Small Electric Slurry Water Pump

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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin:Henan, China (Mainland)

  • Model Number:50WQ15-10

  • Theory:Centrifugal Pump

  • Structure:Single-stage Pump

  • Usage:Water

  • Power:Electric

  • Standard or Nonstandard:Standard

  • Fuel:Electric

  • Pressure:High Pressure

  • Application:Sewage

  • Material:Cast Iron/201,304,316 Stainless Steel

  • Color:Orange Yellow

  • Discharge Diameter:50mm

  • Flow:15m3/h

  • Head:10m

  • Power:1.5kW

  • Certificate:ISO9001

  • OEM , Design Service:Accept

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:wooden box packing
Delivery Detail:5-7days after payment confirmation or as customers' requirement


small electric slurry water pump
Flow range:5~300 m3/h
Lift range: 5~240m
Diameter range: 25~500mm
stock products,OEM ok

small electric slurry water pump

1. WQ sewage submersible pump is nonclogging sewage pump

(1). developed on the basis of the foreign advanced technology,

(2). now is the most advanced internal sewage water systems

2. Features:

(1). Notable energy saving effect

(2). Non-clogging

(3). Anti-winding

(4). Strong particles passing ability

(5). Automatic installation

(6). Automatic prosecution.etc.

3. WQ series submersible sewage pump is power irrigation equipment united by the motor and the pump

especially the swirling impeller and double channel impeller matched with spiral type centrifugal pump body

(1). pump body have extremely strong drainage capacity

(2). The motor part adopts mechanical seals of hard corrosion double end face ceramic, which have very good effect of

seepage prevention, its protection level is IP58 and designed insulation class is grade E (75 K), motor running more safe,

reliable, and long service life, convenient installation.

4. Product features:

(1). Compact structure, easy to move ,easy installation;

(2). Specially adopting cyclone type and double flow type impeller ( high lift pump adopts centrifugal type), strong pollution

      discharge capacity;

(3). The motor adopt hard corrosion-resistant single and double end face ceramic seal ,good anti leakage effect, the motor

      running more safe and reliable;

(4). Adopting cooling sleeve type WQS water filling pump makes they can run above the liquid level for short time and drain

      the ground liquid.

5. Product usages:

(1). Enterprise wastewater discharge;

(2). Drainage system of city sewage treatment plant

(3). Drainage station of subway, underground chamber, air defense system

(4). Sewage drainage of hospitals,hotels,high-rise buildings

(5). Sewage drainage station of residential district

(6). Thin mud drainage of municipal works and construction site

(7). Water supply equipment of water plant

(8). Sewage drainage of farm and agriculture irrigation of village

(9). Mining exploration and water treatment equipment supporting

(10). Replacing the shoulder carries to deliver river mud

6.Using condition:

(1). Based on the impeller center, the underwater depth that the pump was placed shall not exceed 5 m

(2). Temperature of the transport medium not more than 40°C

(3). Transported medium's PH value for 4 ~ 10, and pump shall not carry high corrosive liquid

(4). The transfer medium's solid volume ratio under 20%

(5). The movement viscosity of transport medium for 7×10-7~23×10-6m²/s

(6). The biggest density of transfer medium for 1200 kg/m ³

(7). WQ submersible pump, motor must be dived into the underwater to operate

Capacity range(m3/h)


Head range(m3/h)


Outlet size(mm)





Cast iron, SS302,SS304,SS316

Shaft seal(mechanical seal)

SIC,TC, ceramic,graphite...


up to 120 degree




Movalbe or auto coupling type

Water leakage probe

float switch

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Q:Why does the water pump leak?
Two reasons.One is that the gap between the bearings becomes larger. Damage the water seal. One is the aging of water seal.
Q:Yang Chengtai big, the pump power is too small, the water pump will be bad?
No, only when the operation of the low lift point is super power (burning motor), high lift point operation, low efficiency, small amount of water, or even no water. For example, a nominal 10 meters pump, flow rate of 10 square / hour. The actual lift 15 meters, the water pump is small or no water. The actual head is 5 meters, traffic may 20 square / hour, this time may exceed current, the motor may burn.
Q:Water pump "rated lift: 6m" what do you mean?
Popularly speaking, "lift head" is the ability of water pump to lift water. 6m means that the pump can pump water to the height of 6m.
Q:Does the lift of pump relate to the water level of import and export?
The head of centrifugal pump has nothing to do with the water level of the inlet and outlet. When the water pump installation position is lower than the pool water level, you can enter the pump by gravity, and when the pump installation position is higher than the water level of the pool, it depends on the pump suction process, the effect is good.
Q:Why does the pump head decrease when the pump flow rate increases?
First of all, the power of the pump is determined by the motor. When the power is certain, work must be done. According to w=mgh, the flow determines mg, the head is h, you think, if the flow rate is large, is the head smaller?. This is theoretical, and at the same time, you see, the water pump characteristic curve can also see that the flow rate increases, the corresponding smaller head.
Q:The diving pump in the aquarium stops and stops on the goldfish
Submersible pump is used as if you push the pump filtration should be open for 24 hours, so the water circulation process, continuously into the fresh air to increase the oxygen content of water bodies two, filter on the filter of the continuous cleaning system to maintain water make nitrification safe and clean, the water can be fully introduced the content of nitrification ammonia water, let the fish live healthy and strong resistance, good activity, three appropriate water flow on the long time to keep fish, turn off and the formation of water to fish is always in a state of tension and decreased immunity antifeedant or death. Four, frequently start the pump, easy to cause damage to the motor coil, reduce pump life, so according to the above, if you are using submersible pump as a filter to promote, I suggest you open 24 hours.
Q:What are the brands of air conditioning pumps?
Italy Calpeda CalpedaDaneWellerGermany KSBAmerican ITTCanton water pumpSouthern water pump
Q:30kW what is the flow rate of the pump?
Without a lift, how can I calculate it for you?
Q:2 pumps parallel, lift the same, pump head is not stacked?
2 pumps parallel, lift the same, pump head is not stacked?;Answer: the head can not be superimposed, that is, a lift and a pump, but the pumping speed (flow) is two times a taiwan.2 pumps in series, the same flow, pump head is not stacked?.Answer: the head can be superimposed, that is, the pump head is two times as much as a pump, but the pump speed is the same as that of a pump.
Q:How to change the frequency of a water pump with a pump?
I have encountered this problem, 1, check the reverse pump outlet single flow valve is damaged2. Check whether the three wires of the motor are in wrong position and reverse when starting

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