SBH16-M-D Type Amporphous Metal Underground Distribution Transformer

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Q:220 kv transformer capacity range,
I have seen the 220kV power transformer minimum 63MVA, the largest 250MVA, there is no such specification is not clear, it is estimated that small and small is not where to go, and then big is not where to go for reference The
Q:50 What is the actual power of the transformer? Is 3 phase 50 or 3 together 50
If it is three-phase transformer, the power of the brand name is the sum of the power of three phases
Q:Three-phase three-winding transformer high-pressure medium-pressure low pressure is what it means
Three-phase three-winding transformer high voltage, medium pressure, low voltage that the three sets of winding (rated) voltage level. Three windings have three windings per phase. When one winding is connected to AC power, the other two windings induce different potentials, which are used for loads of 2 different voltage levels. Power plants and substations are usually three different levels of voltage, so the three-winding transformer in the power system is widely used. Each phase of the high and low voltage winding are set on the same core column. In order to use a reasonable insulation, usually the high-voltage winding on the outermost layer, the pressure and low-voltage winding on the inner layer.
Q:Which is good for the transformer?
JMBBZBJZ line lighting transformer, JBK machine control Transformer, SSG Servo Transformer, Low Voltage High Current Heating Transformer, SBW High Power Compensated Power Regulator, SBW-F Splitter Regulator, SVC High Precision Fully Automatic AC Voltage Regulator, Precision Clean Regulator, Microcomputer No Touch Point voltage regulator, UPS, EPS power supply, KSG mine transformers, DN resistance welding water-cooled transformers, reactors, contact-type automatic voltage regulator, column high-power electric voltage regulator,
Q:Single-phase and three-phase transformer is what it means
Single-phase transformer, generally refers to the primary coil is a single-phase single-coil design, the secondary can have one or more winding coil, the ideal state of the secondary total power is equal to the total primary power. For example, the common primary power supply low voltage 220 volts, the core made of mouth font, Japanese font, ring, R-shaped. Three-phase transformer, the general primary three windings, the connection is divided into triangular and star, Yanbian triangle, etc., the three winding voltage phase difference between 120 degrees, which is the common three-phase 380-volt wiring, the core The traditional three-phase three-core column, three-phase five-pin column, involute and other forms. In fact, there are many substation large-scale three-phase transformer, in order to transport and installation convenience, but also for good heat dissipation, there are three separate single-phase transformer, the use of traditional triangular or star connection input, equivalent to a Three-phase transformer.
Q:Transformer rated capacity 500 / 750KVA (AN / AF) What does it mean?
Transformer under natural cooling conditions, the maximum capacity of 500kVA, air-cooled conditions, the maximum 750kVA A refers to air, N refers to the natural cycle, F refers to forced circulation
Q:Why the computer water does not use transformer oil
by the economic losses are not large. Strong electricity is different, the water requirements must be pure water in order to achieve low, medium and high pressure insulation requirements, but pure water production and maintenance of pure water need a higher cost, it can only use insulating oil.
Q:Proteus transformer how to adjust the parameters, the 220V into 14V output.
The above two parameters can also be extended or reduced by the ratio. Other parameters can be considered, as shown below.
Q:What are the malfunctions and abnormal operation of the transformer?
working principle: Transformer is the use of electromagnetic induction principle made of static appliances. When the transformer's original coil connected to the AC power supply, the core will produce alternating magnetic flux, alternating magnetic flux with φ said. The original, the secondary coil φ is the same, φ is also a simple harmonic function, the table for the φ = φmsinωt. By Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, we can see that the induced electromotive force in the original and secondary coils is e1 = -N1dφ / dt, e2 = -N2dφ / dt. Where N1, N2 is the original, the number of turns of the secondary coil. U1 = j1n1, U2 = E2 = -jN2ωΦ, and the complex value is U1 = -I1 = jN1ωΦ, U2 = E2 = -jN2ωΦ, and the complex value is U1 = Let k = N1 / N2, said the variable ratio of the transformer. U1 / U2 = -N1 / N2 = -k, that is, the ratio of the original value of the transformer and the secondary coil voltage, is equal to its turns ratio and the difference between the original and the secondary coil voltage is π. And then come to: U1 / U2 = N1 / N2 In the case of no-load current, I1 / I2 = -N2 / N1, that is, the original and secondary coil current RMS value is inversely proportional to the number of turns, and the phase difference π. And then available I1 / I2 = N2 / N1 Ideal transformer original, vice coil power equal P1 = P2. Indicating that the ideal transformer itself without power loss. The actual transformer always has the loss, its efficiency is η = P2 / P1. Power transformers are highly efficient and up to 90%.
Q:What is an isolated ring transformer?
Isolated ring-type transformer is mainly focused on its insulation performance, between the primary and secondary must have a double insulation, so that the isolation of its own high efficiency, effective protection of equipment safety.

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