SCB9-30-2500-10 Epoxy resin dry-type power transformer

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Production introduction

The dry-type transformers are casted with epoxyresin,which are made of high quality materials by means of a strict process with advanced production and testing devices.The product features high reliability and long service life.In accordance with different operation environment,it can be equipped with different protection casings or without casing.It can replace the oil-immersed transformer and be used in the high buildings,business centers,airports,tunnels,chemical plants,nuclear power stations and watercrafts ect.

Normal service conditions
1)Altitude should not be over 1000m:indoor type
2)Highest ambient temperature should not over:+40oC;Highest daily average should not over temperature:+30oC
3)Highest annual average temperature should not over +20oC,lowest temperature should not below -5oC.We can provide transformer operated in special conditions according to user's requirement.

Model designation

Applicable standards
GB6450-1986 Dry-type power transformer
GB4208-1993 Casing protection grade(IP code)
GB/T10228-1997 Technical parameters and requirements for dry-type power transformer
Performance characteristics

1.The product is safe,fire-proof,pollution free,and can be used in the load center directly.
2.High mechanical strength,strong shour-circuit proof capacity,small partial discharge,excellent thermal stability,high reliability,and long service life.
3.Low loss,low noise,energy saving and maintenance free.
4.Excellent heat dissipation,great overload capacity and a large operating capacity is available when ONAF is applied.
5.Good humidity resistance,it's suitable for operating in the highly humid and harsh environment.
6.An intelligent signal and temperature control system is adopted,which can automatically monitor and display all working temperature of the three-phase windings.The blowing fan can give an alarm,switch on and off automatically and conduct tripping operation to protect the transformer.
7.Dur to the structure is compact and weight is light,it can save space and decrease the cost of installation.

Notes for placing orders

Transformer type:rated capacity kVA
Number of phases:three-phase single-phase
High voltage: KV/Low voltage:KV
Frequency:50HZ 60HZ
Tapping range:±4×2.5% ±3×2.5% other
Connection group:Yyn0 Dyn11 other
Impedance voltage:4% 6% other
Cooling method: ONAN ONAF
Protecting grade of outer casing:IP00 IP20 IP30 other

Method of incoming and outgoing line:
1.Incoming line to lower part and outgoing line from upper part
2.Incoming line to upper part and outgoing line form upper part
3.Incoming line to upper part and outgoing line form side part

