TUV Approved XLPE Double Insolation Single Core Solar Cable 4mm2 for Solar Panel

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Product Description:


Core Conductor:Tinned annealed copper(stranded core)
Popular Sizes:2x6mm²
Cable Conductor:Stranded tinned annealed copper
Insulation:Electron-beam cross-linked Polyolefin(XLPE)
Jacket:XLPE(black, red)
Nominal Volvatage:Uo/U= 600/1000VAC, 1000/1800VDC
Test Voltage:6500V, 50HZ, 5Min
Emperature Rating:-45C upto +125C, -40F upto +257F
Ambient Temperature:25 years(-40C upto +90C, -40F upto +194F)
Max Short Circuit T:280C, +536F
Fire Performance:IEC 60332-1, UL1581 VW-1
Approval:TUV Rheinland 2PfG 1169 1.5mm² to 50mm², UL.

Material Properties /Standards

Fire performance

IEC 60332-1

Smoke emission

IEC 61034 ;EN 50268-2

Low fire load

DIN 51900


TUV 2PfG 1169/08.2007 PV1-F

UL4703 PV WIRE; UL854 USE-2

Application standards

UNE 211 23;UNE 20.460-5-52,UTE C 32-502


TUV Approved XLPE Double Insolation Single Core Solar Cable 4mm2 for Solar Panel

TUV Approved XLPE Double Insolation Single Core Solar Cable 4mm2 for Solar Panel



1) Electron-beam cross-linked compounds.


2) UV, ozone and hydrolysis resistant.


3) High temperature resistant, the materials do not metl or flow.


4) Good cold flexibility.


5) Very long service life > 25years at 90C.


6) Compatible to all popular connectors.

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Q:Car amplifier s power cable issue ?
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You're okorder.com/
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