SBH16-M-D Type Amporphous Metal Underground Distribution Transformer

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Q:6v - 12v - 24v to a 12v :220v transformer?
If the enter is 24 volts, the output would be 440 volts, yet do no longer try this via fact which you will likely dissipate the transformer. you could word any voltage below the rated enter and the output would be proportionately decrease. in case you word 6 volts, you will get a hundred and ten volts out. i wish this enables.
Q:¿What Do You Think About The Movie Transformers?
I think it is the BEST film i ever watched i have watched it 3 times in the cineam (sad i no) twice up romford and once in america!!!! I think it is so good because i wernt expecting muchu out of it as i thoguht it was gonna be a bit childish btu its really not juts an all round brilliant film - it never stops havin action init just non stop blood pumping film hope this helped :D
Q:transformers (electric not the robots)?
will they do dc current? No o they just add x amount of volts or do they multiply by x or just change to x? A transformer does not give you power. what it does is change the voltage in an inverse proportion to the current ( you get more voltage, you get less current) also there is a sort of container that goes around them is that carbon? They can be, most of the time it is steel though. unless you work at a power plant or sub station, then you might see some transformers that have carbon cases.
Q:My nearly three year old son is obsessed with Transformers?
My daughter suffers from the same affliction. They have this really cute plush Bumble Bee and it was only like 10 dollars. I am putting bunny ears on him and calling that her easter bunny. Plus everything else everyone mentioned are really good ideas.
Q:How do I choose a transformer? The
According to the nature and size of the load to determine the capacity of the transformer. The ratio is selected according to the supply voltage and the voltage required for the load.
Q:doesn't the working of a transformer violate the ohm's law ?
Transformers don't need electricity to run!
Q:Which 2 Shooters should I buy this fall: Halo 4, BLOPS 2, Transformers FOC?
Definitely Halo 4. I'm kind of burnt out on CoD right now so I'd go with the new Transformers. I agree that War for Cybertron was fantastic. I had really low expectations of it when I rented it, but it turned out to be great! It's online multiplayer is really fun too.
Q:Old transformers tv show question?!? 10 points for best answer!!!?
There have been several small transformers. Soundwave had Lazerbeak, Rumble,and Ravage in the anime. There was also the autobot version Blaster who showed up in later seasons. You also might be talking about headmasters, Brainmaster(may have only been shown in Japan), or the minicons from Transformers: Armada. There was also an episode where 3 Autobots shrunk down and entered Megatron in order to retrieve the Heart of Cybertron.
Q:How to use transformer 10 in DC circuit
DC circuit using the transformer, first of all to DC into AC (switch conversion), that is, with switching power supply. For switching power supplies, it is recommended to purchase finished DC-DC modules. Select the appropriate DC-DC module according to the required voltage and current.
Q:Flyback Transformer Clarification & help?
The frequency of an ac power supply is only 60 hz. That's way too low for a flyback. The resistance of a transformer depends on the frequency. At 60Hz a flyback transformer acts like a short circuit. It would draw a lot of power, might damage the power supply and nearly nothing would come out the other side of the transformer.

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