NB-350KR 500KR Thyristor Gas-shielded Welding Machine

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NB-350KR/500KR Thyristor Gas-shielded Welding Machine

Quick Details

· Condition: New

· Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)

· Brand Name:  OEM

· Model Number: NB-500KR

· Dimensions: 675*435*760mm

· Weight: 156KGS

· Usage: Heavy Equipments, shipbuilding, container manufacturing and other impo

· Voltage: 3-380V+-10%

· Certification: CCC; ISO9001:2008

· color: Gray

Best Selling in Past 6 Years  


1. Mature and reliable main circuit with balanced reactor and thyristor in dual inverse-star form, each moment has two thyristors work in same time, high efficiently

2. Rigorous process design, regardless of harsh environments or reload will operate properly

3. End voltage and current adjustable, regulate that help to make up the crater defects at the end of welding

4. With voltage and current adjusted separately/simple synergic function, whether newbies or skilled welders can easily operate.  

Tips: If welding cable is longer than 5m, dual-driven wire feeder will be a better choice to reach better welding performance.  

Technical Data




Fty. Model



Input Voltage(V)




50 / 60HZ

50 / 60 HZ

Rated Input Capacity(KVA)



Max. No-load Voltage(V)



Output Current Range(A)



Output Voltage Range(V)



Rated Duty Cycle(%)



Insulation Class



Wire Diameter(mm)

