Vermiculite Coated Ceramic Fiber Fabrics

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Packaging Detail:Vermiculite Coated Ceramic Fiber Fabric pack carton box
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1 Vermiculite Coated Ceramic Fiber Fabric made by vermiculite, ceramic 
2 Vermiculite Coated Ceramic Fiber Fabric resistant heat




Product Description

Vermiculite Coated Ceramic Fiber Fabric is a woven fabric made of our high quality ceramic fiber yarns and then coated with vermiculite. It can be used for high temperature applications up to 1000° C. The cloth is reinforced with fiberglass filament. It contains a certain amount of binder material which is normally burned at lower temperature and does not affect the insulation property. Vermiculite coating enhances the fabrics unmatched abrasion resistance and tensile strength. it also provide a dust suppression coating which allows for a safer work environment.


Vermiculite Coated Ceramic Fiber Fabric Application:

It can used as expansion joints, safety blankets, curtains, welding blankets, protective and insulating covers, shields, 

gaskets, cable or pipe wrapping, etc. It has been widely used in welding, foundry works, aluminum and steel mills, 

boiler insulation and seal, shipyards, refineries, power plants and chemical plants.


This Vermiculite Coated Ceramic Fiber Fabric has a very high vermiculite content (10 to 12%).

Allows for contacting molten metal slag

An alternative to asbestos based textiles

Provides low thermal conductivity and good dielectric strength and features excellent corrosion resistance

Used at 2300°F / 1260°C continuously, molts above 3000°F / 1650°C

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Q:what is the difference between vermiculite and perilite.?
I just saw this on TV this morning,1 part cement,1 part sand,2 parts peat moss. You can use vermiculite or sand.
Q:I have just bought Hydrangea Endless Summer Pink, and i am unsure whether it will like my soil?
Vermiculite In India
Q:help! my corn snakes have had eggs?
There are two ways which have worked well for me, misting works well in keeping the vermiculite damp, but it should be just damp not wet, the other method i have used is to place the vermiculite on a couple of pieces of kitchen roll with plenty over hanging then to mist this, that way the kitchen roll act like a wick and pulls the moisture under the vermiculite.
Q:In Horticulture, what does inert mean?
Vermiculite insulation is a mined product that often has asbestos contamination. The levels, however, are typically well below the EPA guidance of 1%. Although some products in the past were found to contain slightly more than 1% (notably in the Libby. MT mine), this is still not in a friable form. That is, it doesn't get into the air easily because the insulation can not be easily crumbled. As far as accuracy of the testing method, it is easily more accurate than the sampling method. Testing uses direct microscopic fiber counts, and relies on representativeness of the sample sent to the lab, and of the portion counted at the lab.
Q:A hot pack foot warmer contains iron powder, water, salt, activated carbon and vermiculite. It is activated b?
They are both used to lighten soil to decrease compaction. Vermiculite is made of mica. Not sure about perlite composition. Some people start seeds in vermiculite. I mix Miraclegro potting soil (4 parts) with 1 part vermiculite, 1 part perlite, 1 part sphagnum moss. Great success growing all sorts of plants with the mixture.
Q:Laying loft insulation on vermiculite?
The soil that the venus fly trap is a very nutrient poor soil. Not likely the vermiculite. Temperature is most helpful, range in the 80`sF. Don`t over water the plant. You might want to put a little clean dirt in also. The fly Trap does does hot need any fertilizer, it gets it`s nutrients from the insects it traps.
Q:I need help on how to make a home made incubator with a 10 gallon tank a heat mat perlite or eco earth!!!?
yes take him to the ER
Q:Can I use vermiculite for my lucky bamboo?
I use perlite instead of vermiculite because it's a lot easier to keep from smothering eggs in too much moisture. Perlite doesn't hold moisture next to it unlike vermiculite. If you put too much water in vermiculite it will cling to the eggs and smother them. Perlite with too much water will just let the water go to the bottom of the tub and not do that. Make sure your temperatures aren't too high. High is worse than low. I generally incubate in my snake eggs in my reptile room at room temperature. During the usual times that I incubate, my room stays around 80 at night and no more than 84 during the day. I've also used a styrofoam box with a UTH to keep the temps at 80. I prefer to keep them at around that temperature. You don't say what happens to the eggs when they die. Do they mold, shrivel or what? Depending upon what went wrong, determines the correction
Q:Propagating oleander from cuttings - why aren't roots growing yet?
Please do NOT believe all you read on the internet! Vermiculite is vermiculite. Asbestos is asbestos. Both are totally safe, used properly.
Q:How to care for a Box Turtles egg...?
i'm from the Lake Conroe section. I honestly have earthworms lower than rocks and in my flower beds that I keep quite moist. in case you irrigate, you'll have some you are able to dig up loose.those should be the great that are nearby for your section.

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