planting them in. dont use terriacota pots that really dry out plants it nice but unless you seall the out side it will dry out the plants and peat quickly. keep in mind how long it may take for t he redwoods to spout also. you need to go the a web site for trees and look up redwoods and see how long it take to germiate the seeds. Oh ya you can mix the to medium.
Q:cleaning tarantula's enclosure?
Blue Cobalt Tarantula
Q:Is vermiculite cancerous?
either or, think its 6 of one and half dozen of the other...insulation kit sounds easier to mess with...vermiculite is ok if your adding it as you build the chimney...
Q:What are my chances of developing mesothelioma?
Q:Should I get vermiculite insulation removed?
Vermiculite perhaps?

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