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Q:What is the difference between the main transformer and the transformer used?
Selection of main transformers Main transformer is mainly used for electrical system power supply, the general capacity of large, to ensure the reliability of electrical system power supply, improve the system impact resistance. 1, the number of the main transformer: In order to ensure the reliability of power supply, substation should be installed in general two main transformer. 2, the main transformer winding connection: 110KV using a direct grounding neutral point effective grounding system, using star wiring. If necessary, the use of triangular wiring by arc-suppression coil connected to the use of high-pressure side of the change. 35KV using arc suppression coil neutral point non-effective grounding system grounding point, the use of star wiring. 10KV generally use unattached system 3, the choice of the main transformer winding: China 110KV and above voltage transformer winding are used star wiring, 35KV also uses star wiring, 35KV following voltage transformer windings are triangular connection. 4, the choice of main transformer capacity: the main transformer capacity is generally based on substation built 5 to 10 years of planning load selection and take into account the late 10 to 20 years of load development, when a transformer outage, the remaining transformer capacity should Can guarantee 70% of the total load. The choice of choice Used to change the main power supply system, the capacity according to their own distribution load to choose. The number of units used to consider the general standby power supply, when there are two used when the variable, the use of single bus segment wiring, usually run to limit the scope of failure to improve the reliability of power supply. The power system uses 380 / 220V neutral point directly grounded three-phase four-wire system, power and lighting combined with a power supply.
Q:Why can autotransformers be used as safety transformers?
The input and output of the autotransformer share a set of coils, the output is connected to the input grid, and the zero line of the grid is directly connected to the earth. When the operator is standing on the ground contact with the FireWire, if the voltage exceeds the safe voltage of 36V, there may be electric shock casualties occurred. With isolation transformer, the input and output each have a set of coils, and the output coil is not grounded. When the operator stands on the ground to touch the output of a line, because it can not form a loop, there will be no electric shock casualties. Therefore, the use of isolation transformers with safety protection.
Q:What is a transformer paused?
3. If the user fails to apply for the resumption of electricity, the power supply enterprise shall, from the date of expiry date, calculate the basic electricity bill according to the capacity stipulated in the contract; 4. During the period of suspension, the user shall apply to the power supply enterprise five days before the scheduled restoration date when the user applies for the resumption of the suspension of electricity consumption. The suspension time is less than fifteen days, the suspension of the basic electricity charges during the period;
Q:Transformer sales channels
1. Power supply company tender 2. Cabinet manufacturers 3, the installation company 4, direct customers, to the planning bureau to find, in advance to know which new project 5, design institute, know some late 6. Power supply company front desk, people come to install more late
Q:Will the installation of transformers, power supply bureau is how the charges?
Peak valley price, one day divided into several periods. Each local price is different, the specific local electricity price can call 95598 advice
Q:Does the production transformer require 3C certification? Does the country have any specific requirements?
1, depends on what you produce the transformer. If it is civil to three C certification. 2, industrial transformer is the most important to the ISO9001 quality management system certification. In addition, for different products, where sold, and another certification. 3, there are special users require certification, such as nuclear power plants with the transformer. 4, anyway, your business to have a special department, to deal with a variety of different certification.
Q:Two different impedance of the transformer, parallel load how to allocate?
The impedance voltage is equivalent to the power supply resistance. Two impedance voltage is not equal to the parallel operation of the transformer, the impedance of the load distribution of small, low impedance voltage transformer load distribution. Basically inversely proportional. Generally the same type of transformer, the impedance voltage and capacity is basically inversely proportional to the large transformer impedance voltage is smaller than the small transformer impedance voltage. Parallel operation after the load distribution is basically proportional to the capacity of the transformer. But this ratio is not exactly the same, so even if the same type of transformer, the capacity difference is too large (more than 3 times), it is not allowed to run side by side. If it is different types of transformers, the impedance voltage and capacity is not completely inversely proportional to the capacity. The load distribution is even worse.
Q:Transformer 1KVA can load how much security, how to calculate the formula
This is based on the voltage count, such as three-phase 380V. 1KVA current is basically 1.5A
Q:What is the transversal and semi-crossing problem of the transformer?
(4) Splitting coefficient: The ratio of split impedance to crossing impedance. The description of the method of the standard method shows that the commutation reactance measurement of the rectifier transformer is similar to that of the transformer short-circuit impedance measurement. The difference is that the measurement of the short-circuit impedance is usually made by connecting the low-voltage side of the transformer and the high-voltage side to the rated current, And the commutation reactance measurement of the rectifier transformer is to short-circuit the high-voltage side and to measure the voltage between the terminals at the low-voltage side with the rated single-phase current. It can be seen that the commutation reactance of the split transformer is a half-crossing impedance.
Q:What are the ways of protecting the transformer?
First, the gas protection: to protect the transformer internal short circuit and oil surface failure. Second, differential protection, current quick-break protection: to protect the transformer winding or lead-out phase of the phase-to-phase short circuit, large ground current system grounding short circuit and winding turn short circuit. Third, over-current protection: to protect the external phase short circuit, and as a gas protection and differential protection (or current quick-break protection) backup protection. Four, zero sequence current protection: protection of large ground current system external single-phase ground short circuit. 5, overload protection: to protect the symmetrical overload, only acting on the signal. Six, over-excitation protection: to protect the transformer over-excitation does not exceed the allowable limit.

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