Low carbon steel wire 0.8~1.2

Low carbon steel wire1.2~1.6

FCAW 1.0~1.2

FCAW 1.2~1.6







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Q:380/220 AC arc welding machine, once two times coil, 4 lead line, how to connect the power supply?
Some cannot read what you said, but the input side is generally three lines, the output side is four lines, the input side one is a common end, 380, 220 share of the output side to wait for you to pick a power of good judgment, with a multimeter voltage between the amount of each line, one of three other voltage are about 70 volts, the root is ground, the other three is large, welding machine, small three stalls. Just ask the welder to try it yourself and don't need any points.Oh, I think you can connect 220 volt electrical test, welding work on the normal work is wrong, then try again, anyway, the welding machine is wrong, as long as they do not work for a long time, not bad.
Q:I bought an argon arc welding machine. How do I adjust it?
Base current is the basic current of your machine. It is used in pulse welding, and if you don't use it, you drive it to the maximum. (at this point, you just need to adjust the current knob to control the current.)Pulse duty cycle: used during pulse welding, which affects the width of the heat affected zone during solderingPulse frequency: it is used in pulse welding, and it affects the amount of phosphorus on welding scarsPulse current: the actual pulse amplitude, which affects the depth of the bath.Lag off time: it is a setting for argon gas delay. Generally transfer to 4 on it.If you simply solder, you can turn the pulse duty cycle, the pulse frequency, and the pulse current to the minimum,
Q:Excuse me: how about the power of 315 DC arc welding machine?
315 welding machine general election 100A--250A, work voltage is 38V, three welding machine work at the same time the maximum power: 250*38*3=31 kW, select 35 kW generator enough.Welding machine is a kind of electric power supply which provides certain characteristic for welding. The common welding machine has three kinds of direct current, alternating current and pulse from welding current, but AC and DC inverter welding machine are often used. The main component of the electric welding machine is a step-down transformer. The two ends of the secondary coil are welded workpieces and welding electrodes. When the work is done, the arc is ignited, and the electrode is fused into the gap of the workpiece at the high temperature of the arc.
Q:What are the causes of arcing in argon arc welding machines without arcing?
The torch cable breaking is not completely broken, the high-frequency pathway is a high voltage low current, but the welding current is larger than the high-frequency current and the arc voltage is much lower when the welding voltage, welding torch cable problems when welding arc voltage is too low, so not arc.
Q:How to use the reallink argon arc welder WS200S gas delay switch?
Reallink argon arc welding has a 3-5 of a button, this is the time delay switch 5 is longer.Argon arc welding machineArgon arc welding, that is, tungsten inert gas arc welding, refers to the use of industrial tungsten or activated tungsten as non melting electrode, inert gas (argon) as the protection of welding methods, referred to as TIG.Argon arc welding machine is divided into two kinds of argon arc welding machine and non melting argon arc welding machine according to the different electrodes.Non melting argon arc weldingNon MIG welding arc is non consumable (usually tungsten) between the workpiece and the inert gas from combustion, chemical reactions in the welding arc flows around a metal (usually with argon), forming a protective hood, the electrode, arc and weld pool and at high temperature the metal is not in contact with the air to prevent the oxidation and absorption of harmful gases. A compact welded joint is formed, and the mechanical properties of the welded joint are very good.MigThe welding wire is fed by the wire wheel, the conductive nozzle is electrically conductive, and the arc is generated between the base metal and the welding wire, so that the welding wire and the base metal are melted, and the arc is welded by the inert gas argon, and the molten metal is welded. The difference between it and TIG welding: a welding wire as electrode, and is constantly melting in molten pool, the condensation of the weld; another is a protective gas, with the application of MIG welding, gas protection has been widely used in variety of mixed gas of argon to develop a single, such as rich argon gas Ar 80%+CO220%. Usually the former is called MIG, and the latter is called MAG. According to its operation mode, the most widely used are argon arc welding and argon rich gas mixture welding, followed by automatic argon arc welding.
Q:How can argon arc welding machine weld aluminum?
For mature argon arc welders, it is not very difficult to solder aluminum. The main points are as follows:1) AC argon arc welding machine shall be used. The use of a cathode crushing needle in the process of welding produces three aluminium oxide (two aluminum oxide).2) the choice of black glass. Should be more than you usually weld stainless steel lenses plus one to two, in order to better see the molten pool.3) suitable material selection. Select the suitable filling material according to the aluminum material.4) the choice of gases. Rich argon gas (nitrogen + argon) and argon gas can be used in two ways.5) current selection. According to personal habits.
Q:Can tig200s argon arc welding machine weld aluminum?
Argon arc welding is argon gas shielded welding. That is, argon arc protective gas is applied around the arc welding to isolate the air from the welding zone, so as to prevent the oxidation of the welding zone. This is still a little harmful to people, and the future of health or laser welding machine to better, it is recommended Chu source photoelectric. Argon arc welding defects: (1) because the argon arc welding heat affected zone, workpiece after repaired often cause deformation, lower hardness, trachoma, local annealing, cracking, pinhole, wear, scratch, undercut, or inadequate binding force and stress injury etc..
Q:How can the welding aluminum of argon arc welding machine be adjusted? Too many buttons
1, welding aluminum first hit the AC file, then adjust the current knob, according to the thickness of the plate to determine the tune or tune, and then to pulse, then adjust the pulse knob, other knobs can not use.2, argon arc welding, that is, tungsten inert gas arc welding, refers to the use of industrial tungsten or activated tungsten as non melting electrode, inert gas (argon) as the protection of welding methods, referred to as TIG.3, aluminum alloy material, high strength and light quality. The main welding processes are manual MIG welding (MIG welding) and automatic MIG welding, whose base metal, welding wire, protective gas and welding equipment.
Q:Argon arc welding machine with how many square meters of power line about 10 meters
Mark 22-28, is the GB... In fact, argon arc welding machine, casual, ordinary power line on the line, will not be hot, pay attention to insulation is good, and I hope to help you
Q:Consult the model of argon arc welding machine, do not know whether WSE5-315 and WSE315 and WSME315 are the same thing?
If sufficient funds, the first choice of Tangshan Panasonic YC-300TSP, the price is about 20 thousand. Next, Beijing times PE21-400 price is in 7000 or so, again, Shanghai, Shanghai, industry, WS-315, the price is in more than 5000. The above are DC argon arc welding machine, if not often welded aluminum alloy, then do not buy AC and DC dual-use, very expensive.

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