TIG-200 250 300 Welding Machine

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Product Description:

TIG-200/250/300 Welding Machine

Quick Details

· Condition: New

· Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)

· Brand Name:  OEM

· Model Number: TIG160 TIG200 TIG250 TIG300

· Arc Current: 10-160A, 10-200A,10-250A,10-300A

· Pulse Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ

· Rated Duty Cycle: 60%

· Motor Type: DC

· Dimensions: 371x153x232mm

· Usage: carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel etc.

· Voltage: 220V, 380V, customer requirement

· Power(W): 6.2KVA, 8.6KVA, 8.3KVA

· Certification: CE, CCC, ISO9001:2008

· Warranty: 12months

· After-sales Service Provided: Overseas service center available

· Color: orange or customer requirement

· Function: DC TIG

· OEM ODM: accepted

· Quality control system: ISO9001:2008


Auto Fabrication

Building and Decorating Industry

Pipe Installation and Maintenance

Pressure Vessel Fabrication


1. Adopting advanced PWM inverter technology, constant output current, precise control, stable welding performance.

2. High frequency arc starting, easy to start arc.

3. High efficiency, portable, small no-load losses.

Technical parameters





Rated input voltage (V)

1~220V 10%

1~220V 10%

3~380V 10%

Rated input capacity (KVA)




Output current range (A)




Output voltage range (V)




No-load voltage (V)




Duty cycle (%)




Electrode diameter (mm)




Weight (Kg)




Dimension (mm) LxWxH




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Q:What brand of argon arc welding machine is of good quality?
Salesman to answer, are deceptive, the market share of the most is the best.
Q:What are the differences between an electric welder and an arc welder?
Lies in an AC dc. Arc welding can protect oxygen from inert gas. It can weld thinner construction.
Q:What is the duty cycle on the argon arc welding machine panel?
Duty cycle is the ratio of pulse turn-on time and total timeTo put it bluntly, a water pipe has been let off, and can run one side of water a minute;Then you run 30 seconds per minute, 30 seconds off, you can only run half square water, the duty cycle is the opening time divided by the opening and closing time, and that is, 30 divided by 60 is 0.5When you need the high temperature steel plate welding duty ratio increase, but you have to look at the instructions of how much or hold their own, because you do not know what the first machine models, how much power, so you see, anyway, the larger duty ratio, the higher the temperature of welding - this manual must yes, you look fine.
Q:Can the inverter DC argon arc welding machine weld aluminum?
If helium is used, aluminum can be welded and operated in the same manner as argon arc welding;If argon is used, the usual method of operation can not be soldered to aluminum;If argon is used to weld the tungsten electrode, it is possible to solder the aluminum, but the tungsten is burned rapidly and can be used temporarily, especially when the current is relatively small, such as under 50A.Of course, it's better to use AC argon arc welding machine.
Q:How does argon arc welding gas?
1, argon arc welding machine itself quality2. Welding temperature3, the most important is master welding level
Q:What's the difference between pulsed direct current welding machine and inverter argon arc welding machine?
Pulsed DC electric welder also called pulse TIG welding machine, mainly used for welding of high quality, high requirements, generally used for thin plate welding, the workpiece deformation is relatively small, while at work, there are two kinds of current state, namely the peak current and the low value of current, can be adjusted respectively two current alternating frequency and duty cycle, now generally is the inverter pulse argon arc welding machineInverter argon arc direct current welder is the basic state of pulsed argon arc welding machine. When working, there is only a constant welding current,The above two kinds of welding machine generally has a slow rise and slow drop time time, slow rise time is the arc when welding current from the minimum current is increased to the set welding current time, and then enter the set constant welding current welding, arc current, welding current from the set gradually reduced to the current time is slow down time, then stop welding
Q:How can BX6-315 AC arc welding machine get 380V power? There are 3 connecting points, 380V-0V-220V
380V-0V-220V means can use BX6-315 AC arc welder 380V and 200V, as long as you in the 0 terminals and 380 terminals connected to 380V power supply can be used, such as some places without 380V power on the 0 terminals and 220 terminals that can also access 220V power, saying simply is BX6-315 AC arc welder is AC arc welder with 220V tap
Q:What kind of antifreeze is used in water-cooled argon arc welding machine in winter?
Anti freezing cooling fluid for automobile, it can be used in water cooled arc welding gun in winter.
Q:Is Japan imported argon arc welding machine easy to use? Panasonic, three, and other brands of small welding machine, there are those different characteristics
I used in the United States, Lincoln, Finland kemppi, Matsushita, Miller in the United States, Sweden recognized after the long-term use of ESA, good for Japan's three homes. The welded sheet is very easy to use. It's made in China and the quality is still very good. But the price is only by half. Issa is probably the worst. Price is not durable. We bought more than ten units here, but now they are basically broken. Lincoln welding machine is relatively large, but AC and DC dual-use is really good. We all used by welding machine. Only three homes later. Please believe in our practical experience. Don't listen to others being blind. In addition, the electrician said, "nice is the best.". But we have only one, have no use, can not say clearly. Hope to be of help to you.
Q:I want to buy Christie Bao WSE200P AC DC pulse argon arc welding machine, but do not know how about the quality?
Machine is good, more imitation, do not buy fake, but 2750 yuan should not be wrong.

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