NB-350KR 500KR Thyristor Gas-shielded Welding Machine

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NB-350KR/500KR Thyristor Gas-shielded Welding Machine

Quick Details

· Condition: New

· Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)

· Brand Name:  OEM

· Model Number: NB-500KR

· Dimensions: 675*435*760mm

· Weight: 156KGS

· Usage: Heavy Equipments, shipbuilding, container manufacturing and other impo

· Voltage: 3-380V+-10%

· Certification: CCC; ISO9001:2008

· color: Gray

Best Selling in Past 6 Years  


1. Mature and reliable main circuit with balanced reactor and thyristor in dual inverse-star form, each moment has two thyristors work in same time, high efficiently

2. Rigorous process design, regardless of harsh environments or reload will operate properly

3. End voltage and current adjustable, regulate that help to make up the crater defects at the end of welding

4. With voltage and current adjusted separately/simple synergic function, whether newbies or skilled welders can easily operate.  

Tips: If welding cable is longer than 5m, dual-driven wire feeder will be a better choice to reach better welding performance.  

Technical Data




Fty. Model



Input Voltage(V)




50 / 60HZ

50 / 60 HZ

Rated Input Capacity(KVA)



Max. No-load Voltage(V)



Output Current Range(A)



Output Voltage Range(V)



Rated Duty Cycle(%)



Insulation Class



Wire Diameter(mm)

Low carbon steel wire 0.8~1.2

Low carbon steel wire1.2~1.6

FCAW 1.0~1.2

FCAW 1.2~1.6







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Q:Common faults of DC invert manual arc welding machine
ARC is the meaning of identifying arc weldingMMA manual metal arc manual metal arc, that is, electrode arc weldingInverter welding machine with ZX7 DC down characteristic
Q:Argon arc welding machine uses computer to black screen
Buy a regulator so that, buy a high-power 1500W can
Q:Used welding machine welder, argon arc welding machine for sale
What type? How much do you want to sell? If the price is right, I'll consider purchasing
Q:Do you have argon arc welding machine without cylinders? I welded stainless steel pots and basins
The so-called argon arc welding, argon is used as a protective gas welding method, without argon, of course not. If you need to take it out to work regularly, you can have a small argon cylinder, which is available on the market, but the price is a bit expensive and hundreds of RMB.
Q:What is the power of this argon arc welding machine?
Three hundred and eighty welding machine capacity, no-load current multiplied by five. The single-phase AC welding transformer is actually a special step-down transformer. Compared with the common transformer, its basic working principle is approximately the same. In order to meet the requirements of welding process, the welding transformer works in short circuit and requires certain arc striking voltage during welding. When the welding current is increased, a sharp decline in output voltage, when the voltage drops to zero (i.e. two short side), two side current is not too big, and so on, the welding transformer has a steep drop in the external characteristics of the welding transformer, dropping characteristic is the pressure generated by the obtained reactance coil. No load, because there is no welding current through, the reactance coil does not produce pressure drop, at this time the no-load voltage is equal to the two voltage, that is to say, when the welding transformer is no-load, the same as the ordinary transformer no-load. The no-load current of the transformer is generally about 6%~8% of the rated current (the State shall not exceed 10% of the rated current). This is the theoretical basis of formulas and the.
Q:What's the difference between stainless steel cold welding machine and argon arc welding machine?
1. welding temperature difference: welding temperature is 2/3 lower than that of argon arc welding machine, the welding time three imitation laser cold welding machine can be accurately controlled, the welding current is the maximum use of this welding, after welding base metal temperature is only tens of degrees, the hand can touch.The difference between the 2.: the welding deformation is not easy deformation, because the welding time three cold welding machine to accurately control welding, argon arc welding machine is much lower than the temperature, so three cold welding in welding with argon arc welding machine has great advantages, the welding deformation is very small, the manual welding plate thin can reach 0.2mm.3., the difference between the brightness of the weld bead: three, cold welding machine welding spot welding bead white, not like argon arc welding machine welding, welding spot welding bead yellow, black.
Q:What parameters should we pay attention to when purchasing argon arc welding machine?
Based on what you said, I recommend the use of portable inverter argon arc welding machine can be a 200A, select the most suitable current, many brands now, there is less expensive, cheap usually use MOS tube to do, your point is to do with IBGT, the weight is about 10KG, I don't know where you are, but I suggest you find a good brand in your local buy or, in this case the maintenance is more convenient, if the price should be around 1200---1500, generally not more than 1500
Q:What is the power of the BX1-315 AC arc welder?
No more than 15Kw
Q:What causes leakage when welding argon arc welding machine?
Surface treatment has an impact on spatter, but it won't be as serious as you say. Heavy wire and welding current should be considered. For many reasons, such as the workpiece is not polished clean, rust, oil, argon impurities, and so on
Q:How can common argon arc welding machine weld aluminum?
There is no common argon arc welding. The most common is DC TIG welding.DC TIG welding can reverse connection (welding torch is connected with the anode +, ground - Welding of aluminum anode).The affinity of aluminum and oxygen is stronger, and oxidation can occur at normal temperature. In the process of welding high temperature, the oxide film is easy to be produced on the surface of molten aluminum. The AC tungsten argon arc welding machine is usually used for welding. The alternating current has the function of cathode breaking and breaking the oxide film.When using DC reverse connection, the tungsten electrode is affected by the high speed impact of the electron. It also has the function of removing oxide film. But the disadvantage is that the tungsten is heated, the temperature is high, the consumption is quick, and the service life is short.

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